Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 22

Elven Forest (14)

“What happened?!” asked Lucia.

The unarmed imperial guard answered, “Imperial Princess! Please stay indoors, and do not come out! The white deer in the imperial palace have started a riot! We are all doing our best to capture them, but Her Highness’ order stops us from killing them…”

Lucia worriedly stole a glimpse of the chaos nodded: “Understood. I won’t come out. I shall entrust the white deer to you, then. It shouldn’t be anything serious, right?”

Lucia perceived white deer to be nothing more than a cute group of deer. After all, she killed one every month in the past to offer it to the wind elves for a buff. Consequently, she didn’t think the matter was too serious. That was until a white deer sent the imperial guard in front of her flying.

White deer were just white deer, but the force behind a charging white deer was tremendous. The white deer literally catapulted him. He grimaced before he crashed into the wall and slid down the wall. He didn’t move again.

The white deer then turned to stare at Lucia with its blood-red eyes. It lightly stamped its feet on the ground then charged toward Lucia. Lucia quickly evaded to the side and then jumped onto its back. Lucia hadn’t trained in a long time, but over a decade of training gave her the benefit of muscle memory. She, therefore, still had keen senses even after a long time off duty. She rode atop the white deer as it desperately tried to shake her off. Lucia tore off her dress sleeve. She used the torn material to strangle the white deer’s neck. It didn’t take a long time for it to suffocate and drop to the ground in despair where it convulsed.

“Geez, just what in the world happened?”

Lucia sat up from the deer. Then she took the sword of the limp imperial guard. Lucia wasn’t actually used to using a long sword. Daggers were her preferred weapon of choice, but she didn’t have the luxury of being picky in the heat of the moment.  She flipped the guard over to allow him to lie in a more comfortable position. He wasn’t dead yet, but it was uncertain if he’d be in a vegetative state or not if he survived.

Lucia spun around and headed to the end of the corridor. She never expected the white deer to have overrun the entire floor. She had no idea when they barged into the imperial palace grounds. Due to not having received orders from their Queen, the imperial guards didn’t dare to harm the white deer, either. Thus, they couldn’t do anything but defend against the attacks. The maids shrieked one after another. The deer charged toward the maids who tripped over. Some even chased down fleeing maids and pinned them to the ground. They’d then beginning tearing away at their dresses with their teeth or lick the maids.

“What a sickening, lecherous bunch of deer… I’m glad that the White Deer King isn’t one of you,” remarked Lucia. She then drew her long sword and coldly said, “Barging into the backyard of the imperial palace and threatening my children is unforgivable. I’m killing you even though Her Highness gave the order not to. Speaking of which, I’ve killed more white deer than I can remember. You’re probably going to be the last batch that I kill.”

Lucia rushed downstairs. Of course, there was another white deer that charged over from the bottom.


The mana’s volume did more than boost mana; it could drive one to madness. Not only people, but animals, as well, became violent. While Mom used to be quite crazy, she never crossed one line, which was never hurting me. On that day, however, she seriously smashed my body and then repaired it. Mom would never have done something so insane in the past, but she actually did it! If Mom wanted to give birth to me again, she might actually do it. It was impossible for me to escape from Mom.

Mom lightly placed her hand on my chest. I could feel my heart palpitating out of control. She pressed her hand down, seemingly to shatter my heart before reconstructing it.

“Mom!! Mom!! What are you doing?! You’re going too far! You’re going too far! We’ve maintained this status quo for so long already, so why are you doing this now?! I told you that I wouldn’t change just because of Lucia! Mom!”

I was screaming with tears on the verge of bursting out because it bloody hurt. I lost count of how many body parts Mom had snapped and shattered. Mom shattered my fingers down to my knees and then restored them. And then, she finally got to my organs.

“We can’t stop. We have to fully treat you. Your body is no longer your body of the past. My son who loved his mom the most is no more. The obedient son Mommy loved most is gone. Mommy must treat you this time. Mommy has to clear your body and memories. You only need Mommy in your embrace. We have a child, too, so let’s just live on together. Mommy shall detoxify your body for you. Mommy will restore you…”

“Your Highness!!”


I found myself looking over in the girl’s direction. Then, I looked at Mommy Vyvyan. She looked over to the surprised young girl with a confused gaze. Mom asked, “Who are you…?”

“Ah… I mean… Why are you not killing him, Your Highness? Your Highness, you can kill him now, right? Kill him, then. Now, Your Highness, I implore you to kill him.”

“What are you on about?” questioned Mom. She went over and stepped onto the girl’s face. Her foot collided with the young girl’s head with a thud. Mommy Vyvyan kicked her head away and then snickered: “What are you on about? He’s my son. How could I possibly kill my son? Moreover, who are you?”

“I… Umm… I…”

“Whoever you may be, you just tried to hurt my son, didn’t you? You want me to kill my son, correct? I shall fulfil your request and kill you first.”

Mommy Vvyan summoned an ice pick to her hand. She thrust it into the girl’s abdomen. Turning her attention back to me, she asserted, “I’ll let you see how I bring back my son who belongs to me!!”


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