Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 61

Same Bed, Different Dream

“Failed, did you? Mm, I’m surprised to hear that a magical creature protected Vera. I honestly didn’t expect that. It appears we’ll need a rock, then.”

The advisor was somewhat surprised to see Ikana indifferently drinking wine and calmly setting down the report. He was ready to be at the receiving end of her fury. He helped his wife and child settle down somewhere safe because that was the last chance to assassinate Vera. All of the spies and special agents came out of hiding to participate in the assassination. Those who weren’t armed attacked with farming tools as it was an order with their lives on the line. Vera would always remain in the palace henceforward. It was impossible for them to assassinate her in the palace.

Vera’s rule would gradually take root. In turn, her people would unite, making it difficult for assassins and special agents to sneak in. The failure of the assassination essentially meant assassinations had utterly failed. Not only did they fail, but they also wasted all of their previous efforts. Given what the job meant to Ikana, if she didn’t kill him, the sun would rise in the west. Judging from Ikana’s reaction, however, maybe the sun would rise in the west in the future.

After reading the report, Ikana peacefully set it down on the table then picked up her cup of wine and didn’t say a word. Of course, that could just be the calm before the storm, which was why the advisor didn’t dare to speak.

“It’s fine. Raise your head. Your failure couldn’t be helped. I must admit I underestimated Vera. I never expected she’d have so many people helping her. King Troy didn’t explicitly state his stance, but his children performed fantastically.”

Ikana went to window and aggressively pulled open the thick curtain. She watched the drizzle outside and, voice soft, added, I still have another card to play. Vera won’t hole up forever. Trump cards are saved for the end, so I’m not worried.”

“Understood, Consort Ikana.”

“All right, you may leave.”

The advisor wiped his cold sweat on his forehead and then immediately left. Once outside, he leaned onto a wall and panted for air. It was a miracle that he managed to leave Ikana’s room alive after failing to fulfil her command.

“I can see my wife and daughter again. I’m so glad. This job is too scary, though. I have to quit. I have to quit. I can’t continue with this. My family is the warmest place to be. Family is the best. I’d rather farm in my hometown than continue with this job. I’m going home. I’m going home to spend time with my parents and raise my child,” resolved the advisor.

The advisor left the imperial palace. He had escaped Ikana’s territory. He looked at the large door before him and quickly headed over to it.

Schhwaff!! A sharp arrow tore through the air. The moment the advisor turned his head, a black metal arrow pierced through his eye, obliterating his brain. The advisor’s corpse was pinned to the floor of the flower garden. The blue flower petals were shot off, and blood splattered across the place.

Ikana let out a breath of relief. She gently shut her window. She hung her bow and arrows up on the wall. She shook out her finger and muttered to herself, “This way, I won’t get blood on my sleeves.”


At another part of the palace during that exact moment.

“I see.”

Tanya calmly shut the door. There were still people screaming outside. She then turned around to the dispirited man. She calmly remarked, “Her Majesty’s archery skills are quite commendable.”

Abner rubbed his face. He sighed as he stood up: “She is very skilled with swordplay, daggers, poisoning, incitement and archery. She is the definition of femme fatale. She promised me she would not kill ever again, but I have always been aware that she has always continued. Howbeit, I am her husband. I swore in God’s presence I would love everything about her whether it is this side of her or the act of a wife she puts on in front of me. I know she will never hurt me, which is why I will not expose her. With that said, her target this time is Vera. I once let Vera down. More precisely, the two of us hurt her. We should apologise to her, not assassinate her. That is why I hope you can go and protect Miss Vera.”

“Sorry, but I do not take orders from you. I serve King Troy.”

“I know why you are here on my side. You want to see which of our two nations gains the upper hand in this conflict, correct? You have successfully completed your mission if that is what it is, Miss Tanya. We do not intend to take part in this, while Vera has successfully been crowned. Our forces in her nation have been wiped out. It is our loss. Thus, continuing to stay here is meaningless. You should go and protect the Princesses, should you not? If it is possible, I hope you can protect Vera, too. I do not know what Ikana will do next. It is impossible for me to persuade her to stop…”

Tanya cut Abner off with her eyebrows pulled together: “Impossible or do not want to?”

Abner hesitated for a moment before he helplessly smiled: “I cannot convince her to stop. Ikana believes I am unaware of her schemes. If I expose her, Ikana may feel guilty for betraying me. She might punish herself. I do not want to take the risk. While I do care about Vera, Ikana is my actual wife. I…”

Tanya indifferently cut him off: “You are too greedy, Your Majesty.”

“In that case, how would King Troy choose if Consort Lucia tried to kill Consort Nier? This sort of decision may be irresponsible and greedy, but I guess that is what makes us men.”

Tanya didn’t respond. Frankly, Tanya didn’t have a counterargument for Abner’s scenario. She, instead, bowed: “All right. I shall report to King Troy. If my next order is to protect the Princesses, I shall try to protect Miss Vera. However, I am only the Princesses’ bodyguard at the end of the day, so I will prioritise their safety when they are in danger.”

“Mm, that is good enough for me. Thank you, Miss Tanya. There is one thing I am very curious about, though: what would King Troy do if Consort Lucia and Consort Nier were to fight.”

“Musing over a question with no answer is a waste of time, Your Majesty.”

“Haha, you have a point.”


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