The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 16

Underneath the Queen’s Dress

The imperial palace was situated at the centre of the six-corner shaped city. It looked incredibly resplendent from above, but it appeared even more grandeur from below with the blue sky and clouds as its background. The combination made me wonder if it was some ultimate-level CG effects in a video game. Guards dressed in armour with short swords at their waists and a single-shoulder purple cape patrolled the main entrance to the imperial palace. Every soldier was tall, buff and awe-inspiring. The Queen must’ve chosen the very best soldiers to defend her nest.

The citizens were permitted to tour the imperial palace. There were a fair number of people casually walking into the imperial palace arm in arm. They took strolls at the humongous neat and tidy flower garden behind the main doors. There were also people lying on the lawn to enjoy the warm sunlight and fragrance of the flowers. In the centre of the flower garden was a huge water fountain in the form of a statue of a goddess. The water flowed out from her hand at a slanted angle. I narrowed my eyes to look at the goddess’ elegant posture. The image looked oddly familiar…

I exclaimed in my mind, “Did Queen Sisi have a statue of herself erected in the centre of the Imperial Palace?!”

We went up to the guards. They politely asked what the matter was. Achilles handed them an invitation card. The guard nodded and bowed: “Mr. Lin, Mr. Achilles, Her Majesty awaits you. Please head to the guest hall. Her Majesty is waiting there.”

Achilles nodded: “All right.”

Achilles turned around and gave his sister a nod. Achilles sister was actually a very ordinary kid. She didn’t look amazingly attractive; she looked very stern. I guess she was a perfect fit for the law department. She looked as frigid and emotionless as ice. Leah nervously looked at her, but I felt very reassured. As Leah was a succubus, it was natural for her to have the ability to attract others, meaning Achilles sister would definitely like her.

I released my hold on Leah’s hand. She sensibly walked over to Achilles’ sister, but she glanced at me. She gestured for me to lower my head. When I lowered my head, she hugged me around my neck and kissed me on my lips. Then, she gently caressed my face. She went up on her toes and touched my collar. She softly said, “Papa, you need to pay attention to your collar, okay?”

“Mm, thank you, Leah.” I gently rubbed Leah’s head then stood up. I tugged on my cape and took in a deep breath: “Let’s go, Achilles.”

Achilles nodded, “All right.”

The two of us entered the imperial palace. We passed through a huge flower garden and went to the first palace. The palaces in the rear weren’t as large, but they did look more resplendent. As soon as we went into a vacant space at a concave-shaped structure, I saw Queen Sisi watching us from the balcony on the second floor.

Queen Sisi was dressed in a tight, low-cut purple robe. The premium purple fabric lifted up her perfect globes comparable to pearls. She placed her arms on the balcony with her left hand supporting her delicate cheek. The breeze gently blew her high-cut dress. There wasn’t a blemish to be found on her long and slender thighs that were faintly visible underneath the purple dress. In fact, I could see her buttocks. I think only the Queen would dare to watch such a high-cut dress revealing her buttocks. She had her long hair behind her. I could see her amethyst crystal earrings and necklace on her.

Queen Sisi was very proud and haughty. It was as if she was pointing at your nose and displaying her beauty. Admittedly, Queen Sisi was stunningly beautiful. She knew she looked beautiful and didn’t hesitate to show it off and conquer everyone with it. She was successful with it, too. She noticed my eyes on her. She looked in my direction. When she saw me, she cheerfully waved and yelled, “Little Doggy! Little Doggy!! Little Doggy!!!”

My expression froze stiff on my face. Achilles looked at me astonished. He didn’t quite understand what the way of addressing me was all about, but I knew. When I first met Queen Sisi, she treated me as a pet and almost humiliated me in front of three races. Had Lucia not helped me that time, I most likely would’ve crawled over to stay alive. I really didn’t want to recall that event, and I prayed Queen Sisi would never bring up again, but she didn’t disappoint. The first thing she did upon seeing me was calling me a little doggy.

I knew that it was pointless to resist. I looked at Queen Sisi’s proud and bright smile. I stepped my right foot back and bent over. I pressed my hand to my chest and bowed my head. I loudly thanked her: “Thank you for your welcome, Your Majesty.”

In response, Queen Sisi bowed and looked at me with a casual smile that carried a tinge of satisfaction: “Good boy, good boy, Little Doggy. It’s been a long time; you’ve pulled a number of stunts out there. Lots of people have filed complaints about you, but I see you are still obedient as always. I’m a little disappointed. All right now. Achilles, bring Little Doggy in. I can’t wait to touch him.”

I took in a deep breath to try and wear a normal expression. Achilles entered the palace with me. I heard hasty footsteps coming from the second floor.

Queen Sisi ran down the stairs with a smile. She ran quite fast despite her footwear not being created to accommodate running. She ran up to me and hugged my arm, thereby instantly bursting her perfume in my face. It wasn’t a suffocating scent. I mentally panicked as a result of her soft and warm body making contact with mine. She scrubbed my hair in a jovial manner and revealed very sympathetic smile: “You got hurt, Little Doggy. That’s so heartbreaking. I strongly dislike those people who hit you, Little Doggy. Are you here for vengeance this time? I can provide you with support; I, too, don’t like those people. Little Doggy, what sorts of joyous things can you bring to me?”

“Your Majesty, let us discuss that in a bit.”

Achilles intervened. It was extremely awkward to discuss the topic there. Who discusses such a plot right at the door? Queen Sisi stepped back feeling disappointed; but nonetheless, she soon revealed a calm smile and touched my body. Her hand gently slithered across my chest, while her heterchromia eyes swept across my entire body. Content, she nodded: “Mm, mm, I like this. You look very handsome in this robe, Little Doggy! Does this set of clothes belong to you?”

“No. Mr. Achilles lent it to me.”

“I see. I see. I shall gift you a set, then. Come here to see me tomorrow, and I’ll have the tailor take your measurements. You have a decent physique, Little Doggy. I must dress up Little Doggy properly. However, since Achilles has brought it up, let’s go and have dinner first. I will listen to what you have to say at dinner, Little Doggy.”

Satisfied with herself, Queen Sisi teased my chin. Her soft fingers caused me to shudder. She revealed a sensual look in her eyes whilst smiling. She looked mesmerising, but she definitely wasn’t seducing me. Queen Sisi was always able to give off the aura of someone able to accomplish tasks with finesse and ease while looking enchanting. I truly felt she drove people crazy.


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