Son-con – Vol. 20 Ch. 02

Nier, Elizabeth, Lucia and Vyvyan

“Lucia, why are you here?”

I gently supported Lucia. She leaned her freezing body on mine. Before she could speak, something violently collided with me from behind. My head was submerged in something heavy, yet warm. I heard an emotional, yet familiar, voice: “Son, Son, I thought you were here. Mommy was so worried, so worried you wouldn’t be here…”


It was strangely comfortable. While I had two mounds of flesh right next to my face, I didn’t feel suffocated. To the contrary, it was so comfortable I couldn’t find the words to do it justice.

“I can’t be bothered with anything anymore. Leave it all to tomorrow,” was what I thought.

“Son, Son, Mommy is glad you’re here. Mommy doesn’t know where this place is, but as long as my son is here, Mommy is reassured.”

Mommy Vyvyan released me. She was attired in her green dress that she usually wore. Although I didn’t feel it was strange, since I saw it almost every day, she was very eye-catching in her ancient clothing and old jewellery on the modern-day street. The people passing by were surprised. On one hand, it was because of her clothing. On the other hand, it was probably due to her captivating appearance. Vyvyan affectionately hugged me; she totally ignored the fact that she was in different environment. Perhaps she considered it an illusion.

I relished Mommy Vyvyan’s warmth and soft body; however, something bemused me. If I was in that world, I wouldn’t need to think about anything. I could just enjoy the warmth and bliss she gifted me with to my heart’s content, but not in this world. I was in Zhu Liangzhe’s world. I wasn’t Troy in this world. I was Zhu Liangzhe.

In this world, I wasn’t the Elven Prince or humanity’s Prince. I was Zhu Liangzhe, an ordinary university graduate who even went on blind dates. I didn’t have any resources at my disposal in this world. I was as ordinary as they came in this world. Vyvyan and Lucia, however, were members of the imperial family. They enjoyed life as the imperial family. They received the best treatment there. Here, on the other hand, I couldn’t provide them with anything.

According to the original timeline, I should already be dead. I died after saving the child. This world wasn’t normal. I remember what happened, and I came to terms with it. It was my only option, after all. My corpse in this world was probably already rotten. I never thought about returning to this world to live in it again. I enjoyed enough bliss and sense of responsibility in the other world, which is why I didn’t want to come back.

This world felt foreign to me. True, it was where I originally lived; nonetheless, it had been an incredibly long time since I was last here. Hence, it felt awkward to be here. As a matter of fact, I struggled to make sense of what I was thinking.

“Where exactly is this place? Your Highness? We were in Duargana. How did we come here all of a sudden?” asked Lucia, wrapping herself up with the blanket. She examined her surroundings and continued questioning, “The humans look strange. They are different to the humans we previously saw. Their construction abilities are frightening. It is amazing they can construct buildings so tall. Also, I have never seen the materials used before. The obscure metal machines running on the streets are also weird. They all have boxes that emit a flashing light on hand, as well. It is so strange. Just where is this place?”

Vyvyan, finally taking her attention of me and investing them on the surroundings, asserted, “Lucia, I apologise, but I do not know where this is. There is no mana here. I cannot detect any mana. Not a single trace. Moreover, I cannot see any other species around nearby. There are only humans living here. It truly is a lonely place. Son, do you know where this is? I think something happened to the elven spring, subsequently transporting us here. That said, it must have sent us somewhere relevant. Since Lucia and I don’t know where this is, it means that you must know, Son.”

“Mm… I do, for a fact, know where this is… In saying that, Mom, I will explain it to you in detail later. For now, let me take you home… Your current clothing is different to ours, so you’re attracting too much attention.”

I whipped out my cell phone. Unsurprisingly, the cell phone needed a burial. I just threw everything worth money on the ground. Nevertheless, I pretended to snap photos with it so that people would think we were cosplaying and out for some photography, thereby reducing the number of eyes on us that just seemed to never decrease. At the same time, I led the two along the road. Although I didn’t know who my blind date candidate was, I figured I had to stand her up in a very un-gentleman way.

I wanted to say, “Sorry. I am sincerely very sorry whoever you are!!”


Current time… at Zhu Liangzhe’s house…

“Ah, you are…”

Sister Ning was startled once she opened the door. The woman before her was tall and pretty. She was expressionless, unless cold as ice was counted. She wore a strange white military uniform that resembled a cosplay costume. Her white cape behind her covered her belt and the sword at her belt. While it looked similar to cosplay, Sister Ning could tell with one glance that the material and workmanship was first-rate. Furthermore, the gem for decoration on her sword handle was not plastic. If it was cosplay, it would’ve costed a ridiculous amount. Nier queried, “May I ask if you have seen a man about as tall as me, with black eyes, black hair and dressed in white with a white cloak?”


Sister Ning was stupefied. She discovered she didn’t understand a word Nier said. Sister Ning, therefore, assumed her to be a foreigner. She cleared her throat and carefully used English to try and indicate for the woman to repeat herself.


Nier jolted. She came to the realisation Sister Ning didn’t understand her. Both of them felt awkward. Nier scanned Sister Ning. Suddenly, the screen on Sister Ning’s cell phone lit up, thereby displaying her phone wallpaper. Her wallpaper was a photo of her and Zhu Liangzhe, which was taken when they went on a holiday.

“Hey, ah!!!”

Just when Sister Ning went to pick up her phone, Nier swiftly jumped into action. She strangled Sister Ning with her right hand, and then pressed her firmly up against a wall. Nier thundered, “Release His Majesty from this box!! I don’t care what sorcery you used, but if you don’t release him, I’ll dig one of your organs out, and I’ll make sure to show it to you!!!”


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