The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 45


As soon as I shut the door, Leah leapt up from the bed. She looked at me while wrapped up in her blanket. She frowned: “Papa, you have the scent of an elf on you!! I am not mistaken after smelling the scent of an elf since I first smelt one!!”

I awkwardly touched her head and dryly chuckled: “It’s just that I ran into Lucia after and had a short chat with her. We didn’t do anything else… honest. We really didn’t do anything…”

“If you just had a chat, would that elf’s scent be on you, Papa?!”

Leah’s body gradually grew underneath the blanket. It was my first time witnessing her transform into her adult form in real time. Leah threw her blanket onto the ground in a frustrated manner then angrily hopped off the bed. She came over with her breasts that were jiggling as if they were shaking with anger.

‘I feel that I should grab a barrel.’

Leah rushed up to me, and then grabbed my chest.

Leah stabbed her fingernails into my skin. Her nails were very sharp. I felt a sharp pain and the warmth of my own blood spilling out. Her ice-cold gaze made her feel akin to a stranger to me. Leah intently stared at me. Her red eyes brimmed with anger and admonishment. She dug her hands into my flesh. It was so painful that I nearly groaned. However, she immediately leaned into my lip and bit it. Then, she drooled into my mouth!!

Usually, I fed Leah. This time, though, she gave it everything she had to pass her saliva into my mouth. I could taste her saliva on the tip of my tongue. In the instance the tip of my tongue touched it, my mind instantly went blank. The pain I felt turned into a numb feeling. After my mind went blank, the only sensation that I could feel was the odd numbness. I didn’t want to say or think of anything. I just wanted to hug Leah and pressed her down firmly onto the bed…

“Papa, you’re so mean. You do it over and over and over. First, it was Veirya, now it’s that elf. How many women swarm around you, Papa? You have never considered Leah’s feelings. You said that you would give Leah your gentleness; you said that you would let Leah, alone, enjoy your gentleness, but you’ve never done so, Papa. Whenever you’re with Leah, you always have the scent of another woman on you. Leah no longer plans to put up with it any longer. From now on, if Papa doesn’t keep the promise, Leah will use Papa’s blood to wash off the scent of those other women!”


My entire body felt weak. I couldn’t see anything in front of me. The entire room was spinning. I had felt that way before in the past, but never did I feel so dizzy. My body lightly leaned onto Leah’s. I couldn’t do a thing. My body was so weak that I could budge. The only thing that was lively was the one body part that shouldn’t have been in that situation. It was waiting for its moment to shine. I began to lean more of my weight onto Leah. I took in deep breaths of Leah’s scent.

I only had one last ounce of rationality and shame that prevented me from completely turning into a sinner. Using my will to control my lust for physical contact was incredibly painful, nonetheless. The thought of just giving in came to mind countless times; however, it seemed to eat away at too much of my mental energy. As a consequence, my mind turned foggy.

Leah gave me a light hug and whispered in my ear, “Papa, I’m a succubus, you know? My body liquid can cause men to conjure up fantasies. Though the effect doesn’t last long, at the very least, Papa will dream of Leah all night tonight…”

Afterwards, Leah blew in my ear. Her breath went into my ear and took down my last line of mental defence. My vision went dark, and then I passed out on Leah’s body. She was a succubus, no doubts there. Despite being a succubus who wasn’t sure what she should do, the price I paid as a human was too big.

I slept particularly deep that night. As Leah said, I had lots and lots of dreams, all of which had to do with Leah. I got to try every single position with her, and we switched positions many times. Hence, I felt tired just dreaming. I finally managed to open my eyes after much struggling.

When I opened my eyes, the bright sun made me feel dizzy. The wind had blown open the curtain at some point. The warmth of the spring sunlight shone onto my face. I covered my face with my hand then pulled the curtain shot to block the sun out.

‘Judging from the sunlight, I think it’s, at least, noon now.’

Despite having slept for so long, I was still tired all over. I didn’t want to get up.

I let out a breath of relief then rolled over. I suddenly felt something very strange in the blanket. I had the feeling when I first started middle school…

‘This stickiness… wait, it’s dry already… It feels strange as congee poured on your bed…’

‘I seemed to have forgotten… what I did… last night… and I had so many strange dreams last night… so, it couldn’t be any more normal for me to react that way… Nevertheless, when did this happened last night…? What was Leah doing at the time… wait… she could’ve…’

My heart sunk. When I sat up, someone suddenly pushed the door open. Leah struggled to carry a tray of food in. She looked at me and revealed a smile: “Good morning, Papa; or rather, good afternoon. Miss Lucia said that you have to head out tonight; therefore, she said to let you get some extra sleep. Papa, do you want to continue sleeping after you eat?”

“No… Leah…”

Leah placed the tray on a small desk to the side. She then stood akimbo with a proud look. She looked at me and said, “Oh, yeah, you wet the bed last night, Papa. Do you wet the bed, too, Papa? That was my first time seeing you wet the bed. It’s all right, though, Papa, Leah understands. Leah used to often wet the bed when Leah was young. Don’t worry about it, Papa. Leah won’t tell anyone.”

“No… that’s… Papa didn’t wet the bed… mm… It’s best if you don’t understand.” I let out a breath of relief: “Leah, go to Veirya and Anna, first. Papa has clean up the room… after all, it’s quite embarrassing. That’s why I don’t want you to seen.”

“Uhm! If you need help, call Leah! Leah will definitely help!”

‘This isn’t wetting the bed…! Moreover, you’re the cause of it!!

Leah shared her memories with her mature form, so she knew well and truly what she did last night!! She didn’t know what it was…

‘That’s fine, that’s fine. Otherwise, I might awaken Leah…’


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