Son-con – Vol. 20 Ch. 04

Moms and Wives at Home


Lucia vigilantly observed the security guard standing at the entrance to the small complex. She was vigilant of soldiers in uniforms. The security guard was also surprised when he saw her and Vyvyan. The two, who stood out in every way possible in modern society, walked around without a single concern. They had the facial features of foreigners. Plus, looking as stunning as they did, people would think they were in the wrong place.

I swiped my door card and indicated for Lucia to hurry in. She, instead, aggressively confronted the guard. Confused, he uttered, “Sorry?”

“Your Highness!!! How come he’s so rude?!! Why is he not saluting Queen Vyvyan? He is belittling her! He is making light of our elven dignity!! I have to teach him a lesson!”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” I quickly grabbed Lucia by her shoulder.

Mommy Vyvyan gave Lucia a head shake: “Forget it, Lucia. I won’t get angry over a human’s rudeness. That’s not to mention that it’s clear this isn’t our world. As it isn’t our world, these people might not recognise me. I won’t be angry with the ignorant. Lucia, we are not on home turf, so we must be careful.”


Lucia looked at the guard. She was still somewhat angry – evident from her gaze. Anyhow, she slowly backed down after what Vyvyan and I said. She followed me into the small complex with an irate countenance.

There weren’t many people in the complex at that hour. The people in our small complex were relatively young. Most of them were likely at work, while the elders took children to the water fountain to play around.

Mommy Vyvyan scanned our surroundings. She shook her head when she looked at the lawn and shrubs: “Are those things humanity’s creations? Clearly, they should be made from nature, yet I can’t sense any mana and life. What a shame. It’s a big improvement to see humans have learnt to enjoy the beauty of nature, though. How are these tall buildings built and able to avoid collapsing? You humans shouldn’t be able to use magic.”

“You’re right… it’s just thanks to humanity’s technology.”

Mommy Vyvyan nodded. The three of us reached the bottom of the building where I lived. I swiped my card again. The loud sound of the door opening startled Lucia. She leapt back a step and vigilantly watched the large door. I pulled it open then lead Vyvyan and Lucia into the elevator.

Lucia watched me press a button. She checked out the inside of the elevator with a curious look and asked, “What is the point of this metal box?”

The elevator slowly shut its doors then slowly began to speed up as if elevated is. Lucia looked at her feet with her eyes wide. She loudly exclaimed, “Are we going up?! This is similar to a scaffold?! I mean, is it similar to the type of cage that people below pull the rope to lift up?!”

“Correct. That’sroughly the idea except this is powered with electricity.”

“Electricity? What’s that? Is it that the stuff that lights up? So… it’s mana? You humans don’t have mana, though,” Lucia asked.

Lucia kept her eyes on the numbers that kept jumping. She touched the display screen with her hand.  I watched her with a helpless smile. I wasn’t too sure how to explain the concept of something being powered using electricity. After a brief think, I answered, “You could say it’s humanity’s invented mana, I guess.”

“Humans sure are a frightening species. What was an innate talent to us has been replicated as a fake power.”

Vyvyan pressed her hand onto the buttons. Frightened, I quickly grabbed her arm. I was truly worried she’d destroy the buttons with magic. Mom chuckled in a mocking manner: “There’s no mana in there. Imitations will always be imitations. They’ll never have any power.”

As if I knew how to respond to that.

We finally arrived on the floor I lived on. The elevator doors opened. Lucia walked out then turned around and scanned the metal box: “It must be tough on the humans below to have to pull this metal box up so high.”

“Mm…” I replied. Explanations weren’t necessary…

I was anxious to get home and take a look. I obviously hung up the phone when we got off the taxi. I wasn’t worried about Nier and Mommy Elizabeth as it was impossible for harm to befall them. The only one who’d be in trouble would be Sister Ning. If Lucia was the one with her, I’d feel less worried. Nier, on the other hand, was a Valkyrie who could snap Sister Ning’s neck at any moment due to her disrespecting Mommy Elizabeth!

I took out my keys and opened the door to my place. I shouted, “Nier! Mommy Elizabeth!!”

Nier leapt at me from the side and tightly hugged me. Her passionate hug was more akin to tackle. I nearly fell over. Before I could hug her back, I noticed the strong smell of alcohol from her mouth. Lucia, who was behind me, frowned. She snickered: “What’s the can in your hand? You reek of alcohol.”

“Ah, this? This is from that cold box of His Majesty’s. It’s an amazing beer. Her Majesty loves it. Do you want a try?”

Nier looked odd. Nier drank, but she wasn’t good at holding her liquor. Her voice was also somewhat distorted.  She handed the can to Lucia, but Lucia angrily threw it aside: “Let go!! You stink! What do you want to talk about?!! Let go of my husband!!”

“What do you mean ‘my husband’? He’s my Prince!”

Nier swept her cold gaze over to Lucia. I quickly separated the two and looked inside. Mommy Elizabeth sat at the dining table with a big collection of empty cans in front of her. Due to me being lazy to move them, I had two, maybe three, boxes of beer at home. When I was free, I’d have a can; however, not only did they take the cans from the fridge but even the cans in the kitchen. Mommy Elizabeth cheerfully drank from her can. There were also peanuts, pig trotters and leftovers from last night… They certainly made sure to go through my entire fridge thoroughly…

“Ah, Son, you’re back. Great, great. Your beer here tastes great. It totally suits my tastes. Mm… but… but… mm… I feel a little dizzy now… am I… drunk?”

“I told you two to not drink too much!! Nier! Nier! You and Mom go sleep in my room for now. We’ll talk once you wake up. Mommy Vyvyan and Lucia, you two go sit in the living room for now. Oh, right, I’ll turn on the television for you… Mm… I need to go and find… I need to go to her room…”


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