Son-con – Vol. 20 Ch. 06

Purple Lace

I tried my hand at meditation: “Still my heart. Think more. Think less. Blast, I think I’m dead. How am I supposed to explain my two moms, Lucia and Nier?!! “

I was dead certain Mom would come and reprimand me when she found out I ditched the blind date candidate. I was certain I’d have to visit the girl, apologise and then continue the blind date. Resistance would be impossible. In fact, it’d only make Mom step down harder on the gas… Given my mom’s soldier temperament, if she found out my reason for standing up the girl was to bring four other strange women back home, she’d bloody skin me. My family was still stuck in the sixties or something… They didn’t allow any girls visit my place without permission. Moreover, Nier and Lucia were my wives.

Polygamy was probably going to be added to my list of punishable deeds. I guarantee Mom would prioritise justice over her family. There were also Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth. I could explain Lucia and Nier were my wives, but what about my two moms? She was the same as Vyvyan and Elizabeth, in the sense that she couldn’t accept me calling another woman “mom”… especially my mom… After all, modern science says it’s impossible…

I could explain the relationship between Elizabeth and Vyvyan; just not in this world. If I were to say they were my two moms, those were my two wives, oh, I also have a few kids, Mom would beat me severely enough to qualify me for a mental hospital bed… Plus, my mom wasn’t a scholastic soldier. She underwent real combat training. I couldn’t beat her. That was why I had to deal with the four before she arrived!!

I tightly grabbed Sister Ning’s hand and looked at her with incomparably sincere eyes. I pleaded, “Sister Ning, please lend me a few sets of clothing for now! I beg you… Life is more important than anything, so please lend me a few set so that they can dress as people here do.”

Changing into appropriate clothing was the top priority. They, at least, couldn’t stand out the way they did in their signature clothing. Their current clothing was considered extravagant by their era’s standards, but it was considered weird clothing that stuck out in this era. The only place you’d find people dressed in that fashion was in an Anime. Oh, and also a museum.

Sister Ning awkwardly looked at me then the four behind me. She expressed, “I don’t mind lending them my clothes… The two younger ones can fit in… but those two… their breasts… are too big… They won’t fit in my clothes… If they want a change of clothes, you’ll have to buy some… Even then, I suspect they won’t fit in many styles…”

“O-Oh really…? I don’t really get this stuff… but whatever the case, please provide Lucia and Nier with a change of clothes for now… The one with long ears is Lucia. The one with black hair is Nier. Sister Ning, Sister Ning, please provide them with a change of clothes…”


Sister Ning fearfully looked at Nier. She was still afraid of Nier after Nier attacked her. Nier didn’t emit any murderous intent anymore, but Nier’s handprint still remained on her neck.

“Don’t be scared, Sister Ning. You can keep the door open. If Nier tries to hurt you, I’ll immediately stop her.”

I had to control Sister Ning so that she could help Lucia and Nier get changed; else, the two of them would stand out too much, especially Lucia. She needed to dress properly.

“Really…? Liangzhe, how in the world did you get to know these people…? I don’t recall ever meeting them… I’ve always been with you, yet I don’t recognise them. Also, I can’t speak your language… I… they…”

I gently touched Sister Ning’s face and solemnly assured, “It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s fine. You may have never met them before, but I promise they’re not bad people. They are the same as us. Trust me, Sister Ning. We’ve gone through lots of things together, so I trust them, really.”

Sister Ning was doubtful, but she displayed a tinge of sympathy. She might’ve felt I had lost my mind or was fantasising. She went silent for a moment then said, “Liangzhe, are you the one who’s dreaming or is it me? I was always with you before you started school and remained with you after. You’ve never been with these people…”

“No… mm… Sister Ning, just help me this once, okay? They’re not bad people… At the very least, trust me for now. Give then a change of clothes. Nier, Lucia, go and change your clothes, Nier, remember not to hurt her.”

Lucia scanned Sister Ning: “Change clothes? So, change into clothes similar to hers? That’s a weird material. I’ve never seen that sort of clothing before. I wonder how it feels to wear it.”

Nier folded her arms: “The clothes don’t look practical, though. I can’t strap my weapon on if I wear it. I’m more worried about your safety and Her Majesty’s safety than my appearance, especially since we’ve come to an unfamiliar place. This elf can’t be relied on. How will I protect you without a weapon?”

Exasperated, Lucia brayed, “Who said I’m unreliable?!!! We elves don’t depend on weapons to kill! I can protect His highness and Her Highness in anything!”

Lucia’s anger derived from her shame. After all, she had practically forgotten her previous job when she was my bodyguard and worked in the Shadow Squad. She was actually thinking about playing around after getting changed, but Nier’s mention of guarding me rendered her ashamed.

“It’s all right, Nier. It’s safe here. I’m sure the people here won’t hurt us, so go ahead and change. Once you change into the clothes worn in this place, you can go outside to take a look. Plus, it’ll make it more convenient to move about. Nier, go change.”

“Mm… All right, then.”

Nier was a little reluctant to trust Sister Ning. She accepted my suggestion, nonetheless. She removed her cape and tossed it aside. She walked up to Sister Ning. Sister Ning fearfully took a step back and hid behind me as she was so flustered she didn’t know what to do. However, there was no need for her to feel so scared…

Lucia scanned Sister Ning then suddenly pinched Sister Ning’s breast.

“Ah!!” shrieked Sister Ning, startled.

Lucia, surprised, enthused, “Your Highness, there’s something metal in front of this woman’s breasts. Why does she have something metal holding her breasts? What‘s this round stuff? Wow, it’s light purple, too! Wow, the pattern is so pretty!!”

“Ah!!! Please stop pinching… don’t pinch!!”


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