Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 56

Attack Between the Buildings

A narrow street with buildings on either side meant the place was vulnerable to a surprise attack, particularly since the buildings on both sides had plenty of windows. They were residential buildings. A sniper could be behind any of the windows. Queen Vera’s guards cleared the two buildings of danger beforehand, but it was still worrisome when they looked at them. That was why all of the guards were on high alert, and their tension rubbed off on the four sisters as a result.

The four sisters shut their windows. They listened to the axles of the carriage and the sounds of the guards’ horse hooves in silence. There was nobody stopping them, but the four sisters didn’t utter a word. They all nervously looked at each other. They didn’t even know why they were so nervous. Liu Yue pressed her tail to one side and nervously looked at her sisters.

“There’s… no need for you to look at me that way, is there…? It’s pointless even if you look at me, isn’t it…? Moreover, what exactly are you nervous about?” asked Vera.

As the eldest sister, it was natural for all eyes to be on Vera. There was no need to be so nervous, was there? That was why Vera shifted her gaze to the outside of the window. Nevertheless, Vera went from calm to tense because of them.

Nona smiled helplessly: “I don’t know why we’re nervous. Daisy and Liu Yue’s nervousness rubbed off on me.”

Daisy drew her sword. With a composed smile, she responded, “I’m not nervous in the least. To the contrary, I hope to have a close-quarters fight with someone. That way, I’ll be able to prove I’m Mom and Dad’s daughter. I didn’t get the opportunity to prove myself last time. I can finally prove myself this time.”

“Yeah…? You should keep your sword properly sheathed in the carriage; otherwise, you’ll hurt us before you cut the enemy.” Liu Yue pressed her hand onto the back of Daisy’s and pushed the sword back into its sheath. She clasped her hands and shared, “I’m probably feeling nervous as a consequence of the people outside being tense. Under normal circumstances, we should be fine as long as the youngster is with us.”

“That’s a little rude to him, isn’t it…?” commented Vera.

“Haven’t things been this way recently?” rhetorically questioned Liu Yue.

Vera heaved a solemn breath. What she said next was partially a prayer and partially gladness: “We were also there… I don’t want something major to happen this time when we’re around. If something happens in this situation, there might not be anyone to save us… If we’re attacked from the left and right, our carriage wouldn’t last seconds.”

“Hasn’t entry into the places on both sides been forbidden? In other words, there shouldn’t be anyone inside the buildings on both s-”


Queen Vera’s carriage had just made the turn to exit. Part of the second carriage also left the area between the two buildings, which was why the guards lowered their guard and prepared to return to their normal formation. However, that was when a deafening explosion came from both sides. The buildings on both sides began to tilt and then crumble.

“Oh my god!!”

The youngster, who had already left the dark area, aggressively tugged on his horse reins. Right when the coach prepared to speed up, a hail of bullets sent all the horses whimpering to the ground. At the same time, the buildings on both sides collapsed and completely trapped the horse carriage in between.

“They went as far as to blow up two buildings just to kill us?!”

A faint blue fluorescent glow covered the ceiling of the carriage. Vera used all her might to reinforce the carriage with her magic to resist the huge toppling rubble, delaying the carriage’s demise.

“Can you hang in there?! Wasn’t it supposed to be impossible to use magic here?”

“I’m using my own mana reserves. I don’t know how long I can hold it, but it won’t be for long. Nona, remember to replenish my mana when we get back!”

Vera gave it everything she had to hold the carriage together. A barrage of gunshots hit the back of the carriage. A big botch of blood splattered onto the windows. Nona shrieked and threw herself into Daisy’s arms. Daisy gently stroked her sister’s head then violently drew her sword and opened the door. She said to Liu Yue, “I’m leaving Vera and Nona to you. I’m going to go kill them!”

“Be careful!”

Vera drew a circle on Daisy chest with one hand. It was a simple spell that allowed Daisy to avoid some long-ranged weapons. Due to her mana being focused on maintaining the carriage, though, she couldn’t provide Daisy with any significant help. Daisy relied on her combat instincts she inherited from her mother.

A group of assassins appeared from the ruins to the rear and charged over. The fortunate guards closest to the assassins already engaged the enemy, but they were outnumbered severely. The assassins weren’t in possession of impressive weapons. Some were armed with farming tools or spears made from sawn off materials. Yet, they still managed to subdue the guards, for they numbered far too many.

In spite of her hand shaking, Daisy charged into the crowd. Her first target was a soldier in the rear armed with a gun. She never killed before; she the fear of having to kill them lingered within her. Daisy didn’t intend to retreat, nonetheless. After all, her sisters were right behind her! She told herself, “For my sisters, and to prove that I’m Dad and Mom’s daughter, I must deal with these soldiers; otherwise, not only will I be in danger but so will my sisters.”

“Aaah!! Aaahhh!!!”

When an assassin saw Daisy charging toward him, he threw down his gun and fled. In the process, he stepped onto part of the ruins and rolled his ankle, causing him to trip. He turned around to look at Daisy with the gaze of a man in despair. He miserably cried out as he crawled back. Daisy charged up to him and raised her sword high.

“No! Don’t! Don’t kill me! Please! Don’t kill me!”

Of course, Daisy couldn’t understand him. He continued to back off while crying. Daisy stopped once she raised her sword. A moment later, she slowly lowered her sword and stomped on his wrist before turning to charge over to other soldiers. She resolved to kill, but killing was still truly very, very hard.


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