Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 59

Underneath the Moon. In the Room.


Nona gently crawled onto the bed and hugged Vera. Nona tightly grabbed her elder sister’s arms with both hands. The two girls were both nude as part of the mana replenishment process. Vera couldn’t control her hands. Vera rubbed her sister’s developed breasts and licked her own lips. She kissed Nona again. Nona raised her head to meet with her sister. Vera wasn’t just going for a simple kiss. She’d continue to suck and suck Nona’s saliva into her mouth and swallow it. Nona’s tongue played along with her sisters. They were left with nothing but an instinct to embrace each other.

That was the Galadriel Tribe’s unique way of transferring mana; more precisely, elves could transfer mana to one another through their body liquids. It was perfectly normal for the elves to feel aroused when transferring mana, except the two girls didn’t know what to do. They just innocently groped and kissed each other to transfer and absorb mana in addition to satisfying their burning bodies.

Because the sisters couldn’t allow others to see them, Daisy and Ying guarded their door. Ying felt a little downhearted since she wasn’t there for the sisters when they were in a pinch. That was why she was extra earnest in guarding the door. She didn’t even permit maids to approach the door. Daisy was wanted to knock off, but she energised herself for the sake of her sisters.

Nona and Vera’s act in the room made Daisy blush, but it wasn’t really her place to speak for she was human, while they were elves… However, she finally understood why her dad would occasionally be with her Mommy Lucia. She presumed it was to replenish his mana, though her dad and Mommy Lucia did it to a more intense extent.


Present time at the banquet at Queen Vera’s imperial palace.

Liu Yue stood alone in the crowd with a helpless smile as she tried to escape from a group of curious noble ladies. The noble ladies had her surrounded as if she was a rare animal at an exhibition. Being treated as a commodity was frustrating to her. Moreover, the noble ladies kept asking to touch her ears and tail. They must’ve thought it’d be nice to have a scarf or hat with her hair, something which got on her nerves.

Liu Yue went up to the table. No children were in attendance, so there was no fruit juice prepared specifically for children. That said, Liu Yue wanted to taste the alcoholic beverages. Her parents didn’t let her drink back home. Ying and her sisters were usually around. She wasn’t in a position to drink in their presence, either. For the first time, she had the freedom to explore alcohol if she so desired.

“Sorry. I imagine it isn’t nice to have that group crowding around you. Plus, they don’t seem to be interested in you but foxes.” The youngster pressed his hand on Liu Yue’s to stop her from drinking the alcoholic beverage. He adorned different clothes. He wore a neat and tidy official military uniform. He chuckled quietly: “Thank you for comforting me today, Miss Liu Yue.”

“It’s nothing. Truth be told, I don’t know why I did that, either. I’m grateful that you didn’t pluck my fur when you were on my back, however,” voiced Liu Yue, with a sigh.

Liu Yue peered the balcony outside. The youngster immediately understood what she was thinking. He questioned, “You plan to go sit outside for a while? We are already very grateful you were willing to attend tonight’s banquet. This place does not suit you, though, does it?”

“Can I? Will Queen Vera be all right?”

“She already has guards. I’ve reflected on myself since the ambush. I failed to judge the situation and in my duty. I shouldn’t always be by Queen Vera’s side. Right now, I am your bodyguard, so I should take charge of your safety. I, therefore, should always be by your side to protect you.”

The youngster looked at Liu Yue’s hand. He suddenly had an urge to hold her hand and run to the balcony, but he didn’t have the courage to when he looked up at her eyes. Liu Yue didn’t know what he was thinking. Hence, she turned back to the balcony and nodded: “All right, then. I want to stay there until this ends. I’m bad at handling these occasions. If I become a monarch in the future and have to go through this ordeal, I might be given a failing grade.”

“This is not the main job of a monarch, though.”

The two went to the balcony. The youngster first crossed over to the narrow edge then slowly sat down. Then, he extended his hand out for Liu Yue to grab. Her soft and warm hands emptied his mind, leading to him nearly releasing his grip on her hand. His sudden jolt startled Liu Yue. She frowned: “If you don’t hold my hand properly, I’ll fall.”

He mumbled, “Sorry.”

Liu Yue sighed. She sat down next to the youngster and gazed at the moon. He, too, looked up. It was the first time he thought the moon overhead was so beautiful. Perhaps it was because there was something even more beautiful than the moon next to him?

Liu Yue sighed: “Geez, I’m seriously so tired today. I want to have some wine to forget everything that happened today; else, I might not be able to sleep.”

“I will send you sleep medication at night, so you do not need to drink wine. You are still too young for it.”

“So, you think I’m still a kid despite having escaped death twice? I didn’t cry during either of the attacks. To the contrary, I was always thinking of a strategy. Haven’t I proven I’ve matured?” ranted Liu Yue. “Forget it. I know what you’re all thinking. I’m still a kid but whatever. Be it Mom or Dad, everyone thinks I’m still a kid…”

In a flustered manner, the youngster explained, “No, Miss Liu Yue, even if you have matured, you still have the body of a young girl. That cannot be helped. Only time can help you with that.”

Liu Yue’s tail jolted. Hopeless, she said, “Forget it. You don’t need to console me. I was just having a whinge. I know the state of my body… I don’t think I’ll have my sister’s bodies even if I grow another two years…”

“Your body is already nice! Honest!”

The youngster’s comment startled Liu Yue. She then laughed and, in a soft voice, remarked, “Pervert…”

“I am being honest!”

“An honest pervert…”


“So, you’re saying that my body is bad, then?”

“… Sorry…” responded the embarrassed youngster.


Liu Yue smiled. Her eyes took on a crescent moon shape that gleamed with a sly look. The youngster admired Liu Yue’s cheerful smile.


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