The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 20

Terrifying Succubus

Because the succubi couldn’t serve me, I had to leave. With that said, they seemed to be quite fond of me. Lots of them came over to touch or grope me. They ran their curious gaze over me. In saying that, they didn’t appear to be interested in me but Leah.

After leaving the brothel, I was sad to discover that, not only did I not reduce the prominence of a females’ scent, I made it stand out more. I couldn’t go back with their scents on me, but I had nowhere to go. In the end, I arrived at our door and gently pushed it open.

Leah was nude as always after she transformed. All she had covering her was a thin blanket. She had her back facing me. The clear moonlight gently shone onto her. The scene was akin to gentle ripples in a pond, gentle, yet exquisite. Leah took quiet breaths.  Apparently, she didn’t notice me coming back. I, therefore, felt relieved. I assumed asleep. I figured I’d be able to have a peaceful night…

I turned around to gently shut the door, undid my buttons and hung my cape up on the hanger. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, I almost screamed. Leah licked my face before I could yell.

“Papa, why are you back so late…? You have the smell of another woman on you, too… mm… mm… what a complex smell. You have the smell of other succubi on you, too… Papa… do you need to explain yourself?” Leah locked her arms around my back and pressed them on my chest. My body froze stiff in place. I was so panicked that I didn’t know to say. In a barely discernable voice, Leah muttered, “You’re too mean, Papa… far too mean… Leah was waiting for you to come back, while you were out having fun with another woman and other succubi…”

“Leah… listen to Papa…”

Leah stabbed her fingers into my chest and bit me on my neck. I almost cried. How was I supposed to walk around tomorrow with bite marks on my neck…?

“Leah, listen… Papa didn’t go to other women… Papa just… just saw other succubi. Because Papa doesn’t know if you want to live with other succubi, so Papa went to see them. Leah, Leah, listen to me!”

Leah aggressively clasped my face and leaned into my ear. She whispered, “Papa, Leah doesn’t care about other succubi or whatever; Leah only cares about Papa. Papa should have Leah’s scent, so other succubi shouldn’t lay their hands on you. That being said, Leah still doesn’t want other succubi going near you. Leah also can detect the scent of a human. The scent is very strong. It must be that Queen, right? You said you were going to discuss business; why do you have her scent on you? Since you came back with the scent of so many women, you must’ve already prepared yourself, right, Papa? Papa did say that Leah couldn’t do that again, but Leah has to do it again this time.”

Leah swiftly leaned her face in. Had my left foot not been so weak, I wouldn’t be weak enough for a kid to drag me around. She pulled me over, and then firmly clasped my face. She then sent her saliva into my mouth similar to a snake transferring poison. I couldn’t resist it. I swallowed it. In an instant, my brain lost conscious functioning and functioned on the most instinctive level.

“What’s this considered… succubus venom?  Do succubi have venom?” I questioned

“Mister, a father isn’t very important to a succubus. If she truly loves you, she won’t hesitate to lay her hands on you even if you’re her father. Furthermore, a succubus who’s in love won’t hesitate to be ruthless with even her family,” was what Sophia told me.

Leah had yet to awaken, but… but… she’d awaken after this time, presumably. When she did, she’d be a true succubus. If Sophia wasn’t lying, I’d already be Leah’s prey, which meant I’d never be able to leave her. To add to that if we lived together with Veirya in the future, Leah wouldn’t stop at anything to get rid of Veirya.

“Yes… yes… Veirya…”

I suddenly stopped my movements. Veirya’s blue eyes appeared before my eyes. I managed to regain my composure. I looked at Leah feeling dumbfounded. Leah continued to look at me with bafflement. I slowly shifted my body away from her and took in a deep breath. I smiled helplessly” “Leah, Papa is going to take a bath. Papa brought back some food. If you’re hungry, have some.”

“Oh! There’s food?! There’s food?!”

The food distracted Leah, thereby allowing me to enter the bathroom. I grabbed some ice-cold water from a barrel and splashed it on my face. Then, I opened the door to allow the air outside to rush in and wash off Leah’s pheromones on me so that I could calm down.

Leah cheerfully opened the paper bag I brought back. She reacted as a child would. Food was more her cup of tea. Perhaps she didn’t have enough to eat at night. She didn’t think about grabbing eating utensils; she picked up the food with her bare hands and ate it. Seeing those manners, it felt as though what just happened was an illusion.

I sluggishly watched Leah. Although she dined cheerfully, I remembered what she just did and Sophia’s warning.  The cheerful Leah and the crazy Leah from before were both Leah. I couldn’t deny Leah could cross the line.

Queen Sisi prepared lots of food for Leah. The thought of table manners didn’t even cross Leah’s mind. She grabbed a big piece of meat and shoved it into her mouth. When she bit into the meat with her sharp teeth, the meat juices ran down the corner of her mouth as if it was blood, which was also similar to when she planned to eat me before.

That was far too frightening. I couldn’t let it continue. If I allowed her to continue down that path, I’d eventually awaken Leah’s succubus instincts. Succubi were a very terrifying demon to men… They could devour a human male without leaving any traces.


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