My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 02 Ch. 38

“You took Leah shopping for clothes?”

Lucia probably left, since she felt that it wasn’t safe for her to hang around. Nevertheless, she maintained her gaze on Leah. Though she didn’t dislike Leah in the past, Lucia’s lolicon tendencies were fully awakened by Leah’s pitiful look. It seemed as though she was very eager to take Leah to the elven lands. As for Leah, she tightly hugged me, but her gaze reserved for me was terrifying.

‘I feel that I’m going to be in trouble tonight.’

However, that wasn’t my main concern at present. Veirya said that she just took Leah shopping for clothes, a statement, which caused me to freeze. Leah couldn’t just buy any clothes. Leah needed to buy tailored clothing wherever possible or send measurements we took to the tailor. We couldn’t just buy clothes. Leah was a succubus; that meant that she didn’t have a belly button. Her hip measurement had to be taken when making her clothes, though. Subsequently, we had to be careful not to reveal the fact that she didn’t have a belly button.

Not everybody may be aware that succubi were missing belly buttons, but there was always “what if” to consider. Humanity and the demon race had been at war for so long that humans should be aware of some facts on demons. Surely they knew something. Moreover, the post-effects of the war had yet to end, especially the hatred for demons in the town. If something misfortunate happened, it’d be very hard for Leah to live in this city.”

“Uhm,” Veirya didn’t feel as though she did anything wrong. Instead, she replied in a proud tone. “We bought, lots. Leah chose them. Colour. She liked.”


I looked at Veirya. Although she didn’t explicate it, I could tell that she was in a very good mood. She rarely showed her joy in my presence, so I felt quite flattered for once. I contemplated what she told me in detail.

‘She’s bought the clothes; the seller didn’t complain, either; therefore, he might not have noticed. Veirya is so happy now. If I mention the potential risk now, I’ll be splashing cold water in her face. I won’t tell her, then.’

I lingered for a moment then asked, “Isn’t that good, Veirya? Did you buy some for yourself?”

Veirya also dawdled before looking at me with confusion, “Buy… clothes? I have clothes. So. No need.”

I seriously said, “I don’t think a military uniform can be considered clothes. Further, though you do change and wash your clothes, it’s a bit too much for you have your wardrobe packed with the same set, right? At the end of the day, you are the lord of the North. I think that you need some more normal – for lack of better word – clothes. Let’s go. As we all have time right now, let’s go buy you some new clothes.”

Veirya looked back at me. She was silent for a moment before responding, “Should a girl like to eat delicious foods and clothes?”

“Not necessarily. People are different so, naturally, what they like is also different. In saying that, all girls should like pretty clothing. Don’t all girls like pretty things?”

I felt that my answer classified me as a male chauvinist, but Veirya didn’t seem to fit that description. She stopped to ponder it, “I don’t quite. Understand. What’s pretty? Show me.”

“All right.”

To be honest, when we arrived at the store, I was shocked by Veirya and Leah. Frankly, I couldn’t figure out how they did it.

‘The owner has yet to open shop, yet the two bought clothes?’

When the owner saw Veirya and Leah, he revealed a hopeless smile again. He looked at me, “Hello, Sir, did you come here for something this time?”

I scanned the man before me. His expression didn’t budge. His gaze wasn’t on Leah; he merely had a glimpse at her. He focused his attention on Veirya and I. I was somewhat suspicious, as he really might’ve noticed Leah’s belly or noticed it, but didn’t know why she was missing a belly button. Additionally, Leah’s current clothing was akin to a schoolgirl swimsuit you see in Anime, so it was likely that she never took it off.

I said to the owner, “Please take Lord Veirya’s measurements and make her a set of clothes. We want normal clothes, formal clothing and clothing for winter. Make it a bit pricey. After all, she is the lord of the North. We want three styles for each category and two of each style, can you do that? Add gloves, socks, headbands and other accessories to the bill, too.”

“Sure, sure, I have yet to open business, yet have already received such a large order. Rest assured, though. Our store’s headquarters is located in the imperial capital. Our designs are guaranteed to satisfy you. We will have the clothes sent to you as soon as possible when the clothes are ready. Now, however, let Lord Veirya choose her favourite colours.”

As soon as I turned around, Veirya had already chosen her materials and was coming over with them. I hopelessly laughed.

‘That’s Veirya for you.’

She chose black fabric. Pure black. She could head straight to a funeral with that. That couldn’t possibly be the best choice.

I hopelessly looked at Veirya, “You like that colour, Veirya?”

Veirya nodded, “I chose. I think. It’s a pretty colour.”

“You think black is pretty? You can’t have only black clothes, though, right…? Are there any colours that you like? Also, why do you think that black is pretty?”

“Because it’s the same. As your eye colour.”

Veirya didn’t answer with any hesitation. In fact, her voice was completely monotone. But nonetheless, her response broke through my heart’s defence. She looked at me and added, “You told me to choose pretty things. I think. Your eyes. Very pretty. So. I chose black.”

Veirya’s eyes didn’t change. She had her usual calm look; however, I felt my face gradually heating up. I didn’t dare to look her in the eye. I averted my gaze in a flustered fashion, and then awkwardly touched my hot face. I went to speak, but nothing came out. My mind was blank. There was nothing in my mind except for the last thing that she said. Veirya shined so bright before my eyes. I wanted to look, yet didn’t dare to. At the same time, having said that, I was eager to see those blue eyes on me.

‘She likes me? Veirya likes me?’

‘Was that a confession? How do I respond? How do I face Veirya from now? What should I say to her? Umm… uhh… H-Has Veirya always had a crush on me? Else… else… why would she say that she likes my eyes? Stop, stop. I still haven’t helped Leah and Veirya develop a friendly relationship. If I suddenly tell Leah that she now has a mother, she’ll be devastated, won’t she…?’

‘In addition, we’ve yet to settle down, so we can’t get married now, right? If we do have children afterwards, it’ll get in the way of my work for sure… No, I can’t accept her confession, yet, for her sake and our child’s sake…’

“I like your eyes. So. I chose this material.”

Veirya looked at my flustered expression. Unable to comprehend what I was thinking, she gave up and passed the fabric to the owner. He smiled as he looked at us. He softly laughed, “Your relationship sure is good, Lord Veirya, you must love him.”

Veirya looked at me, “Love? What’s love?”

‘Okay, I read too much into it. Veirya still doesn’t know what love is. Heck, she doesn’t even know what feelings are. Therefore, she probably never had any feelings for me… That’d make this a terrifying story, then!! She likes me eyes? Is she going to dig them out while I’m still alive or something?!’


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