Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 60

Moment of Separation

The youngster carried the girl in red on his back. He sighed when he saw Ying. With a helpless smile, he said, “Good evening. I am very sorry. She managed to succeed when I was not paying attention.”

Startled, Ying looked pale. She thought an assassin managed to succeed. Thankfully, she realised that Liu Yue just managed to sneakily have a swig of alcohol. Liu Yue wasn’t as awkward as she once was when she was happy, but she had a glass when the youngster wasn’t looking in her state of self-contentment and excitement.

Liu Yue might’ve been a very brave girl, but she was terrible at holding her liquor. After just one glass, her fire-red tail drooped to the ground. Subsequently, the youngster had to carry her back on his back. He considered other methods of bringing her back, including Princess carrying her, but after careful deliberation, he couldn’t muster the courage to. Consequently, he chose to carry her back on his back normally.

Due to the nature of a piggy back, he had to pull the young girl’s dress up a bit. In her drunken stupor, she mumbled, “You’re violating a Princess.” He had to hold onto her thighs, though. It wasn’t easy for the youngster when he had to feel the touch of her stockings and her thighs. That smooth and succulent feeling wasn’t easy for him to handle.

“My word… First they were attacked, and now Liu Yue is drunk. I really don’t know how I’m supposed to report to His Majesty,” remarked Ying, sighing.

Liu Yue’s face was flush. She leaned onto Ying. It took just one glass to leave her drunken. Given that, Liu Yue would have to stick to fruit juice at banquets henceforth; otherwise, it’d be dangerous. Ying gave the youngster a small nod: “Leave her to me now. Thank you for taking care of Liu Yue this time.”

“I am very sorry. I am sincerely sorry for not watching her properly. I should have stopped her.”

“It’s fine. Nobody can stop these four girls when they have set their mind on something. I have reported what happened today to King Troy. He is on his way here to pick up the sisters. I think that’s good. After all, the coronation ceremony is over. The girls should, therefore, have no wilful excuse to stay any longer. What happened was dangerous no matter how you look at it.”

Ying told King Troy about what happened. Troy loved his daughters and doted on them, but he wouldn’t abandon everything to come straight over. They were attacked twice, and it was evident the four sisters were the targets in the latest attack. Troy didn’t plan to find the culprit responsible to kill but to get his daughters out of danger. He ordered Ying to forbid the four sisters from setting foot outside of the palace until he arrived to ensure their safety. Queen Vera should’ve received news from him already.

“I see… Are you heading back immediately?”

The youngster couldn’t help but look at Liu Yue, who was wriggling in Ying’s embrace. She was still wagging her tail around. He hadn’t interacted with Liu Yue for even a month yet, and Liu Yue had to return. She only came with him to see the coronation ceremony. As it was over, she had to go home.

Hearing what Ying said, the youngster began to brood, “Why do I feel so lost and disappointed to hear that Liu Yue has to go home? Why don’t I feel just upset to hear that we’re separating, but also despair? I won’t get to see her again. Liu Yue’s life is different from mine to begin with. I will remain here to protect Queen Vera, who trusts me, while Liu Yue will return to her father’s nation to lead a peaceful and happy life. Then, she’ll become the next ruler of a nation. Then, she’ll marry the man she likes and have children with him.

“That was how it’s supposed to be.  I wouldn’t have ever connected with Liu Yue if it wasn’t due to my Queen. The innocent and bright Liu Yue never would’ve known of my existence, and I would never have had that beautiful encounter with her, seen that gentle and beautiful smile similar to the goddess of the moon, the fire-red tail and the pretty ears, those gentle and beautiful crescent moon eyes. I saw it all, though. I saw it all.

“Liu Yue has been by my side for an entire month. I’ve seen everything there is to see about her; therefore, I’ll never be able to forget. In fact, I don’t want to forget about her. I don’t want to forget everything we know about each other and went through together because it’s my story with her. It’s Liu Yue’s story. I want to see her even if it’s just her back. I want to see her even if it’s just her proud and confident back. I’ll be content just to see her proud tail. I just want to see Liu Yue. When did I develop the desire to see her so much? Since when did I start wanting to just see Liu Yue? When?”

“Good night, then.”

Ying nodded. She didn’t know why the youngster stood there as he should’ve left and done what a bodyguard should, not stand here looking at the individual he’s meant to protect.

“Mm… Sorry, Miss Ying, Your Highness. Good night.” The youngster returned to his senses.

Ying heaved a breath of reloef. She turned around and pulled the door open. Vera and Nona had finished what they had to do. The two were asleep in each other’s arms. However, they’d probably catch a cold if they were totally nude. Ying stripped Liu Yue, and then tucked her in. She threw a blanket over the girls

At the door, Ying found Daisy, who was holding her sword but continuously nodding off. She gave Daisy’s head a gentle rub. In a tender voice, she said, “Go sleep, Daisy. Everything is done. Leave the rest to me now. King Troy is on his way here. That won’t happen again. This journey of yours was, indeed, something you haven’t experienced before, but if you continue being wilful, your father will be worried, won’t he?”


Daisy’s response was just a random response she murmured in her sleepy state. Maybe she genuinely felt that way, though. Whatever the case was, Ying felt her mental state crumbled after the two attacks. Ying never failed to protect Troy the way she failed to protect the four sisters, which was why she decided it was for the best to send the girls back.

The matter ended fast enough to give Troy no opportunity to interfere. Thus, Troy decided to take his daughters home to prevent Vera from turning around and launching a counterattack since she had ascended.


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