My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 02 Ch. 37

“Umm… uhh…”

Lucia and I took a step back each, albeit in a very flustered fashion. We were faced with Veirya, who wore an ice-cold expression, thereby making the two of us feel as though our lives were in peril. The two of us quaked as if we were caught red handed having an illicit relationship. We truly believed that Veirya would kill us. However, her expression was the same as usual… I felt that she might’ve looked particularly terrifying, because we felt guilty…

‘Calm down. Calm down. Veirya doesn’t know what we were doing. Calm down. Explain it properly. There’s still hope.’


Veirya coldly looked at us as she drew her sword from its sheath.

‘It would seem that we don’t have much time left.’

Leah, who was next to Veirya, looked at the two of us with a furious look on her face, “Papa, you liar!! You said that you had work when, in reality, you went to look for a woman!! You’re a meanie, Papa!!!”

“Lucilia, what are you two doing?”

Veirya coldly looked at Lucia. For now, her anger had yet to reach me. Lucia’s lips twitched. She cautiously replied, “Do you really not know, or are you trying to ask for the reason?”

“Why did you. Kiss him?”

Veirya’s question was simple, yet lethal. Lucia wore a very awkward expression. She glanced at me, “I was just thanking Travor… Haven’t I always thanked people with a kiss? Did you forget? Didn’t I kiss you before?”

“That time, you told me that. You wouldn’t thoughtlessly kiss someone else. I thought you’d. Only kiss me.”

I suddenly had an epiphany. I figured it out.

‘This isn’t an iconic painting or love triangle. Veirya didn’t feel that I betrayed her, because Lucia kissed me; to the contrary, she feels that Lucia betrayed her!! What’s this considered, me ruining their lesbian romance? So I’m the third party now?!’

“Papa!! What’s your relationship with this elf?!!”

Leah was the only grumpy one who was looking at me with her lips pouted. She was very angry with me, and I was aware that I didn’t handle the matter well. Having said that, realising that I could make someone jealous randomly made me feel a little touched… Perhaps it was because I was heartbroken too many times when I was around Veirya…

I never thought that Veirya wouldn’t get jealous for my sake… But on second thought, Lucia was indeed slightly more important than I was. I had only been with Veirya more recently, while Lucia was her comrade who went through life and death with her. Veirya, a warrior who had tunnel vision, would naturally consider Lucia a little more important.

Lucia took another step back and dryly chuckled, “Because that’s the highest level of gratitude. Travor promised to help us, which is why… I’m very grateful to him.”

Veirya finally glanced at me. With an indifferent expression, she asked “What did you promise Lucilia?”

I looked at Veirya. I hesitated for a moment as I stopped to think to myself. I couldn’t think of any way of tactfully explaining it. Further, judging from Veirya’s way of thinking, if I tried to be subtle about it, she wouldn’t understand. Hence, it was better to be straightforward with her.

I took in a deep breath, “Veirya, I promised Lucia that I’d help her with the elves’ business.”

I was ready for Veirya’s rage and for her to swing her sword at me, for she reacted very violently the last time Lucia mentioned helping. This time, I was sure that Veirya would have the same stance.

“Really? How do you plan to help?”

Unexpectedly, Veirya didn’t express much anger; her expression didn’t change, either. She wore an indifferent look as always. It was as if I just told her tonight’s dinner menu. I kept my eyes on her, “I gave them food and came up with a new trick to trade with them…”

“That’s it?”

Veirya didn’t seem to quite believe me. However, her question wasn’t directed at me, but Lucia. Lucia lingered for a moment, possibly because she didn’t expect the question to be directed at her. She then quickly nodded, “Uhm, that’s it. That’s it. I don’t plan to take him away. He just needs to help me come up with ideas and provide me with stuff. There’s no need to worry, Veirya, there’s no need to.”

I had a sudden realisation. Veirya didn’t care whether or not I help Lucia. She only minded it back then when Lucia asked me to permanently move to the elven lands. At the time, Lucia wanted to take me with her, which was something that Veirya couldn’t accept. Veirya didn’t care if I helped the elves or not as long as I was with her. I suddenly felt a warm sensation of love when I realised that.

‘Veirya does care about me, after all. She wouldn’t swap me for anything, after all. That’s quite heart-warming to know.’

“S-So you’re okay with that?” asked the surprised Lucia.

Veirya nodded, “He’s mine, anyway. As long as. It doesn’t affect me. Then it’s fine. As for what you two do. It doesn’t matter to me. You can’t take him to the elven lands, though. That’s all.”

“Sure! Sure! As long as you’re okay with it!”

Lucia was happier after she received Veirya’s approval. She cheerfully hugged my arm. Nevertheless, before she could say anything, Leah squeezed in between us and shoved Lucia away. She then looked up at Lucia with a shaky and pitiful expression. In her shaky voice, she said, “Sister Lucia… umm… he’s Leah’s papa… don’t steal Leah’s papa…”

Lucia looked at Leah with astonishment. She suddenly looked at her with a strange expression. She crouched down and gently caressed Leah’s face. Seeing how afraid Leah was, she pulled Leah into her embrace. With a strange smile, she shouted, “Wow! Wow! I’ve never seen you so cute, Leah!! You’re so adorable!! You’re so cute and pretty!! Sister likes you so much. Sure, sure, sure, Sister won’t take your papa, but do you want to come and live in the elven lands with me? It’s much warmer and comfortable there compared to this place. Do you want to come over?!!!”

Leah had hugged countless times before, but I think that was one of the worst hugs that she ever had, because she’d never been pressed up against someone with a flat chest… it didn’t feel nice, I tell you… Plus, what she said triggered Veirya…

In the end, had Lucia not been relatively quick and I had not tightly grabbed Veirya’s arm, I probably wouldn’t ever get to see the flat-chested elf again.


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