Son-con – Vol. 20 Ch. 05

If My Mothers Were to Meet…

Standing at the door to the room, I took in a deep breath. I know Sister Ning had locked herself in her room with her blanket tightly wrapped around her and was trembling. After all, there were two strangers in the dining room merrily drinking beer that belonged to her. Anybody would be scared if they were in her shoes. Moreover, her cell phone was with Nier, though Nier didn’t know the phone call already ended. Nier waited for my voice, but she no longer needed to hear it after getting drunk.

I needed to calm down my Sister Ning. Otherwise, she would think of how to report them to the police once she calmed down. Once the police knocked, the complexity of the situation would escalate. The four of them didn’t have foreigner identification papers; they came here illegally. If they were discovered, they might even be deported… The question was which country do the four of them belong to? Therefore, it was best to avoid letting anyone discover them.  The two elves might do something if they were discovered.

I needed to convince Sister Ning to accept the four of them. How was I meant to introduce them, though? Nier and Mommy Elizabeth weren’t as troublesome to introduce since they were humans. in addition, their eye colours weren’t much different to ours. Hence, I could write them off as foreigners. What about Vyvyan and Lucia, though? The two of them didn’t have human appearances. Mommy Vyvyan’s ears particularly stood out.

I needed to carefully contemplate how to explain Vyvyan and Lucia. And, how was I supposed to explain the situation? Vyvyan and Elizabeth were my mothers in the other world, but I was Zhu Liangzhe in this world and had a biological mother, in other words, Zhu Liangzhe’s biological mother. I didn’t know who I identified as. Was I Zhu Liangzhe or Troy? I lived here, so I should be Zhu Liangzhe? The four of them recognised me, nevertheless. So, should I be Troy?

I touched my face. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the difference between my own face and Troy’s by touch because they were both my face. I couldn’t feel any difference. I went to the bathroom next to Sister Ning’s room and turned on the light. I checked my face in the mirror, but I shouldn’t have been able to see anything…

There was an image on the mirror. I could see a face on it. It was supposed to be my face, but there was something strange. I couldn’t understand why. Rather, I couldn’t tell whose it was. There was a man’s face, but I couldn’t tell if it was Zhu Liangzhe’s or Troy’s. Their faces should’ve been different, but there were no unique traits on this face. I remember a saying: when you’ve worn a mask for too long, the mask will be stuck to your face. I guess that meant the two faces had fused.

Mommy Elizabeth and the three don’t know how Zhu Liangzhe originally looked, which was why they saw Troy. As for Sister Ning, she didn’t know how Troy looks. Accordingly, she saw Zhu Liangzhe.

My identity wasn’t important in the current dilemma. I didn’t want to think about whether I was Troy or Zhu Liangzhe anymore. I sighed then knocked on the door: “Sister Ning? Sister Ning? It’s fine now. It’s fine now. It’s me. Don’t be scared. It’s fine now.”

“… Liangzhe? Liangzhe, you’re back?!” Sister Ning tightly hugged me as soon as she opened the door. She sobbed as she exclaimed, “Liangzhe, Liangzhe, I was scared to death. Liangzhe, a crazy woman barged in, choked me and snatched my phone. I was so scared. I couldn’t understand what she said. Then, she rummaged through our house. I was so scared, so, so scared. Liangzhe, let’s report this to the police. Let’s report this!”

I hugged Sister Ning with a helpless smile: “There’s no need to report to the police. There’s no need. I, uh… I know them. They’re not bad people, and they’re not robbers.”

“What? You know them?!”

Sister Ning looked toward the four with surprise. Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth looked back at her with fascinated looks. Nier and Lucia were grumpy. In fact, Lucia looked as though she wanted to kill Sister Ning. I wouldn’t put it past an extremely jealous elf to do that.

“They… Don’t tell me your blind date candidate was actually these people. What’s with them? Are they foreigners or extraterrestrials…? I… I don’t… I don’t recognise them… I… those ears…”

“Mm… It’s a little difficult to explain, but I guarantee they’re not bad people. Additionally… mm, we have a profound connection between us. They suddenly appeared here, so I, mm… how do I explain this? Sister Ning, just know that I know them, and that they’re good people.”

Sister Ning leaned onto my shoulder and replied, “That doesn’t qualify as an explanation…”

Lucia’s patience reached its limit. If Sister Ning remained on my shoulder, she’d lose her life sooner or later… I spun around to my moms and wives: “Mm… how do I put this…? I lived here for some time. This is Sister Ning, who looked after me… She’s akin to my older sister… She has a very normal and very ordinary relationship with me, so Lucia, Nier, don’t be agitated…”

“Elder sister?”

Lucia immediately believed me. She looked at Sister Ning and pinched her eyebrows together. Confused, she pinched her chin and inquired, “Your Highness, what should I do if she is His Highness’ elder sister?”

“Sorry, Lucia, I only have one child. Moreover, the human can’t be his biological sister, right? Therefore, you can just treat her as an ordinary human.”

“She’s not a normal human, either!!”

Sister Ning watched us converse in surprise. She whispered in my ear, “Liangzhe, Liangzhe, what language are you speaking? How come I’ve never heard it before?”

“This is… mm… Czech?”

“Czech?! When did you learn it?!”

“Umm… self-taught, self-taught…”

“Please stop asking me… You’re cornering me,” I pleaded in my mind.

“By the way, Sister, Ning, there’s one more thing that’s very important. Do not tell Mom about this… Never tell her. I promise I will sort this out soon. In the meantime, do not let my mom come here!!”

My mom, who had a military background, would never accept a woman with an unclear background, not to mention I had four of them. If she found out I couldn’t explain their background properly, she’d probably execute them… She was my mom; more often than not, though, she was my chief…

“I can keep it a secret, but… I can’t be sure if Auntie will come or not…”

“Huh? Mom won’t come if she doesn’t have business…”

“No… Auntie selected your blind date candidate. You stood her up, though… Given Auntie’s personality… I’m certain… dead certain she’ll come and give you an earful…”

“Aaaahh!” My brain at that moment: “Crap! That could happen! Actually, it will happen! Mom will definitely do that! Crap!”


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