The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02.5 Ch. 04


“See? There are sentries.”

Veirya dropped down to the ground and examined at the large tree hanging horizontally in the air. On the top of it were two small individuals dressed in green and carrying simple weapons as they listlessly scanned the surroundings. They were very ordinary goblins. Goblins were the most common wild creatures and very weak creatures. A goblin had the equivalent strength of a child. However, their numbers were overwhelming. If there was a goblin in the camp, then there would be roughly over a hundred of them at the camp. As a matter of fact, there might even be a greater demon acting as their leader. For example, their leader could be a troll or a necromancer.

“How are we going to off them?”

The young man tightly gripped his simple crossbow. The crossbow was a weapon all soldiers possessed. It was made following a very simple procedure. While it was simple, there was no questioning its effectiveness. Once it was loaded with unique arrows, the wielder could shoot down the forefront fodder not in armour before engaging in melee. When employed for retreats, it could be used to stall pursuers.

There’d be no issue shooting the two goblin sentries; the problem lied with the quality of the crossbow. As aforementioned, the particular crossbow was made quite shabbily. It was a weapon used by the military. The military didn’t supply crossbows. The crossbow was manufactured using the materials businessmen and blacksmiths had on hand at the time. To add, they even used the cheapest material to cut costs. Only the arrows were supplied by the military. As a consequence, this sort of crossbow had very poor precision.

The goblins were within thirty metres, but the young man was extremely concerned. He assumed that Veirya would harshly scold him if he missed. Not to mention the fact that he’d draw out a big group of demons from within. Therefore, he didn’t dare to shoot. Instead, he awaited Veirya’s orders.

Veirya didn’t pay any attention to what he said. Instead, she drew two swords on the young man’s back. She jumped to her feet and hurled one at the goblins without any hesitation. The long sword flew along a curved trajectory, pierced the goblin on the right and launched him through the air. Before the left goblin could respond, an arrow flew over the heads of Veirya and the young man and pierced his mouth, therefore killing him before he could yell.

Surprised, the young man turned around and vigilantly drew his sword. A girl in green made a few jumps from atop the tree behind them to come up to the duo. He looked at the young female elf with surprise written on his face. The young girl held a bow in her right hand and an arrow in her left. She frigidly looked at the two humans:“It must’ve been quite the struggle for you two humans to get here, huh?’


Veirya looked at the elf with the same gaze. The elf initially planned to stare her down for a while only to discover that their heights were totally different. She had lost half the battle when she stared at Veirya at her height, so she gave up and ignored Veirya. She, instead, went to where the two were lying on the ground. She crouched down and scanned the interior: “I can see the situation inside. There are about fifty-plus green men, a minotaur and that’s all of them. The goblins are wearing armour, though. I can tell that it’s what you dead humans gifted them. Can you humans stop causing us trouble?”

“Are you going to just disrespect our fallen soldiers?!’

The young man was furious. While it was a fact that the adventurers didn’t slay the demons, they did sacrifice themselves for the continent. Elves and humans were currently in an alliance, so they should demonstrate respect for the dead adventurers, yet the elf didn’t show a single tinge of respect. She insouciantly shrugged: “What respect does the dead need? Moreover, they went in there without preparations; they thoughtlessly charged in head first. Isn’t that gifting the enemy equipment? Not everyone is worthy of being called a warrior. If dying meant that one was granted the treatment of a warrior, then it’s too easy to be a warrior.”


The elf shut the young man down. Veirya, on the other hand, wasn’t bothered by what the elf said. She asked, “You come alone?’


“You. Could’ve chosen not to come.”

“This is our elven territory to begin with. We can’t brush off the responsibility now that a group of demons have invaded into our grounds to set up camp. It’s obvious I need to slay them all as the representative of elves. Of course, if it might’ve been easier if humans didn’t go and offer them equipment.”

The elf stood up. She leapt off the tall platform. Before the young man could tell her to watch out, a rope with a small axe tied to it swung up and hooked onto a tree branch. The elf used momentum to deftly vault through the air and land on the tall platform that the two goblins were standing on before. She ripped out her bow and arrow. From the platform, she began her assault on the goblins. She didn’t stay in one spot. She leapt back and forth between the platform and tree branches, shooting as she moved. The goblins inside cried out one after another. The Minotaur thundered furiously.

“What do we do?”

The young man watched the elf dance between the trees feeling astonished. The elf looked extremely light. To put it into perspective, she resembled a small bird flying in the forest. The goblins slung rocks and fired arrows at her, but it was impossible for them to hit an elf given their wits. The elf wasn’t overconfident. As long as she had sufficient arrows, she could truly kill all of the demons within.

The young man didn’t get a response. He was shocked when he looked next to him. Veirya vanished a while ago. He looked around in a flustered manner. Suddenly, he spotted a white robe leap down from a hill and rush into the front door. Veirya clearly did plan any feints or strategies. Her plan – if you could call it that – was to walk through the front door and cut everyone down.

“Madam Veirya?! Madam Veirya?!”

Exasperated, the young man checked his surroundings. He then looked up high and felt quite surprised. He hesitated for a long time but chose a less steep hill to descend. He wasn’t Veirya or the elf, after all. If he thoughtlessly jumped, he might break his legs and incapacitate himself; hence, he decided to prioritise safety.

“I can finally draw my sword I can finally fight side by side with Madam Veirya. I can finally kill the demons,” excitedly thought the young man.

The young man threw his backpack to the ground, drew his sword and then rushed down the hill. Goblin corpses filled the interior. Some were missing their heads. Others were pinned to the ground with arrows in them. Veirya ran through the goblins as if she was a ghost. The goblins didn’t even have a chance to lay a hand on her.

There was no longer any way of telling which goblin had her sword in him. She picked up whatever weapons the goblins had on hand, which were either snapped spears or plain wooden staffs. She smashed their brains out one after the other. She kicked some metres away. She even grabbed them and bit their necks, snapped them in half with her bare hands or just ripped their heads straight off.

The goblins began to fear her. Veirya was more alike a demon than they were. She truly moved as though she was invisible.

“A group of goblins would be my nightmare, but evidently not Veirya,” realised the young man.

Clearly, the elf and Veirya were capable of soloing all of the demons present.


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