Son-con – Vol. 20 Ch. 07

Trying on Underwear

“Wow… I’m surprised there’s clothing for breasts. It’s so odd… Oh! You can lift it up. It feels strange to have my breasts wrapped up. This colour and style looks a little sexy no matter how I look at it.”

Lucia excitedly wore on a white bra. She scooped up her breasts while cheerfully playing with her round mounds. She looked besotted. I somewhat regretted telling Sister Ning I could watch over them to keep her safe, as I ended up seeing all of Sister Ning’s underwear… I didn’t know she had so much underwear. All of them were uh… sexy styles and colours…

“I’m amazed it’s specially designed to lift up my breasts. What is this? Is this to please men? What a sinful invention. Any woman who wears this can’t be a decent woman. Still, I’m surprised the random woman living with His Majesty looked decent, yet was actually this sexually frustrated. Does she dress this way to seduce His Majesty?”

Nier strongly disliked the underwear. She never felt proud about her breasts. As a matter of fact, she wrapped them up with cloth every day as she felt their jiggling shifted her centre of mass when she wielded her sword. I, conversely, really liked them after we were married…

Lucia, on the other hand, still kept up the personality of a child. She still liked pretty things after marrying me. She was excited to see the underwear. She was very keen on trying all of them to find the best fit for her.

As for Sister Ning, she completely broke down. She held her face in despair and sat on the ground. She let Lucia and Nier do as they liked. I could understand how she felt. Though Sister Ning and I grew up together, I always gave her privacy… Therefore, it was akin to having her judged in public. I really didn’t mean to look at her underwear, but I had no choice!! I swear I didn’t have any naughty thoughts!

Lucia snorted and nonchalantly undressed. She didn’t intend to buy what Nier said. Lucia didn’t have a flat chest; she was just petite in stature, creating the illusion she was considerably smaller than Nier. However, I was able to cover her breasts with one hand, which was quite comfortable. Lucia picked up a black-lace bra. Frankly, I thought it was a tad too seductive as I could see her pink tips through the lace. Nonetheless, Lucia seemed to really like it. She held it up and checked herself out in the mirror then proudly turned to face me. She lifted up her breasts and asked, “What do you think, Your Highness? Do I look good in this?”

“Geez, you sure are bold!! I can’t believe you’d dare to wear that! Do you think that can cover you up?” asked Nier, surprised.

Nier probably never expected the petite elf to like such daring clothing. Normally, not even Nier would like that style, yet Lucia loved it.

Lucia proudly puffed her chest out and replied as if it was only a matter of course: “The point isn’t to cover anything. It’s not clothes to be worn out. It’s for His Highness’ viewing pleasure. Needless to say, it’s supposed to display your best body parts.”

I actually had no counterargument…  I thought one of the goals of underwear was to show it off to the person you like; else, there wouldn’t be such a thing as victory underwear…

The strong contrast between Lucia’s skin colour and the black lace left my mouth dry. I could see her smooth belly with her Adonis belt and belly button that resembled a drop of water. Her breasts had a perfect shape. I could push her straight down onto the bed, but I stopped myself since Sister Ning was around.

“That looks good. Really. It looks very good.”

“Hehe! I’ll take this one, then. Now comes the bottom. I need to choose one with the same colour and similar style… Wow!! There there’s a see-through one! See-through!! This doesn’t cover anything!! Guess I’ll have to do something about it… Shall I shave it off? Mm… It seems it’s my only choice. Do we have long black socks?! Wow, this feels so smooth! So smooth!! This material is so nice! I want to wear this! I want to wear this!!”

“Lucia, calm down!! You can’t wear that out! It’s definitely not to be worn out! That’s for night time, but it’s not appropriate to go out in that! This sort of ordinary one will do.”

As I said that, I thought, “I’m already feeling fairly aroused… If you wear this and dance around in front of me at night, I’ll definitely push you down every night without a care for your resistance. If Nier wears it… I’ll probably become a tyrant who never attends court in the morning…”

Hence, I had to forbid Nier and Lucia from wearing that sort of clothing…

“Really…?” Lucia looked slightly disappointed.

I could see Lucia was very eager to wear it at night. I had to stop her from wearing it at night. Lucia couldn’t withstand my mana. If I did it with her at night, she’d surely pass out.

Nier coldly scoffed. She stripped down and tossed her clothes aside. She picked up an ordinary white bra from the bed and wore it on. She looked down at her breasts with an “uh oh” look. She tried to do up the strap at the back, but her expression stiffened. A grim expression crept onto her face. She desperately tried to do up the strap then straightened up.

The bra was firmly plastered to Nier’s chest. The initial Nier who Sister Ning saw was Nier with her chest in restraints. When she revealed her twin weapons, Sister Ning’s bra was unable to contain them. It was so tight on her that parts of her breasts burst out of the sides. The look made Nier’s body look luscious. Troubled, she tried to seek my input, but the strap snapped, thereby flinging the bra off her chest.

My jaw hit the ground. Nier stunned herself, as well. Lucia’s hand froze on her chest as she looked over in shock… I gulped as I ogled Nier’s bouncing breasts and, in a quiet voice, commented, “Umm… I think… it’s a tad too small…”

Nier lowered her head with shame and quietly responded, “Mm…”

“Woooow!! How is this human woman’s body oh so hideous?!! You’re so fat! Do you really exercise daily? I’m truly curious. When you say you’ll protect His Highness, did you mean you were going to shield him with all that fat?”

“That’s rich, coming from you, you flat board!! No wonder why His Majesty never goes to you at night!”

“This is what you call a stunning body, with lines and curves all in the right places and ratios, get it?!! Don’t measure elves with human standards! We aren’t as shameless as you are!!”


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