My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 02 Ch. 39

“Here’s your money. The record in the books has been erased,” said Achilles.

The businessman took the cash with and helplessly chuckled. “It really is not easy. I was shocked when I saw so much money. I really did not think that the lord would place such a large order with us.”

Achilles coolly smiled. “I did say that he was no ordinary man. Actually, I’m quite surprised by how things turned out this time. I never thought that he’d see through the chapel when they were that cautious. To be frank, his senses are too keen. You can’t make a single mistake in his presence or even show any hints of being out of the norm. A single slight mistake will be enough for him to tear down our defence.”

The businessman looked at Achilles. He gently leaned onto the table and leaned over. He quietly said, “With that say, Mr. Achilles, I noticed something important when they bought clothes from us this time. It is about the girl. The girl named Leah.”

Achilles lingered for a moment then smiled. “Leah? The cute girl? What’s the matter with her? I like her. She’s very cute.”

“Yes, her. Did you not realise that she is not Mr. Lin’s biological daughter?”

“Everybody can see that. It’s obvious that Leah isn’t his biological daughter, but that doesn’t have any bearing on anything. He loves her and takes care of her as his biological daughter. Plus, Lord Veirya appears to be very fond of her. You could consider them a family.”

The businessman looked at Achilles. In a quiet, but solemn voice, he explained, “No, that is the problem. The issue is that Leah is not a human. Leah does not have a belly button. Sir, I can guarantee it, as I could not feel her belly button when I took her measurements. If she is a human, she must have a belly button, you know? Why do you think that she is very adorable? Or rather, why does everybody consider her to be adorable? That is because she is actually a succubus! I think that Mr. Lin found her from somewhere and adopted her… though I am sure that he is not someone who is raising a succubus to satisfy his sexual desires, as Veirya would be more appropriate than Leah if he wanted to, right? That is why we can infer that Mr. Lin is most likely planning to raise her into an adult.”

Achilles chuckled in a soft voice. “Your point being? It’s not our place to be interfering with his life, is it? The war is over. There’s no issue with him raising a succubus.”

“Yes, but do you not think that we can leverage that fact? The war has ended, but everyone’s hatred for the demon race still lingers. You do not live in this town, so you may be unaware, but I have investigated the town. Lots of townsfolk of this town were killed by demons; therefore, they must absolutely hate demons. I am sure that they would not allow a demon to live here, even if she is their lord’s daughter.”

“Mm…” Achilles responded with a subtle nod. He then pulled his eyebrows together and contemplated the matter. “You’re right. That said, do not tell anyone else, particularly the chapel, understood?”

“I know.”

The businessman solemnly nodded then turned to leave the room. Achilles took out two silver coins from his pocket and gently set them on the table. “This is your compensation. You must remember not to thoughtlessly mention that to anyone.”



Lucia and I, who were at the door, stood up, but I paused when I saw the owner of the store coming out from Achilles room. He smiled when he saw me. “Hello, Sir. Do you have an appointment with Mr. Achilles?”

“Yes. I came to talk to him. What about you? Did you have an appointment with him, as well?”

I felt a tad unsettled when I saw him.

‘There’s something wrong if a businessman goes to Achilles without any business. What could he be seeing Achilles for?’

He was the tailor making Leah clothes. He may very well have noticed her missing belly button. In fact, he may have realised that she was a succubus. That would mean that it was very likely that he came here to report the fact.

The businessman looked at Lin Dongqing. Lin Dongqing’s eyes remained firm. He didn’t look panicked; rather, he looked completely relaxed as if he was inquiring about dinner.

“To be frank, his senses are too keen. You can’t make a single mistake in front of him or even show any hints of being out of the norm. A single slight mistake will be enough for him to tear down our defence,” recalled the businessman.

It was a simple answer, yet it was a game of wits every time he spoke. His throat budged. He desperately searched for an answer to reply with, ensuring that each word counted. “I came here to collect the money you gave me.”

He smiled, and then shook his bag. The coins in the bag clanged. I nodded. With a smile, he went on, “Because we do not have cash flow at the moment, we are lacking funds for after we open shop. Therefore, it is best for us to trade with cash.”

I nodded. He was right. Cash flow is very important when you first open shop. I, additionally, noticed that there was quite a bit of cash.

‘He must be here to collect his payment. There shouldn’t be any problems.’

I could detect any issues from his expression. There were no odd gestures or reactions.

‘Maybe he hasn’t reacted.’

“I shall not get in the way of your meeting with Mr. Achilles. I shall head on back. As for the clothes, I will have them sent to your estate as soon as possible.”

I nodded. “Thanks.”

I then made way. Lucia watched us without commenting.

I went to see Achilles about Lucia bringing some more flavouring to trade. Honestly speaking, I was sure that the deal would succeed. There’s no businessman who would mind making more money. At the moment, how the flavouring was exported was not of importance to him. He was thinking about how to get his hands on more flavouring. Thus, this negotiation’s results would be simple.

We didn’t need to think about how to get him to agree, but to get Lucia as much in return as possible. While I was at it, I wanted to come up with an agreement with Achilles. I couldn’t just have the goods, yet no channel, while Achilles happened to be the channel that I needed.


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