Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 36

Day Before the Storm Hits

“This is the balcony, where you will make an appearance tomorrow.”

The youngster pushed open the large window that came down to the floor, allowing the four sisters to take a look at the spacious balcony. The palace operated at an astonishingly fast pace. The open day was mentioned yesterday, yet everything was practically ready the next day. The invitations had been sent to everyone they needed to be sent to, and the public announcement had been made. As well, they had finished preparing the visitor and ticket limits.

While it was called an open day, not everybody was permitted entry; they had to limit the number of people permitted to enter the palace grounds. The lawn had been repaired. The chefs could forget sleeping for the night in order to prepare the food and refreshments. The maids originally split into three shifts were all busy.

The youngster was in the middle of taking the four sisters through tomorrow’s program. The program was fairly packed for the four sisters. First, they had to accompany Miss Vera on a tour. Then, they had to accompany her for her speech. In the afternoon, they had to have afternoon tea with the nobles. At night, they had to attend an official ball.

Nona enthusiastically ran to the balcony. Fragrant flowers had already been placed in the hanging baskets outside. She happily had a sniff then peered down. One could see every corner of the imperial palace from the balcony, thereby making it an ideal location for a speech. The realisation that everybody in the spacious area below would be watching her during the speech excited her. The back of the balcony also functioned to transmit the speaker’s voice.

The youngster watched the four girls go to the balcony. With a smile, he explained, “Tomorrow, you just need to stand next to Miss Vera. Once she has finished her speech, you simply need to give the people below a wave. I know that tomorrow’s schedule is packed and tiring. However, I am sure that it will be a rewarding day. This grand ceremony is rare to chance upon. Outside of your work hours, you can play as you like.”

“What’s more fun than ceremony you mentioned?” Ling Yue almost asked that, but she stopped herself in time.

The memory with the scent of the sea and sight of the stars belonged to Liu Yue alone. Though the four sisters were close to each other, they weren’t always together. They all had their own little secrets. As such, Liu Yue, who wanted to keep her secret, decided not to ask. Nevertheless, she really wanted to know what was more fun between the ceremony and tomorrow.

“Aaaaahhhh. Aaaaahhhhhh.” Nona cheerfully shouted out in a loud voice. She tried all sorts of ways of raising the volume of her voice.

“That’ll be it, then.” Vera quickly lost interest in her sister’s game. She spun around and said, “We’ll be fine as long as we don’t embarrass ourselves, I presume. After all, we represent our dad’s reputation and dignity.”

“That’s right,” responded Liu Yue. Recalling her ears and tails were different, she inquired, “Do I need to cover my ears and tail?”

“No need. While it is true that we have not seen a magical species such as yourself, I think that is what makes you, you. I believe everybody wants to see the real you. You are representing King Troy this time, not trying to convince others to like you.”

Liu Yue’s ears twitched. She wondered if she misheard.  She asked herself, “How did this block of wood suddenly manage to say that?”

The youngster wore a somewhat awkward expression. His ears started to burn up. Vera voiced, “There’s nothing to gain from getting on Liu Yue’s good side.”

“No… I am not trying to get on her good side… I just… I just genuinely feel that way… Mm… Miss Vera also really likes Miss Liu Yue’s tail and ears. I… I… I, personally, think they are pretty, as well… so… so…”

“Forget it. Vera is right.”

Vera covered her mouth to prevent herself from laughing. Liu Yue kept a calm and nonchalant expression, albeit wagging her tail. Liu Yue lacked self-awareness just as her mother did. Her tail revealed everything on her mind. In any case, judging from how the youngster’s face was beet red and looking as though he’d run at the first opportunity, he probably didn’t know what Liu Yue’s tail implied.

A few maids came up to the sisters and bowed: “Your Highness, your clothes have been prepared.”

Daisy’s eyes sparkled. Pretty formal clothing was one of the other things Daisy liked besides weapons. It was her mother’s influence. Nier always had a regret, which was not having any nice memories when she appeared at a ball with her husband for the first time. Daisy saw the old model of the Valkyrie uniform. Going to a ball dressed in it didn’t match the occasion. That, presumably, was why Nier paid a lot of attention to her formal clothing henceforward.

“I shall take my leave, then,” said the youngster.

The youngster couldn’t participate in the clothing testing. Not to mention his awkward conversation moments ago; therefore, he was eager to leave. Nona cheerfully bid him farewell. Nona, who never took anything into consideration, looked forward to tomorrow. It was her first time appearing at a large-scale ceremony in a foreign country. Nona was excited as a child about to attend a sports festival.

Liu Yue actually shared Nona’s sentiment, but she didn’t reveal it on her face. When night fell, she might look forward to chatting with the youngster again.


Miss Vera was reading documents in bed.

“Miss Vera, are you ready?” The youngster brought fruit juice to her room.

“I don’t have anything left that needs doing. Are the Princesses ready? I’m fine here. They’re the important ones.”

“They should be fine. The girls are all keen, and everything is ready.”

“I see. The main problem is whether or not we can guarantee their safety. That is of utmost importance. We must ensure the safety of the Princesses and the palace at all times. Those are our top priorities. Oh, right, what happened to the envoy?”

“He does not take orders from us; nevertheless, he should be trustworthy, I would presume… His swordplay skills are splendid, and he is very alert. If he can be trusted, that would be fantastic…”

“He definitely can be trusted since he is an envoy from King Troy. I am certain he will watch over the Princesses.”


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