Son-con – Vol. 17 Ch. 06

I have to say, Nier’s cooking was absolutely delicious despite being ordinary dishes. She never went out of her way to learn to cook, but she was indisputably a great cook. After I had my food from Nier and prepared to have a drink of hot tea, Valkyries came in and saluted me: “Your Majesty, Empress Elizabeth will soon be here. Please prepare for her arrival.”

“What about this pot of hot tea, then?”

“I think that it is not a pot of hot tea Her Majesty wishes to see.”

“I meant I want a pot of hot tea.”

The Valkyries frowned but didn’t comment. Instead, they arranged guard duties at the outer court. A few minutes later, I heard the sound of Mommy Elizabeth coming closer and closer. Mom irritably yanked off her face veil and threw it aside. She entered the outer court with a bright smile. She surveyed the surroundings then came over and sat opposite to me. She picked up the cup of tea in front of her and had a drink. With a smile, she asked, “Son, are you having some after-lunch hot tea? This tea must be from the elves.”

I nodded: “Correct.”

Mom shook her head: “While I don’t want to question your taste, Mommy hopes you consume humanity’s stuff while with humanity. Mommy was happy you ate Mommy’s cooking for lunch. Mommy was happy after lunch, too.”

“As your command, Your Majesty.”

Mom carefully rubbed my head whilst smiling. She then had another drink before standing up: “Though it’s a pleasure to get to have tea with you, I’m more eager to see Daisy right now.”

“Daisy is asleep…”

“We’ll go see sleeping Daisy, then. I never raised a child, so I want to see how a child looks. Daisy is an adorable. She’s always asking for others to hold her – how truly adorable.”


I really suspect that Nier had twins and this Daisy isn’t the Daisy that I know of. This Daisy must’ve been a fake…  Daisy always opposed me from day one. Not only was she unwilling to be intimate with me, she also rejected me all the time.

I went upstairs together with Mom. We gently knocked then pushed the door open. Nier stood up from her chair and saluted Mom. Mom waved her hand with a smile to indicate Nier could sit. Mom then stopped the Valkyrie following her. The Valkyries quickly arranged themselves to take on guard duty, surrounding the entire room. Elizabeth went up to the crib and looked at Daisy, who was sleeping. She fell asleep after she got tired from crying. Nier nervously looked to Elizabeth: “Your Majesty, do you need me to wake Daisy?”

“No, we shouldn’t wake her up for our own agenda if she needs sleep… Oh, Daisy, you’re up.”

Daisy suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Mom. She lingered for a moment then revealed a delighted smile and stretched out her arms, gesturing for Mom to hold her. Mom picked her up with a smile. Daisy cheerfully curled up in Mom’s arms. I felt a little jealous to see her curled up on the two mountains. They were supposed to be mine.

Daisy cheerfully hugged Mommy Elizabeth’s face. Mom gently held her with a bright smile. She kissed Daisy on her cheek and softly chuckled: “Second Generation of Rosvenor, Empress Daisy sure is clingy, huh? I’m sure she’ll be a competent Empress, though. I left you with an enormous inheritance. Needless to say, that also means that you have an enormous responsibility. Of course, that’s all because of your father being too wilful.”

“Don’t say that. Daisy already hates me as is…”

I looked at Daisy with a helpless smile, and she looked back at me. She then snorted before turning back around to lie in Mom’s arms. Mom smiled: “No, Son, Daisy doesn’t hate you. She’s just very angry because you weren’t by her side for so long.”

“Really? Doesn’t that mean I need to apologise to her?”

Mommy Elizabeth laugh in a soft voice: “That’s a given. You’re her father, yet you left her so long. Of course you should apologise. Perhaps it’s because of you that Daisy is much smarter than other children. She can understand everything going on around her, including what you’re doing. Needless to say, that includes Nier and I. Son, Daisy is an adorable girl, isn’t she? Here, Daisy, let your father hold you.”

I extended my hand out. Daisy grumpily looked at me. I sighed. With a smile, I expressed, “Sorry, Daisy, it was Dad’s fault. Dad shouldn’t have gone so far without telling you. Dad promises to stay with you for these next few days. Dad will be with you for your baptism.”

Daisy grumpily looked at me. She didn’t seem to believe me. However, she did then extend her hand out to me. Perhaps that was enough for her. She wasn’t one-hundred percent human, after all. Normally, as a half-elf, half-human, my child with a human should be a normal human, while my child with an elf should be a pure-blooded elf. But, Daisy appeared to be much smarter than average children her age, which might be due to her having some elven genes in her. She was cute that way, nevertheless.

It was the first time Daisy let me hold her, but she still smacked me on my face over and over. I looked at her with a helpless smile. Tiny Daisy didn’t have that much energy, so it didn’t take long before she curled up on my chest and panted. I let out a sigh. I then pinched her face with a smile: “You know, there aren’t many women left on this huge continent who can hit me in my face. Daisy, you’re one of them.”

Daisy didn’t respond. She just lied curled up on my chest. Perhaps it was exactly as Mom said, in that she was just angry that I wasn’t there for her for a long time.

“Sheesh, she’s little too smart,” I silently lamented.

“So, Son, since you’re back, the baptism will soon be over, won’t it? Mommy doesn’t want for you to stay here for long. The sooner the baptism is done, the less there is to worry about. Despite having done our best to ensure safety, defending is never as easy as attacking; I’m sure you’re aware of that. We must wrap this up as soon as we can. That, in turn, will reduce the friction between the two churches. Moreover, once Daisy is no longer caught up in the middle of the turbulence, Mom will be able to get to dealing with the religious issue. We’ll have a chat over tea afterwards.”

“Uhm, understood.”


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