My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 02 Ch. 44

“Are you done bathing? Oho.”

After the bath, I had to get rid of the water and wipe the floor dry. While I was at it, I had to tidy up the clothes that Leah and Veirya threw before I could turn in, which was why I was dressed in just a thin white shirt in when Lucia returned to the guest room.

Lucia brushed her short hear and exclaimed. She gave me a fright, causing me to look up: “What’s wrong?”

“I thought you already turned in, only to find you still awake… and dressed, like that… “

Lucia was somewhat surprised, but also somewhat curious as she came up to me. She curiously scanned my body that was adorned in just a thin white shirt. Lucia scanned my body with a mischievous gaze. I felt shy and vigilant with her scanning me. I quickly covered my clothes and vigilantly looked at her. “What do you want?”

“Nothing. I’m just very curious, since your body seems different to other humans,” answered Lucia .

Lucia gently pinched my shoulder. All I had was a thin and unadorned shirt, so the cold sensation on her hands instantly penetrated through to my shoulder. She then leaned into me and gently sniffed my shoulder. With a smile, she remarked, “Indeed, you’re different. You’re different to the human soldiers I met in the past. They had much more muscular bodies than you. During winter, they’ll go shirtless, revealing their hairy chests. They smelt awful; they’re nightmares for us elves. You’re different, however….”

“So what you’re saying is that I don’t have a strange smell?”

That was a given. I still paid special attention to personal hygiene after coming to this world. We didn’t have shower gels or fragrances, but I, at least, wiped myself down every night with a towel. Leah had a unique scent on her, which I was smothered in the next day after I slept with her in my arms at night. I wasn’t certain if it’s due to Leah’s succubus nature that her scent was seductive. Ever since I had that scent on me, the lady that sold vegetables always gave me discounts.

“That’s one thing. Besides that, though, you don’t carry much muscle, nor do you look sturdy. Nevertheless, you don’t carry excess fat, either.”

Lucia suddenly pinched my waist, thereby nearly causing me to laugh, as my waist was my most sensitive body part. Lucia, however, didn’t remove her hand. Instead, she roughly felt my waist then undid my buttons. She swiftly touched my chest before I could even react. It was as if she had mastered the manoeuvre…

I shrieked: “Ah!!”

Lucia caused me to get goose bumps with her cold fingers. She pulled her hand out with a mischievous smile then quickly hopped back. “I knew it. No muscle, but a decent body, nonetheless. No muscle, but no excess fat, either. Your body is quite proportionate. From that, I can tell that you weren’t a soldier or civil servant. What exactly did you do in the past? Additionally, with a glance, I can tell that your body is different to the humans that I know if. Do you have elven genetics in you? Only we elves would be blessed with slender and eloquent physiques.”

“No, I don’t carry elven genetics. My previous job wasn’t a civil servant or soldier, either. However, I did need to run around, and I didn’t get to eat a regimented diet. That’s why I’m quite thin.”

I vigilantly watched Lucia. She said that she wouldn’t allow anyone of the opposite sex to see her body before married, yet she didn’t seem to have any qualms about touching other people’s bodies… especially my body…

‘I bet Lucia felt up Veirya when they bathed together during their days as adventurers… Man, I’m envious of Lucia… I want to feel up Veirya, too…’

I did get to bath with Veirya, but all that I got to do was watch her breasts jiggle in front of me. I got to look, but not being able to touch drove me nuts.

Content, Lucia hopped to the side then pointed upstairs. “Is my room upstairs? I’ll only stay for one day, as we’ll be leaving tomorrow night and arrive at noon the next day. I’ve had a pigeon send a letter back. I’m sure that our tribe has already prepared the flavouring. We’ll leave at night out of consideration for safety.”

I nodded: “All right. Let’s do that, then. You’re the infiltration expert, so I’ll follow your command.”

“My plan is to be ahead of you. Wait for me at the border of the forest when we arrive, and I’ll come fetch you after. If we split up, the chances of us being discovered will be drastically reduced.”

“All right, we’ll do that, then.”

Lucia nodded, “We won’t be pulling over for any stops on the way, so make sure to follow me closely. If you can’t keep up, sound out. The forest is very large, so if you get lost, you’re basically never going to make it out. Move as fast as you can to keep up with me. We won’t be taking many breaks, so manage your stamina.”

I nodded: “Got it.”

Lucia responded with another nod then turned and headed upstairs. I had to admit that Lucia was without a doubt a fantastic infiltration adventurer. While we never repaired our stairs, it still creaked when you step on it. Lucia, however, went up with light steps akin to a cat. In other words, her footsteps were silent as if a ghost went up the stairs.

“By the way, Lucia, I have another question to ask you.”

I suddenly remembered what I promised Leah when I saw the stairs. Lucia turned around: “What is it?”

“There are lots of flowers in the elven lands, correct?”

“Of course. All four seasons are akin to spring in our lands. We always have pretty flowers in bloom at all times. Some places are valleys of bright and beautiful flowers. They look particularly amazing when the wind blows.”

As expected, Lucia was very proud and honoured of her elven lineage. As soon as elves were brought up, she sprang to life. She puffed her flat chest out and proudly boasted.

I solemnly replied, “I wanted to ask if there are any flowers that would be able to handle the weather here. It would be best if it could withstand the cold and bloom in winter. If not, a type that could bloom here in summer would also be fine. I want to play around with the flower beds here for Leah to see the most beautiful flower in the world.”

Lucia froze for a second when she heard Leah’s name. She then frowned: “Flowers that bloom in winter… there really aren’t many. They aren’t pretty even they do. In saying that, I do have a very beautiful flower. Its petals come in seven colours just as a rainbow. If you want it, I can make it so that you have rainbows in your flower garden in summer!”


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