Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 09

Elven Forest (1)

I looked over my shoulder to Vyvyan, who saw us to the door, and told her, “We’ll be off now, Mom.”

“Enjoy yourselves, but remember Mommy’s curfew. If Mommy doesn’t see you back by then, Mommy will go personally search for you and, if Mommy does find you, Mommy will be angry.”

Mom may have waved her hand with a smile, but I knew that, if I didn’t heed her warning, then she’d definitely enforce the consequences.

“Don’t worry about the children. I enjoy being with the girls, and they’re obedient, so there’s no need to worry at all.” Vyvyan waved to Lucia.

Lucia smiled then nodded: “Understood. Thank you, Your Highness. I feel very reassured to know that you will be with Nona and Vera.”

“That’s fantastic, then.” Mommy Vyvyan nodded with a smile.

Lucia and I turned to leave the imperial palace. Mommy Vyvyan watched us from behind until we were out of sight.

We arrived on the street once again. It had been months since we were last in Duargana. In my previous world, if I didn’t go back home during a school break, the sights on the street would vanish by the next time I returned, but the elven city hadn’t changed in the slightest. The streets were the same. Not even the stone paths had changed. Despite the stores having somewhat changed, we still needed to check them out, nevertheless.

Lucia hugged my arm and cheerfully walked with me. She giggled: “Your Highness, is there anywhere that you’d like to go? Is there anything that you want to buy or eat?”

I looked around. I suddenly noticed that Lucia’s favourite store was still in business. With a smile, I pointed over to the slowly spinning rack with grilled meat on it. On the rack were rabbit thighs with fatty oils running down it: “I remember that you particularly like that store’s grilled meat, right? You want a piece?”

“Really? It appears that they’re still in business,” effused Lucia.

Lucia wanted to run over and grab a piece to eat.

“Why does she like to eat such fatty grilled meat when we’ve had lunch? Not to mention she’s tiny,” I mused.

Lucia seemed to notice my gaze and, therefore, bashfully stammered, “I… I… I won’t get fat! I won’t! I just want to eat…”

Smiling, I rubbed Lucia’s head: “It’s all right. Have some if you like.”

Lucia cheerfully walked over with me. The two of us bought rabbit thighs again. The owner of the store recognised Lucia. He commented, “It’s good to see you again. You haven’t been here in a very long time. I remember you used to come here every day at this time.”

Lucia tightened her arms around mine: “Ah… I got married, and I have kids now, so I don’t have as much time to visit. You probably already know, right? I am married to Prince Troy and have children.”

“Really?! Congratulations. So you are the Princess now?” asked the owner, revealing a delighted smile. He took out another even fatter rabbit thigh and passed it to me: “I am happy for both of you. Although I have only heard of your wedding, I never thought you already have children. I am thrilled to hear that. If we were fortunate enough to see your children, then that would be fantastic.”

I nodded: “You’ll have the chance to in the future.”

I was aware Mommy Vyvyan and Lucia wouldn’t let people see the girls at that point in time. I presume that they’d only see the girls when Vera was older and was declared the successor to the throne.

We bid farewell to the owner. Lucia and I then strolled around.  Perhaps it was because time passed by slowly for elves that their development rate was also slow. We had been away for several months, yet there are no new stores nor had any stores closed. It was the same faces we were familiar with. While that meant that there would be less new and fascinating things, it meant more nostalgia and touching scenes for us.

The time to return to the imperial palace eventually came. I sensed Lucia wasn’t satisfied yet, but we couldn’t help it. Mommy Vyvyan wasn’t going to cancel the curfew, and she certainly wasn’t going to grant us an extension; hence, I had to do my best to make the most of our time.

When we arrived back the imperial palace, I saw a group of guards making haste in a specific location, equipped with ropes and weapons. All of them wore focussed expressions and yelled out to chase something. I narrowed my eyes and took an earnest look. I froze for a moment when I sighted them surrounding something in white. I would never mistake that white fur.

“That’s the White Deer King. That’s my steed! How dare they offend my steed!! I can accept having my steed locked up with horses in the stable with stinky grass, albeit grudgingly, but they’re trying to restrain my steed with ropes?! They’re challenging my dignity and the Galadriel Tribe’s!” I fumed to myself. From a far distance, I belted, “Stop!”

The White Deer King vigorously raised her head and peered in my direction. She abruptly lifted her front legs and kicked the soldier in front of it. She then quickly speared the soldier behind her with her sharp horn. The White Deer King cried out as she rushed over to me with the poor soldier still on her horn.

The White Deer King rushed up to my side and flung the corpse off. She took cover behind me. I was incredibly surprised the haughty White Deer King who disregarded everyone was actually frightened. I didn’t know how long they chased her for, but she was foaming at the mouth and even bleeding from a wound inflicted on her. I gently stroked her neck to calm her down.

Lucia yelled at the approaching soldiers, “What are you doing?! This is His Highness’ steed!! Are you committing treason?!”

I assumed the soldiers would show some restraint upon hearing my name. To my surprise, they weren’t fazed in the least. They approached me brandishing their weapons to tried and capture the White Deer King. The leader of the soldiers said, “I apologise, Your Highness, we are under Her Highness’ orders to capture white deer. That white deer has been wandering the imperial palace grounds for a long time. We have to capture it now.”

“I said that this is my steed!!”

“We are carrying out Her Highness’ orders!”

After he waved his hand, the soldiers immediately encircle. I noticed that their clothes weren’t the defence guard’s uniform. I had never seen them before. They must’ve been the elites among the elites. All of them had the gaze of true warriors. Not one of them showed the slightest hint of fear. Even the White Deer King was afraid of them to the point that her took cover behind me and trembled.

I pressed a hand onto the helmet of a guard in front of me. He lingered and then tilted his head. In the next blink of an eye, bullets of blood whizzed through the air. I blasted his head to pieces, sending his flesh, blood and the fragments of his helmet splattering in every direction. I wiped the blood on my face. I glared at the group of them and wrathfully warned, “I said, this is my steed. I don’t care whose orders you’re under. If it’s my mom’s order, I can guarantee that I’ll have her take back her order, but right now, you’re disrespecting my steed and me. Are you revolting?! I just killed one. Now, who will be next?”

None of them were afraid. As a matter of fact, they didn’t bother to reply. Instead, they raised their blades at me! I grabbed Lucia with one arm. She picked up a long sword from the ground and prepared to engage in combat.


All of the guards were instantly frozen in ice. Mommy Vyvyan landed on the ground. She looked at me with a panic-stricken look. I didn’t wait for her to speak; instead, I whipped my cloak then grabbed the White Deer King’s reins and walked off. Back facing mom, I declared, “Mom, if we’re not welcome here, we’ll take our leave now.”


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