The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 17


The banquet was a little sumptuous if I was honest. The table was long enough to accommodate twenty people eating together, yet there were only three us at the table. Not to mention the entire table was filled with dishes. Queen Sisi stood behind the master seat and proudly extended her arms out. She happily stated, “Come, I am ready. There is no need to stand on ceremony. Eat to your heart’s content.”

We sat on either side of the Queen. She sat down and had the servant next to her prepare her napkin. She proudly picked up the silver eating utensils and began to eat. I couldn’t deny she was eloquent regardless of what she did; it was formality that the imperial family members exhibit. While I did learn Western dining manners in the past, I had to be coconsciously mindful to be able to maintain those mannerisms. Queen Sisi didn’t display such mannerisms exclusively in formal settings. She had developed the manners into habits over an extensive period of time. She maintained an erect posture and raised her hands without letting them shake. She smiled so calmly no one would believe she was tired even if she was.

We all abstained from talking after we commenced eating. I wasn’t in a rush to speak; Her Majesty should’ve initiated the discussion, not me, for it should be considered me seeking her approval and assistance as opposed to the contrary. My mind was occupied with what to say the entire time, so I didn’t savour the taste of the food.

After the Queen ate the dish she loved most, she dipped her hand into a small basin, which a servant brought over, to wash her hands. Then, she smiled: “Little Doggy, what news do you bring me this time? Achilles flavouring business deal with you was quite decent. Unfortunately, the chapel seems to have gone after you. Are you here to find a way to get revenge?”

I set down my eating utensils and looked at the Queen: “Your Majesty, my aim in coming here this time was to clarify your stance.”

Achilles didn’t comment. Though the Queen was still holding her utensils, she peered at me with a playful gaze. That was how I could tell that she was earnestly listening. I made a short pause before asking, “Your Majesty, what is your stance in relation to the chapel?”

Queen Sisi raised her eyebrow and smiled: “Is that important?”

We were going after one of Her Majesty’s organisations. Regardless of the present situation, it was a fact that the chapel assisted her for a long time, and she once trusted them. She might want to attack them now, but we had to take her stance into consideration. All I needed to know was how far she wanted to take it, as in, does she want to exterminate them or just teach them a lesson? Given that we were working for her this time, we had to ensure she was satisfied.


Queen Sisi pinched her chin to contemplate how to answer the question. She hesitated for a moment then stood up and walked up to me. She hugged me from behind and placed her hands on my chest. She gently pinched my button. She pressed her breasts up against the back of my head. I juddered upon feeling the soft and warm globes. She gently leaned in next to my ear. I could feel her long hair lightly teasing every inch of my face. She whispered, “Little Doggy, do you think I am pretty?”

“Mm… you are… you are…”

Queen Sisi suddenly blew in my bear, tickling me. She gently touched my throat and spoke in a teasing, yet gentle, voice: “Humans defeated demons under my leadership. The demons that gave humanity grief for centuries was defeated under my rule. So, does that make me an excellent monarch?”

If we were being fair, she was a villain and cruel, but her decisions in major matters, boldness, resolution and charming personality… Okay, she was very qualified. As a Queen, she was worth being remembered in history for being able to defeat the demons that troubled humanity for centuries. Thus, I earnestly nodded: “Yes.”

“Good boy, good boy. I can tell you’re not lying.”

Queen Sisi cheerfully brushed her face against mine, and even gave me a light kiss on my face. She then continued further up. She gently pressed her index finger on my lips and quietly asked, “So, do I have the qualifications to become a Deity Monarch? Am I worthy of being remembered? Should everybody submit to me? Should everything in this empire belong to me? Should the nation that I rule feel proud and honoured by my rule, then?”


“See? See? I knew it!! Hear that?! I knew it!! Little Doggy agrees with me!”

The Queen suddenly licked me my cheek before hopping away. She then spun a circle as if she was dancing. She revealed an unbelievably delighted expression and loudly laughed: “I’m so beautiful, so wise and so brave. I’m the greatest monarch in this world, aren’t I? I single-handedly formed this empire. I’m sensational and shine so brightly. I’m worthy of everyone’s respect, aren’t I? I should ascend to the level of a goddess, shouldn’t I? Should this entire empire obey my command?”

Queen Sisi leaned onto my back again: “But there are people who believe otherwise. They disagree with you. Do you understand now, my Little Doggy? The chapel believes in God and have their believers worship God instead of me. They believe God to be the ruler, not me. It’s not fair. It’s very unfair, isn’t it, Little Doggy? I was the one who single-handedly created this nation. I gave them their lives. Their god never saved them or appeared. Why, then, do they still believe in God as opposed to me? Why? It’s unreasonable, isn’t it? It’s very, very unreasonable, isn’t it? I should have the chapel promote me, shouldn’t I? I should become their pope and promote myself, shouldn’t I?”

I replied, “I understand now.”

I finally understood what Queen Sisi was after. She wants the chapel’s right to preach. At present, the contents religions preached didn’t promote the idea the nation was most important. Imperial power was divine, but Queen Sisi was just an ordinary being. It wasn’t enough for the believers to respect the nation. They were mere believers. They weren’t the empire’s vassals and people. That wasn’t enough for her. She desired absolute imperial power, the absolute authority. In other words, she didn’t want a religious nation; she wanted an empire, one where she was the rule. She didn’t want to totally annihilate the chapel; she wanted their right to preach. She wanted everyone to see her as God. She didn’t want imperial power to be the divine entity but her, herself.

“Little Doggy, as you understand what I want, you can commence work now, right? Good boy. Good boy, Little Doggy. Try to make it as exciting as you can. I’m looking forward to it; I’m looking forward to your performance, Little Doggy. Don’t make me fail… Let me have a taste of you.”

Out of the blue, Queen Sisi licked my ear and stuck her tongue inside, causing my brain to instantly malfunction. Not even Leah had done that. Queen Sisi proudly touched my face and softly giggled: “I taste vigilance. I don’t dislike vigilant Little Doggy, though.”


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