Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 05

I was faced with a life-threatening danger.  Correct, it was arguably the most serious crisis I ever had to face since coming to this world. The crisis I speak of was the table of dishes that Mommy Elizabeth enthusiastically prepared for me. I had no idea who she learnt to cook from. If you ask me, I’d say she didn’t cook it.

Put aside portion sizes and the issue with the combinations for the meantime. You can’t serve up a table of all meat dishes, can you? Even if I accept that, there was still one more problem. The steak in front of me was still raw and was heated unevenly! Furthermore, Mom didn’t seem to be patient with her preparations. The meat stew in front of us resembled black magic. Judging from the fact that there was a half-cooked steak in front of me, I knew the centre of the meat stew wasn’t boiled properly, either.

I glanced over to Nier, only to see her gleaming with gratitude. Nier’s reaction screamed, “Being able to eat a meal prepared by Her Majesty is a blessing.” But that wasn’t the case for me!

Mommy Elizabeth guaranteed that she’d prepare an edible meal; however, I suspected I might’ve died if I ate those dishes… I couldn’t bring myself to say it when I looked at Mom’s eager gaze, though. Plus, Nier already had a spoon of the stew and was still her usual stuff.

I thought, “Nier, I understand you are a Valkyrie who follows orders, but please, can you speak up for my sake?”

I picked up bread.  Mom made the dishes, but she didn’t bake the bread. The bread was the only normal food on the table. Actually, there were also the few mini-steaks that were smothered in flour and fried. Some were a little burnt, but some were fine. As for the meat stew, I needed to mentally prepare myself before I had it.

Mommy Elizabeth’s serious gaze on me instigated my fear. I had no way of slipping my way out. I probably wouldn’t get to leave unless I ate everything she made.

The meal reminded me of my first time at Hilles City. At the time, I was scared of Mommy Elizabeth, which was why I ate however much she gave me. As a result, I nearly stuffed my face to death. Although our relationship had changed, the same ordeal still plagued me… In my opinion, it was a most painful lunch.

After I finished, Mom called for a maid to pack my utensils. The moment I relaxed, my terror began. If I wasn’t frank with her, there was a chance that’d she’d keep on cooking for me… In all fairness, though, Mom might’ve improved with practice.

I wiped my mouth as I came out from the restroom. I doubt Mom knew I went to the outer court to throw up.

Mom planned to visit us in the afternoon.  It was noon, so Mom was enjoying a break. I gave Mom the magical spring water. Mom was a little unhappy when I mentioned Mommy Vyvyan. I didn’t tell her about what I went through in the elven lands.I asked Mom about the church; however, she didn’t care about them or plan to get involved. She did remind me that if the new church came and asked me to take Daisy to them for her baptism, then I had to refuse.

I didn’t plan to let my Daisy get involved with the conflict between the religions, either. I knew their dispute was insanity. When religions fight with each other, it could erupt into catastrophic bloodshed and even war. I knew that very well, which was why I didn’t want to let Daisy get dragged into it at all costs.

To be honest, I was quite annoyed. Daisy was innocent. They just wanted to use my Daisy as a bargaining chip for their own gains. If somebody approached me and asked me to take Daisy to them, I’d mercilessly kick him out the door.

While I didn’t have a good relationship with the church, Mommy Elizabeth ensured security at the baptism location was tight enough. That, to me, was enough. It was just a procedure anyway. Mommy Elizabeth just wanted to let everybody know of Daisy’s existence. She was the next monarch of Rosvenor Empire, after all. She, therefore, had to make an appearance.

I was an example. I was supposed to be the next monarch of Rosvenor Empire. Since I lived in the elven lands, nonetheless, the people didn’t recognise me when I went to Hilles City. Even the people in the Royal Palace wanted to kill me… And they eventually attempted to…

I returned to the room Nier  and Daisy were waiting for me at. When she saw me come in, she gave me a light kiss on my face. With a smile, she asked, “Your Majesty, lunch must have been delicious, right”

“It was all right, I guess. I was served Mom’s cooking, so I had to eat no matter what.”

I pinched Nier’s face with a helpless smile. Then, I grabbed Daisy. Daisy looked at me. Her gaze was a bit weird. I wondered if she forgot who I was. I lowered my head to kiss her, but she slapped me on my face. She wore a look of disdain. I hopelessly smiled. I ignored her resistance and tried to kiss her again. Daisy reached out to her Mom.

Nier took Daisy with a smile and then caressed her daughter’s face. She looked at Daisy with an affectionate expression. She then looked up at me: “Your Majesty, since you didn’t get to eat enough, how about I cook you something?”

I hastily nodded: “That’d be fantastic.”

Nier’s cooking was delectable. They were admittedly ordinary, but they tasted absolutely delicious, nonetheless. Nier kissed me on my cheek. She placed Daisy into the crib to the side and left. Nier gently shut the door behind her.

I turned back to look inside the crib. Daisy didn’t cry, but she looked at me very vigilantly. “Don’t you have too many emotions in your gaze for a kid?” I thought.

I pulled a funny face then pulled a chair over to sit down next to Daisy. I watched her. I tried to poke her belly with a finger, but she extended her hand out to try and stop me in an extremely irritable manner. I sighed and then smiled: “It’s just the two of us now, Daisy.”

I kept on poking Daisy’s belly. She failed to stop me in the end, so she cried, instead. I was so frightened that I jumped straight to my feet in shock. I had no idea what to do to placate her. The lady-in-waiting who heard her cries came in and picked her up to gently rock her. Believing it to be better for me not to disturb Daisy, I decided to head to the dining hall to eat first…

“Daisy… do you not like me…? I’m your dad…” I silently bemoaned.


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