Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 57

Fire-Red Fox

Daisy had the courage to face the armed enemies, but she wasn’t ready to murder. She couldn’t bring herself to bring her sword down on her opponent for a fatal blow after disarming her opponents. She either kicked them away or incapacitated their limbs.

Daisy was quickly covered in blood. She had heard the stories of blood trickling from her mom and Grandmother Elizabeth’s capes on battlefields. Being covered all over with blood was supposed to be stimulating and cool until she experienced it in the flesh. She found it was far from cool and delightful as she imagined. To the contrary, the sticky blood and human body temperature was quite sickening. Every breath she took contained blood that left her dizzy and seeing things. She thought she was capable of taking care of herself; however, she realised that she was weak when she had to step up to the platform.

“Your Highness! Watch out!!” The guards cried out to Daisy.

Daisy instinctively ducked her head. A dagger zipped straight past the top of her head; the instincts she inherited allowed her to evade the lethal strike from behind. So frightened as she watched the dagger zoomed past, she nearly lost her grip on her sword. Before she could turn her head, an ice pick nipped her face and flew beyond her to stab into the face of the assassin behind her.

Vera was no longer needed in the carriage as she had ensured the safety of the carriage. Vera let out a breath of relief: “Daisy, be careful! We need to prepare to leave this place!”

“Hurry! Hurry! Hurry and move this rubble! Hurry!”

Meanwhile, the guards outside had formed a circle around Queen Vera’s carriage, while the remaining guards rushed over to clear the rubble. They desperately tried to clear a route for the carriage, but they were armed with weapons, not tools. Therefore, it was too tough for them to clear the rubble. The youngster leapt up onto the rubble and began to brush and kick aside the rubble the way a dog dug. He didn’t say a word; he focused all his energy into moving rubble as fast as he could. Anxiety and worry strangled him when he heard the gunshots. He wished for nothing more than to jump into the fray. Sadly, there was no safe route for the soldiers to enter and exit.

The people stuck inside the rubble couldn’t exit, while the people outside were unable to enter. If it was a piece of flooring then it wouldn’t be an issue, but with rubble from two buildings piled up, one mistake and it would collapse again.

The guards didn’t have professional tools or even shovels. They, therefore, had no choice but to move the rubble piece by piece. Queen Vera didn’t leave. She anxiously watched the stuck team. The four girls had to be safe. If anything happened to them, Troy would blaze a trail there, literally.

“Why did they attack them? I’m in the carriage at the front, so they should’ve caught me in the explosion, not the carriage in the rear. Their target should be me, yet not only am I safe, but nobody has attacked me when I’ve stopped. Practically all of the assassins are surrounding the four sisters.

Could this be Ikana’s plot? Does she want to hurt the four sisters to provoke Troy into obliterating us? Those assassins might even be disguised as our guards, which would mean that it’s all our fault that the four sisters were hurt. Then, Troy’s fury would be unleashed on us,” surmised Queen Vera, teeth clenched.

“It seems that Ikana doesn’t want to pick on me alone but to destroy Galaluocia along with me. I need to do everything that I can to protect the four sisters, then. Ikana is now far too sinister and vicious,” thought Queen Vera. She shouted, “Everyone, I, Queen Vera Galaluocia, shall now give my first command. I hope everyone can help clear these ruins to open a path for the carriage! Everyone! The fate of our home, Galaluocia, rides on this! Everyone! Give it your all!”

“Liu Yue, do you have any solutions? We can’t let Daisy continue stalling!!”

“I’ve taken a look. There’s no way to climb over the ruins.”

Nona slid down the ruins. She peered into the distance and frowned. She entrusted all of her hope to her sister. Vera bent over and supported herself on her hands on her knees as she panted. Massive mana expenditure took a big toll on elves. The pressure of expending her mana reserves was too much for Vera.

Daisy still gripped her sword in her hand, but her stamina couldn’t keep up. After all, it was her first time on a real battlefield. She didn’t have the experience to control her energy output. In swordplay training, she just had to go all out, but that wasn’t how one would fight on a battlefield.

Liu Yue looked to the rear then her sisters. She took in a deep breath and then belted, “Daisy! Come to me! Daisy!”

“Coming!” responded Daisy, understanding Liu Yue’s intention.

Nona and Vera were still some distance away. Liu Yue lied down on the ground and unleashed a stifled roar that was partially painful but partially delightful. Every strand of fur on her body stood up. Her clothing ripped. Her fur concealed her human body parts. Her face began to shape shift.

A huge red fox appeared in the chaos. All of the assassins and guards looked up. The enormous and imposing fox stunned them silly. Liu Yue unleashed an ear-splitting howl and stomped the ground. The assassins turned tail. Their instincts told them the fox was beyond them.

Seeing that the surroundings were safe, Liu Yue crouched to allow her sisters to climb onto her back. She took a few steps back then began to run faster and faster. With a big stomp onto the rubble, she leapt up into the air, resembling a burning meteor soaring through the air. She made a deft landing on the outside street with her sisters shrieking on her back.

Everybody was shocked at the sight of the fire-red fox. Liu Yue bent over to allow her sisters down. The guards finally returned to reality. They gathered by Queen Vera’s side and aimed their guns at Liu Yue. The youngster raced over. He stood in front of the guns and yelled, “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! This is Miss Liu Yue! Don’t shoot!”

Queen Vera was startled. After a short moment of silence, she cheerfully laughed: “Miss Liu Yue! Wow, you four sisters sure have so many things that we don’t know of. I really don’t know what you’ll surprise us with next time.”


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