My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 02 Ch. 40

“Understood. You and this maiden want to discuss the price of the flavouring with me, correct?”

Achilles rested his chin in both hands and looked at us with a smile. That was his usual expression. Lucia looked at him with a smile. She quickly nodded. “Yes. We want to earn some extra money. We, therefore, want to export some flavouring, which I will bring over. Flavouring isn’t anything rare to us elves.”

“Uhm, understood. However, this won’t impact your obligation to transport flavouring over monthly afterwards, will it?”

Lucia didn’t hesitate to respond. “No. I have already decided to hand that to Travor.”

Achilles lingered for a moment then looked at me. With a helpless smile, he said, “You came over and immediately turned our future plans to dust. I do not have any means of commenting, though. In regards to the flavouring from the elves in the future, we have not signed any agreements. It is just something that we have considered. I can see that Miss Lucilia is very fond of you. In saying that, Mr. Lin, I want to speak to you about the future of the flavouring.”

“We can discuss that in the future when we have time. That’s not what I’m here to discuss this time.  My aim this time is merely to talk about how much extra flavouring Miss Lucia should bring over.”

I cut Achilles off without hesitation. I definitely needed to prepare myself before discussing the monthly shipments in the future; however, Achilles already knew that I needed him, as I needed a channel to sell the goods. It was merely a question of shares and prices. There was also one more thing. If Achilles wanted to sell the flavouring at exorbitant prices, he’d need to monopolise it, which meant that I couldn’t sell it to anyone else or sell it myself. As such, I had to discuss the price with him. I couldn’t pocket half of the earnings, but once the ball got rolling, thirty percent was enough for me to make a down payment in a year.

Achilles looked at Lucia and said, “To be frank, I did not bring much cash with me this time. If you need it, I will have to transport a shipment from the city. Based on the current market price, how much can you bring over approximately speaking? I’ll see how much cash I need to prepare.”

Lucia proudly responded, “Flavouring isn’t worth much to elves. I can get my hands on as much as I want.”

I piggy backed off what she said. “Lucia should be able to bring over enough. Therefore, Achilles, you should name the volume you can handle with your current finances. To err on the safe side, don’t transport money. How much do you still have on you now? Just tell us.”

The flavouring wasn’t an issue for Lucia, because it was easy to transport. It didn’t spoil during transportation, after all. The elves had plenty of flavouring in their forest. We weren’t discussing an over-the-counter job, but being opportunistic as fast as we can. In other words, we didn’t want to prepare. We had the goods, so it was just a question of how much Achilles had.

Achilles replied, “Five hundred gold coins. I have five hundred gold coins. I will buy the flavouring you have based on the price we previously agreed on; afterwards, our business will take two thousand of the three thousand in earnings, while you get the remaining one thousand. What do you think?”

“Too high. We want one thousand five hundred.”

“Since the chapel is not involved this time, it is not easy for me to conduct this deal. We want one-thousand eight hundred gold coins. The remaining one-thousand two hundred coins are yours to split. Bear in mind, though, the price that I have offered is very appropriate. In regards to the monthly flavouring deals in the future, I hope that you can take care of me. At the very least, I hope that we can maintain a low cost for procurement.”

I could tell that the price was without doubt his bottom line. Bottom lines rarely change. Forcing the other party to go below their bottom line will usually lead to negotiations going down the drain. Nonetheless, I glanced at Lucia. She wore a look of astonishment. She looked at Achilles and stuttered, “One thousand two hundred gold coins…? That much…? One thousand two hundred gold coins?!”

“No. That sum is yours and Mr. Lin’s earning combined. There is another five hundred gold coins deposit beforehand. How you split it afterwards is between you two. In saying that, the chapel will not be involved this time. They happen to be short on funds at the moment. If they find out that we are secretly selling flavouring, the crazy chapel will definitely seek revenge on us. Therefore, we must not leave any clues, understood?”

Achilles wore a very stern expression this time. He lightly knocked on the table as he looked at Lucia and I. “None of us can mention a word about this deal, not even to Angelina. Angelina is with the chapel, after all. She will act for their benefit, so we must be secretive. Remember, Miss Lucilia, Mr. Lin, do not let anyone know of the deal. Once anyone finds out, it will not be just me that is in trouble, but both of you, as well.”

I nodded. “I know.”

Lucia, on the other hand, unhappily pouted and whined, “Geez, do you see me as someone unable to keep secrets? I’m very tight-lipped. We elves are an absolutely loyal race. I would never thoughtlessly say it!”

“We do believe that you are loyal and cautious; it is just that, sometimes, you drop your guard around your friends.”

Achilles helplessly smiled. He felt that Lucia’s straightforward personality contributed to his miserable predicament, which was due to me forcing my way into their deal. Lucia really was too honest and upright. She’d consider anyone who gave her a good impression to be a friend, and she considered friends to be people that she could share everything and anything with. Thus, it was reassuring to use that trait in our favour, but we needed to ensure that she didn’t spill the beans…

“Then, let us proceed with that, Miss Lucilia. You must obtain the flavouring before anyone finds out, and then immediately return. I need you to join us this time, though, Mr. Lin,” suddenly said Achilles, hust when I thought I’d succeeded. “This is no ordinary deal, while Miss Lucilia clearly is not familiar with humanity. Moreover, I do not have much time to go and check the goods. As such, I need you to personally follow her to the elven lands to procure the flavouring, ensure that the flavouring is fine, and then transport it back. We will ensure that there are five hundred gold coins ready. As long as you can bring back the flavouring from the elven lands, we will immediately give you both the five hundred gold coins. Future payments will be sent to you as cheques. You can exchange it at our bank in the city.”


“In addition, in order to ensure safety, Miss Lucilia, I hope that you can reside at his place until you receive the flavouring. Three days is the deadline. If you cannot obtain the flavouring within three days’ tie, our deal is off.”


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