The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 18

Underneath the Queen’s Dress

After dinner, Achilles stood up with an invigorated gaze when he saw Queen Sisi finish her dessert. He bowed and bid farewell: “Night time is your private time with Mr. Lin, so I shall not disturb you.”

Queen Sisi chuckled in a soft voice and stood up” “Achilles, don’t go yet. Wait for me at my door. I don’t think Little Doggy would dare to, but I am a single woman, nevertheless. Scandals will start if I meet in private with a man in my room.

Achilles appeared surprise. He asked for confirmation: “You plan to speak with Mr. Lin in your room?”

“Of course. My Little Doggy obviously has the right to enter my room. I have some private things that I need to say to him. He’s a smart one, so he’ll understand.”

Queen Sisi gently touched my face then left my side as if she was a passing breeze. Achilles signalled for me to follow after her. I stood up: “Your Majesty, may I take some of the leftovers?”

Queen Sisi paused. She looked back at me. In a surprised tone, she asked, “Why?”

“My daughter didn’t come tonight, which is why I want to take some back for her.”

Queen Sisi responded with a subtle nod then smiled: “That little girl? The Demon King’s daughter, huh? I remember her; she’s a cute child. I was a little rough with her when we first met, but, in truth, I’m very fond of children. You don’t need to take leftovers. I shall have them make fresh dishes for you.”

Queen Sisi waved her hand. The two servants by the side understood what to do; they bowed and left the dining hall. Queen Sisi turned and left. Achilles and I followed along, crossing through the very long corridor. The deeper we went into the rear, the more the rooms’ styles changed. Behind this palace was Queen Sisi’s bedroom. The three of us went upstairs to the third floor. There was only one room on the third floor, and it was a bedroom. The two corridors on the side were visible from a glance; there was nowhere to hide. The humongous room was akin to two small city doors. A servant ran over to open the door.

Inside were an extravagant red carpet and a short table. There were small armchairs on either side of the table. There was an exquisite pot and cups on the table. Everything was decorated. Every piece could fetch exorbitant prices. That said, Queen Sisi seemed indifferent to them.

Queen Sisi extended out her arm to stop Achilles: “Stay here. Little Doggy and I shall go inside. Don’t eavesdrop, understood?”

Achilles nodded: “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Queen Sisi took hold of my hand and cheerfully kicked off her footwear. Then, she pulled me along as she took off running to a secret door. She opened it, revealing an even bigger room inside. A resplendent bathtub was situated in the corner. Dead centre was a huge bed currently covered with bed curtains. The makeup table was stationed below the window. On top of the table were lots and lots of bottles. The air in the room was very pleasing; it was the same scent Queen Sisi had on her. I speculated it was her bedroom.

“Okay, now, Little Doggy. This is my bedroom. Ever since my father passed away, you’re the first man. Would male be a more appropriate label? Either way, you’re the first male to enter my bedroom since.” Queen Sisi let go of my head and spun around in front of me with joy. With her back facing me, she then continued, “Help me take off this clothing. Let me warn you I’m not wearing anything underneath. I specifically went to welcome you without wearing any underwear. I thought you’d like it.”

“Your Majesty… that…”

“It’s all right. I don’t hate your hand, Little Doggy, so it’s fine.”

Queen Sisi’s prominent and captivating curves on her naked back appeared in front of me. I gulped. My hand shook as I reached out to unto the ribbon on her back. Her clothes slid down her body swiftly. It was as if magic removed her clothes. I could see her pure white and perfect body. She didn’t lie. She really didn’t wear anything underneath!

Queen Sisi’s voluptuous breasts were in front of me. They jiggled as she moved. She went up to the bed with her back facing me. She then pulled open the curtains and climbed in. I then hear rustling sounds from within. Believing it’d be awkward no matter what I did, all I could do was stand dumbstruck. After a while, she suddenly asked, “You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you, Little Doggy?”

I lingered for a moment before asking, “What are you talking about?”

I didn’t dare to move, since Queen Sisi didn’t ask me to go somewhere specific. She seemed to have lied down. In a lazy voice you’d typically here when someone couldn’t be bothered moving, she said, “Come to me.”

I stopped to think about it. I didn’t think she meant for me to go to her bed but to join her in the imperial capital.

The Queen calmly said, “If you truly wanted revenge, you wouldn’t even spare Achilles; he’s the one who informed the chapel Leah is a succubus, a fact I’m sure you’re aware of. However, you have no interest in Achilles but, instead, the chapel. The chapel wasn’t the one who directly harmed Leah, though. The reason you appear as though you’re raging and hungry for revenge is merely to persuade Achilles into bringing you to me. In reality, you’re not a little doggy that’s considering revenge; you just want to approach me. It’d be simple for you to get revenge. You have Veirya with you. You could just ask her to kill massacre the company and chapel. There’s no need for you to approach me.”

Queen Sisi was calm, but what she said caught me by surprise. I knew she was astute, but I didn’t think she’d read me like a book. She wasn’t wrong. My main purpose wasn’t to exact a vengeance. I knew vengeance was a meaningless endeavour that only provided a moment of exhilaration. Once it was exacted, there was nothing left to be derived from it. Revenge was just a bonus for me. My main goal was to see Queen Sisi. Destroying the chapel wasn’t my goal; it was my process.

I wanted to provide Leah with a life in the Imperial Capital. Not the days in the North. Once I exacted my vengeance, Leah would still be stuck in the North, living listless days. I hadn’t mentioned anything about the winter that lasted half a year. Nonetheless, if I succeeded, Leah would be able to move to the imperial capital in a month’s time.

Needless to say, I was furious at first. I even wanted to just kill Achilles. Nevertheless, when I knew the Queen also had her sights set on the chapel, I changed my mind. I deliberately gave Achilles the impression I was out for revenge. In reality, I wasn’t after mindless destruction.  Even a moron would find a chance to kill the pope. I wanted to bag something more valuable.

Queen Sisi calmly spoke again: “I know you came to ingratiate yourself with me. You found out I want to go after the chapel, which is why you wanted to stoke the flames. I don’t dislike that, though. Rather, I’m relieved you did so, Little Doggy. Now, let me ask you: what exactly do you want from helping me eliminate the chapel?”

There was no emotion in Queen Sisi’s voice. That was different to her usual self. I understood what she meant; she saw through me right from the beginning. Therefore, I didn’t intend to hide anything any longer. Serious, I answered, “A house and money.”

The Queen poked her head out to look at me. Apparently, she was quite puzzled” “What? That’s it?”

“That is it.”

“You plan to move to the imperial capital?”

I nodded: “Yes.”

“All right,” replied Queen Sisi, nodding without any hesitation. She then scuttled back inside and lazily added, “I shall see that it’s done. As long as you can reasonably eliminate the chapel, I shall provide you with a dog kennel in the most valuable area, and I’ll provide you with a job so that you can stay in the imperial capital. As a matter of fact, I can give you a purple cape. In saying that, I’m very curious about something. Does Veirya know that you’re doing this?”

“… No.”

“Do you think that she’ll approve?”

“She should, I think.”

“Hehe…” Queen Sisi suddenly giggled. “Little Doggy, you’ve been with Veirya for so long, yet don’t know her? Forget it. Forget it. I won’t explicate it. Prepare yourself to witness Veirya’s decision. In addition, Little Doggy, don’t hide things from me in the future. I’m not stupid. If you have a request, voice it. As long as you can please me with the results, I won’t hold back. Come, Little Doggy. Come down here and kiss my instep to swear fealty, and then smash the enemy to smithereens.”


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