My Yandere Succubus Daughter is Mommy Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 03 Ch. 13


Queen Who Won’t Surrender

“Oh!!” exclaimed Leah.

Leah was blown away when she saw me come out in formal clothing. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t difficult to wear on. I wore a white undershirt with a standing collar. I added a black fitted vest over. Then, there was an incredibly weird slanted outer garment. The buttons started at the right breast and followed a curved pattern to the left. The buttons then ran from the chest down to the left hip where you could attach a chest pin or insignia. However, I didn’t have anything to attach for the meantime, leaving it empty. On the shoulder was a thing to set a cape or cloak in place.

The cape was a very ordinary white cape. I heard the colour of ones’ cape represents their rank. As I was only a commoner, I had to wear a white one. Those of the highest rank wore purple capes. I doubt I’d have the right to wear a purple one. Being granted an audience with the Queen was unprecedented privilege as it was, and I doubted I’d meet her many times again.

Leah sprinted over to me. She tugged on my clothes and exclaimed, “You look awesome, Papa!”

I smiled helplessly. The clothes were very tight, but I did feel as though it boosted my confidence. Achilles checked me out and nodded, satisfied: “Not bad, not bad. I must say that you have quite the decent physique. The Queen likes suave looking men. You should earn a few bonus points with this.”

“It does feel quite tight, though.”

I adjusted the belt. Leah ran circles around me and cheerfully said, “Papa, can you continue wearing this in the future? Leah thinks you look really cool in it. Leah wants to see you looking, like this, in the future, Papa.”

“This isn’t suited for every day wear; it’s not comfortable whatsoever, either.”

I tugged on the collar. Achilles nodded: “Change out of it now. Just wear it when you see Her Majesty, which will probably be tomorrow night. It’s best for Leah not to attend the evening banquet; it is not time for you to be taking care of your child at the banquet, after all. Leah can stay at a tavern we will arrange for her. By the way, Leah, be careful not to run around at night. The imperial city is the heart of the chapel. They’re not weak. Mr. Lin will return every night, so don’t go running around.”

“Leah can’t go to the Imperial Palace?” asked Leah, lowering her head out of disappointment.

I gently hugged Leah and looked over to Achilles: “She can still take a look around in the imperial palace even if she can’t attend the banquet, right? Leah is a sensible girl; she won’t damage anything. Achilles, can you arrange for someone to give her a tour of the Imperial Palace?”

“Mm…” Achilles pinched his chin and contemplated. He replied, “All right. I’ll ask my younger sister to give Leah a tour of the Imperial Palace.”

“Your sister?’

Achilles nodded: “Yes. She’s a very cute girl; she has a job of establishing laws and regulations at the law department. She’s very reliable.”

Grateful, I responded, “I’d like to trouble your sister to give Leah a tour, then. Once I’m done with my business, I’ll, personally, take Leah around. I just don’t know if I’ll have the time to.”

Leah was still slightly unhappy, presumably because I couldn’t personally take her. I, sadly, didn’t have the luxury of time. Once I arrived at the imperial palace, I’d have to put my nose to the grindstone and get to work. I rubbed Leah’s head then said to Achiles, “Remember to teach me some table manners tonight.”

Achilles nodded: “Sure. So, Leah, while I have to take up some of your father’s time, it is all for work.”

Leah released my cape and let out a soft breath of relief. I scrubbed her head and smiled: “It’s all right, Leah. Papa will come back as soon as possible.”

“Mm. Give it your best, Papa!”

Leah hugged me around my neck with a smile to bring my head down for a kiss on the cheek. I pinched her shoulder and sent her back to the bedroom.

We were scheduled to arrive at the imperial capital tomorrow. It was my second time interacting with Queen Sisi tomorrow night. This situation was so odd that I felt uneasy and couldn’t calm my racing mind.


Current time inside the imperial palace.

While adjusting her hair, Queen Sisi excitedly said to her lady-in-waiting, “I’ll get to see Little Doggy tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to it. I wonder how Little Doggy looks in formal attire. I’m so eager to see him, so, so eager!!”

The lady-in-waiting revealed a helpless smile: “Your Majesty, he is not someone important. He is just a slave of the Demon King that you managed to take in, no? You need not give him so much attention, do you?”

“No, no, no. Think about it. Someone I’ve never seen before, who was only worthy of being my pet dog, pulled stunts that led to my three most important departments filing complaints about him to me one after another.  Little Doggy is a surprise. Look around: ever since the Demon King died, I haven’t found anything interesting in my imperial palace. I see the same type of people every day and deal with trivial matters all day. I am the Queen who could conquer the Demon King. I defeated a King who reigned supreme on the battlefield for a hundred years. Why, then, is the only thing that I’ve gotten out of it a mere chapel’s opposition?! I’m bored out of my skin. I’m so hopeless. I want to deal with something stimulating!! Little Doggy is different. He’s always a mystery, so I look forward to meeting him. I want the mysterious little doggy to bring me a mysterious story. I am sooooo eager to see him!!”

Queen Sisi, gleeful, stood up proudly flicked her hair. She leaned over to the window, ignoring the fact she was nude after her bath and peered toward the North. She narrowed her eyes and, under her breath, added, “How nice. I’m really looking forward to seeing him. I wonder what pleasant surprise Little Doggy will have for me. I’ve grown sick of this life comparable to mud long ago. I eagerly look forward to our meeting. I really look forward to what Little Doggy has in store.”

“Who knows? Perhaps he can bring you what you want. In saying that, I am not too eager for him to. Statistically speaking, things you like always jeopardise the nation.”

“What are you saying? What are you saying? Everything I do is for the sake of making this a happier and stronger nation, isn’t it? Ruling a nation is a bet; I happen to be the best at betting. I’ve never lost before, and I certainly won’t lose in the future, either!!”


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