Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 33

After the Rain and After the Bath

The air was clear after the rain even in a foreign nation. Dinner was perfect for their palates, as well. The experience was pure bliss for the young girls after living off dry meat and bread. The warm fire and huge bathroom were heaven. The palace wasn’t as large as back home, but the bathroom was equally large. The huge bathroom was the equivalent of a huge swimming pool with burbling hot water. It was short of some things, though. There were only two pools. It was apparent the bathing practice at Galaluocia wasn’t as intricate as it was in the Imperial Palace in the North.

The four sisters took a dip in the warm pools. Nona floated on the water as if she was limp, allowing the water to take her wherever. Vera leaned on a wall on one side and was falling asleep. Daisy swam laps non-stop. Done with her bath ages ago, Liu Yue groomed her tail.

Liu Yue was particularly happy with Miss Vera considerate attitude. Liu Yue didn’t bring her luggage with her. The most complex part of Liu Yue’s baths wasn’t the bathing process itself but grooming her hair and tail. Like her mother, or rather, everyone in the Moon Fox Tribe, her tail was important to her. Liu Yue needed a specific type of oil for grooming her tail to ensure that fur wouldn’t stand up. She didn’t bring said oil, thereby diminishing her tail’s beauty.

Vera had the youngster provide Liu Yue with a type of oil specifically used to take care of fur before she entered the bath. Liu Yue smothered her tail with the oil after washing her tail clean then neatly groomed it. In the past, she felt as though her tail would snap after washing it in just water.

“By the looks of it, the omperial palace here is decent,” lazily commented Nona. Her voice echo sounded ethereal.

Vera nodded in agreement: “You’re right. This place doesn’t look to be too dangerous. In addition, it doesn’t appear to be a poor nation. The living conditions in this palace are pretty close to our own in the North. The food is also tasty.”

“Miss Vera also looks to be gentle and kind. I think she’s a good person. She doesn’t appear to be the type who specialises in schemes and tricks. I feel as though we’ve continued to meet nice people during this adventure of ours,” commented Ling Yue, adding a nod.

Daisy then swam over: “I agree. It seems that Miss Vera truly is a nice Queen. I think the young man was right, in that she is a good ruler, except that she can’t ascend the throne due to her female identity. She has my vote.”

Once Daisy finished speaking, she shifted her gaze to Vera, who was falling asleep. She smiled and teased, “Say, they’re both Vera, so will our Vera become an equally gentle and graceful woman? I doubt she could be as gentle and graceful as Miss Vera, let alone Grandma Vyvyan.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?!!” Vera may have been falling asleep, but Daisy’s jab got on her nerves.. She grouchily protested, “What’s the matter with me? I certainly can become the same as her in the future! I’m Dad’s daughter and Grandma Vyvyan’s granddaughter! The blood of the Galadriel Tribe flows in me! Of course I can become a woman as graceful as her!”

“I would argue otherwise,” contested Daisy, looking between Nona and Vera’s breast with a tinge of mockery.

Vera lingered for a moment and then swiftly covered her chest. She fumed, “The key doesn’t lie in our breast sizes! We can do with or without them, can’t we?!! Also, look… Look around us… Look around us… Miss Tanya doesn’t have big breasts, either!!”

Suddenly, the door to the bathroom swung open. Tanya poked her head inside. She glanced around: “Oh, so you’re here. I’ll leave for now, then. Sorry for disturbing you.”

“Ah, it’s fine. Miss Tanya, just come and bath with us. You’re also a female. It’s fine for you to bath with us. I bathed with everyone at school. It’s fine,” called Liu Yue.

“That’s not a good idea, is it? You are Princesses, after all…”

“There’s no need to worry about so much etiquette outside the Imperial Palace. Come join us, Miss Tanya.”

Excitement suddenly hit naughty Nona. She rushed outside and pulled Tanya by her arm. Initially flustered, Tanya then hopelessly sighed: “All right, then. Sorry for intruding, Princesses…”

Daisy and Vera intuitively turned their heads to check out Tanya’s body. They didn’t look at Tanya’s scars but her breasts. Vera died inside. She never thought Tanya, who looked as though she had a flat chest, had bouncy and lively globes. Vera shrieked. She then rushed over to grab Tanya’s breasts, startling Tanya.

“Are they real?! Are they real?!! Are they real?!!!!”

“Huh…? What are you talking about…? Of course they are…”

Tanya tightly grabbed onto the young girl as she was afraid Vera would trip. She watched Vera rub and pinch her breasts. Vera looked up with despair written all over her face. She sulked, “Why…? Miss Tanya… You didn’t appear to have such large ones… Why…?”

“Ah…? I usually bind my breasts…”

Tanya glanced down to Vera’s breasts and realised what Vera was talking about. She gently cleared her throat then awkwardly said, “It is fine, to be honest. Miss Vera… umm… Actually, it is not that great if they are large… I had to ask Consort Nier to teach me to bind mine because mine would keep jiggling, so… mm… I am quite envious of you…”

Vera let go. While wearing a despondent expression as if she was completely defeated, she responded, “You don’t need to comfort me… Sometimes, comforting me only hurts me more…. Miss Tanya, do I still have a chance? I’m almost an adult…”

“You do. You do. I am sure you do. Your Highness, your mom and grandma were normal, so you will not be any inferior!”

“But what if I inherited Dad’s genes?!!”

“Well… umm… umm… There is bound to be someone who likes them small! I am sure of it!”

Ying was at the door to the baths. She stood on guard at the rear with her sword in hand. Behind her, which was the interior of the bathroom, were four defenceless sisters she had to keep safe. Footsteps then came along the corridor. He was dressed in the white uniform of the Imperial Palace, so Ying didn’t mind him. The young man in white took a glance at Ying. He was surprised to see her, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he glanced at the bathroom and then quickly left the corridor…


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