Son-con – Vol. 19 Ch. 07

Enraged Father and Blissful Liu Yue

Liu Yue stomped on the boy’s face. She shrieked as she threw random kicks: “Let go! Let go!! I already helped you so much. What else do you want?! Let go!! Dad!! Sister!!”

The boy looked at the red tail that was wriggling in his hand and then reactively let go. Liu Yue cried woefully as she rushed off to one side to hug her tail and tremble.

The young man never expected that. He was so shocked before it that his mind went blank. When he finally came to his senses, all he saw was Liu Yue turn around. He wanted to grab onto his final shred of hope. He wanted to plead Troy. He wanted to see Troy again, but only Liu Yue was left. When he attempted to keep Liu Yue from leaving, his weak legs wouldn’t allow him to give chase. He tripped onto the ground and instinctively grabbed Liu Yue’s tail. As a result, Liu Yue was tugged to the ground. Her tail was usually held in place with her belt, but due to the boy’s actions, her tail was pulled down, and one of her stockings ripped.

The sudden predicament plunged Liu Yue into panic. The shock in addition to having her tail grabbed drained all of her energy. The boy never imagined that would happen. He was left there with a blank look before being kicked aside.

The three sisters ran over and kicked him aside when they saw the scene. The boy still had Liu Yue’s torn stocking in his hand, while her dress was a mess. She curled up to one side and trembled as she wept. When you look at this scene as it was, there was only one way to interpret it. The three sisters were enraged on the spot. Daisy rammed her shoe in his face: “I knew it. I told you we should’ve killed this guy. This scumbag is shameless. He’s pleading us, yet he’s gone and violated Liu Yue! Liu Yue has nothing to say this time, right? I’ll just kill him, and be done with it, then.”

Nona quickly grabbed her younger sister: “I think we should forget it. Let the guards kill him. We don’t need to personally kill him, do we? I don’t want to see his blood.”

Vera walked up to her Liu Yue’s side. She stroked her tail and head. Then, she wiped away her sister’s tears. In a soft voice, she asked, “What’s wrong, Liu Yue? Did he do something to you? What did he do to you when we weren’t here?”


Liu Yue couldn’t hold back her tears. She tightly gripped onto her tail. She curled up her red tail that her mother gifted her on her thigh and wept, smudging it with her tears. Members of the Moon Fox Tribe considered their tail something reserved for their husband on top of being what made them charming. Her tail should’ve been a gift for her husband. Liu Yue wanted to give her tail to her dad, and let him groom it. She complained about her tail being a nuisance, but she still treasured it and forbade anybody from touching it. She only wagged it around at home. She never showed it to outsiders.

A stranger had randomly touched her tail that was supposed to be reserved for her dad. She wanted to have her dad groom her tail as her mother did for her. She wanted to lie in her dad’s embrace as her mom did. She wanted to tease her dad’s back with the tip of her tail, but the boy went and touched it!

Liu Yue couldn’t even think of how to get her revenge. All she thought about was what she was to do. She desperately patted her tail as if dirt got on it.

Liu Yue matched wits and bravery with Vera, but Vera cherished her sister. Liu Yue never cried in front of them or showed her weakness before. Her tears were the gales that fanned Vera’s flame. Vera wiped Liu Yue’s face then walked over to the boy. She viciously slapped the boy across the face.

“Liu Yue was first to forgive you. This is how you repay her? It seems we were wrong about you. We really should’ve amputated your arms.”

Vera then turned around. Upon hearing hasty footsteps coming from outside, she snickered: “Dad has returned. You should pray that Dad gives you a painless death.”

Perhaps that day was the most frightening day in the Imperial Palace. Troy had never shown anger – at least not while in the North even when maids spilt hot tea onto him as a result of carelessness. Strictly speaking, he had never been furious to the point that he wanted to rip someone’s bones and ligaments out during his time in the North.

It was said that Troy killed people as if he was mowing grass and even killed for entertainment at one point, but he was always a kind, gentle and nice father to his daughters. That day, nevertheless, his daughters saw him reach the point where he was ready to tear someone apart with his bare hands. The savage look and murderous intent scared his daughters. If it wasn’t for Ying and the guards desperately trying to stop him, he probably would’ve ripped the boy apart to eat him.

After bathing in dragon blood, not only was Troy granted with dragon scales, but he could also adopt dragon characteristics upon becoming enraged. You couldn’t put it past him to gnaw the boy’s head off.

Fortunately, it didn’t end up that bloody. The boy was thrown into the dungeon. Troy was so furious that he demanded the boy be executed the next day. Troy didn’t plan to kill in his daughters’ presence; therefore, he wanted the boy executed the next day after they left. To be frank, that didn’t coincide with his identity as the Hero King, but the boy was a dead man anyhow. Nobody knew he was still alive, so nobody would know even if Troy killed him. To add, the boy hurt his daughter, which was the same as him trying to marry his daughter. Thus, the boy would have to bear the brunt of Troy’s fury. The first possibility was that Troy would just barbeque him.


At night in Troy’s room…


Liu Yue wrapped herself up with her bathrobe and curled up on her father’s thigh. Liu Yue hadn’t completely grown up yet, but she looked much more enchanting in her bathrobe. She inherited her mother’s peerless beauty and charm.

Troy gently brushed her tail. He felt the tail that was as smooth and soft as her mother’s.

“Dad… my tail…”

“It’s all right, it’s all right,” said Troy, caressing his daughter’s tail with a smile. He combed her tail with a comb smothered with oil. He used his other hand to caress her ear. He explained, “Your tail is indeed very important, but not that important. After all, your love for the one you love is what’s most important. This incident was just an accident. It’s not your fault; you don’t have to worry. Liu Yue, Dad shall help you groom your tail properly. Forget what happened this afternoon. Dad will help you do away with that boy. Just pretend he never existed.

“Dad… Dad…”

Liu Yue was actually elated, but she had to protect herself and not reveal her pleased smile. It was a privilege only her mother had in the past. Her mother was the only one who could hug her dad and trust her soaked tail to her father after her bath without misgivings. In the meantime, Liu Yue would pitifully watch them. At long last, she finally had the privilege of experiencing the bliss for herself. The numbing sensation from her tail was so soothing that she wanted to moan.

“Dad’s hand is so soft and warm. It’s seriously so great,” thought Liu Yue.

Liu Yue enjoyed her father’s hand. While what happened in the afternoon was outrageous, thinking back on it, the boy didn’t seem to do it on purpose. He did grab her tail; there was no mistake there. In saying that, it was just for a moment. Thinking back, she didn’t consider it an unforgivable violation. Perhaps she had the time to be worried for him as she finally felt content.

Liu Yue recalled the boy’s eyes. There were no ulterior motives in the boy’s eyes. Whether it was when they first encountered each other or in the end, when he was dragged away, Liu Yue never believed he harboured ill will. She felt as though her entire world collapsed after what happened at noon, but she wasn’t so tense by night time. While she didn’t know the reason for it, perhaps she wasn’t angry about it but merely miserable. That would explain why she wanted to gift the world with warmth after finding salvation for herself.

Liu Yue didn’t want to kill the boy if she was honest. A part of Liu Yue didn’t want to let him die. She met many boys before. She came across many boys at school, but none were so determined. The boy was the only one with such clear eyes. Liu Yue knew that he wanted to protect his Queen and complete his mission.  How much despair would the Queen from the faraway land would feel when she learnt the boy had died?


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