Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 08

Sweet Home (Part 5)

“Wake up. Wake up, Son. Wake up.”

I opened my eyes and, in a bleary state, checked my surroundings. I didn’t know when I fell asleep. The promise of the rising sun came after the velvety night had its say. The golden orb and land prepared to rest once more. It no longer beat on my skin as it did at noon. In fact, the air outside was slightly cold.

Mom gently shook my shoulders. The book on my chest slid off. I sat up. My back ached a little as I slept in a chair. My teacup was no longer hot. The fruit was still glimmering thanks to the last hues of red from the entity on the horizon. I looked at Mom with a tinge of bewilderment then stood up and slowly stretched my back out. My back cracked refreshingly. My blanket slid down. I picked it up and put it on the chair. I asked “Mom, how long have I slept for…?”

Mom stroked my head. She pitifully answered, “I’m not sure, either. You might’ve fallen asleep not long after we left. Son, if you want to sleep, then sleep on the bed. It’s not good for you to sleep on the chair, and it’s cold, isn’t it?’

“It’s not bad. Mom, did you sleep until now, as well?”

Mom smiled: “Uhm. The kids slept until now, as well. With the girls by my side, I feel so blissful that I don’t want to wake up. I came over after they woke up to find you asleep, to my surprise. I woke you up because I was worried you’d be cold and uncomfortable sleeping in the chair.”

“I’m all right. I don’t even know when I fell asleep… I remember I was reading a book.”

I picked up the book. I felt ashamed after I saw it, for I discovered that I passed out after having read… practically nothing. Mommy Vyvyan touched the teacup then called a maid to switch it for a new hot cup. She sat down next to me and looked at the letter in front of me: “Son, what’s the letter about…?”

“Oh, the maid handed it to me. It’s addressed to you. I haven’t opened it, so I don’t know what it’s about myself.”

I handed Mom the letter. She took a look. An imposing look flitted across her beautiful face: “It seems that humans have learnt to use their brains and won’t barge into my palace without permission. Mm, let’s see what they said. It shouldn’t be anything major. Hence, you don’t need to feel nervous, Son.”

I nodded: “Mom, is something happening here?

“Didn’t Mommy already tell you? There’s nothing. There would never be anything major here. Don’t worry. Mommy’s subordinates were just giving a mission report pertaining to investigations in the forest. The forest is never peaceful, after all. Our Galadriel Tribe doesn’t just manage elves but also the forest.”

“I see. It sounds as though I won’t be able to help.”

While I was a member of the Galadriel tribe and the only descendant, I knew squat about mana. I never studied it before, after all. Troy also had a berserk mana condition previously, while Mommy Vyvyan never taught him how to utilise magic. Subsequently, I had no clue how to resolve mana problems in the forest.

With a curve to her lips, Mom caressed my head: “Exactly, so don’t worry. Leave it to Mommy. It’s nothing important, so just trust Mommy with it.”

“Is it really nothing important…?”

Mom gave me a smile. Then, she scrunched the letter up and threw it into the fire: “Of course not. It’s just that the mana status in the forest has changed. It’s probably due to some species undergoing some changes. It might be a good thing for all we know, but it might also be bad. It’s essentially an annual occurrence now, which is why Mommy needs to go and take a look.”

“I see. Well, I won’t get involved, then… I can’t solve mana problems, anyway… It’ll only make matters worse if I get in your way.”

Satisfied with my response, Mom instinctively nodded in approval: “Which is why you should just leave it to Mommy. Here, you’re my son. As my son, you don’t need to worry about this. This is something Mommy needs to worry about. Oh, your tea is here. Do you want any refreshments?”

I picked up the hot tea and took a sip. The fragrant scent of the tea helped me sober up. Additionally, it loosened up my somewhat stiff joints. It felt as though my blood finally began to circulate. Mom picked up a fruit and popped it in her mouth. Next, she held a piece up to my mouth. I opened up for her to feed me. The sweet taste instantly dispersed and rewarded my entire mouth.

As I was savouring the taste, Lucia came over with her daughter in her arms. She was surprised to find me there drinking tea: “Your Highness, I never thought you would be here. I was prepared to hear Her Highness’ agitated yelling and find you missing.”

“Do you see me as a man who would ignore your safety and run around, instead?”

“Are you not?” Lucia sarcastically stressed with her lips pursed into a smile.

Lucia came over and kissed me on cheek. I reciprocated the kiss and took hold of Vera at the same time. Vera hugged me around my neck. She blinked her large eyes as she looked at Mommy Vyvyan. Mom narrowed her eyes to play with Vera, which led to Vera cackling. I sat down, and Lucia sat down next to me. Lucia queried, “Your Highness, do you have any plans tomorrow?”

“Uh, no. I don’t have any changes to my schedule during my stay. You all like me staying at home, so haven’t I been doing just that?”

Lucia smiled: “It would be best if you could stand it, but I’m sure that, if you continue to hold it in for a prolonged period, then you might do something even more troubling later on. Your Highness, let’s go out for a stroll at noon tomorrow with just the two of us. Let’s stroll around in Duargana as we did in the past. We’ve left Duargana for a long time. Therefore, things might’ve changed considerably by now.”

“That’s a good idea. Vera, Nona and I will be very happy to spend time together, too,” approved Mommy Vyvyan. She then narrowed her eyes and warned, “In saying that, Son, you should know the rules, right? Do not stay out later than your curfew; otherwise, I’ll personally come looking for you.”

I nodded: “I know… You all keep attacking me with this. It hurts my feelings.”

“If you learn to not endanger yourself after getting hurt, Mommy thinks that’d actually be a good thing.”


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