Son-con – Vol. 16 Ch. 05

Sweet Home (Part 2)

In a concerned tone, Lucia asked, “Is it really all right, Your Highness? I won’t be in the imperial palace… Will the girls… be all right…? Also… will you be all right without me?”

I shook my head and touched Lucia’s head with a smile: “We’ll be fine, Lucia. You’ve just returned, so you should spend a night at home. Leave Vera and Nona to the maids. They’ll be fine. Moreover, Mommy Vyvyan will keep an eye on them; don’t worry. As for me… I, indeed, have a bit of a problem.”

Lucia came closer to inspect me: “What is the problem, Your Highness? Tell me whatever problem it is that you have, and I shall help you.”

I pulled little Lucia into my embrace with one arm. I stroked her head and, in a tender voice, responded, “I’ll miss you. It’s not every day that we can return home, so I want to spend more time with you. Since you’re leaving, I’ll feel very lonely. I can’t stop you from spending time with your parents, either; therefore, all I can do is hope that you can come back sooner. I’ll miss you.”

“Your Highness…” Lucia shyly, yet happily, snuggled up on my chest. She then raised her head and gave me a light kiss on my cheek. She smiled: “I’ll be back tomorrow, Your Highness.”

“All right.”

I touched Lucia’s head again. Echte came up from behind as I touched her head. I waved. Lucia went off with her father, but she’d look back three times every step. She’d walk backwards if she could.

Lucia’s house wasn’t located inside the elven imperial city, because a maid and an imperial guard wouldn’t earn enough to afford a property in the imperial city. Additionally, Echte had a family and, therefore, couldn’t live in a dorm. Hence, they had no choice but to live in the residential district outside of the city.

Echte’s family members were all simple and honest people. Despite having become a member of the Galadriel Tribe, they didn’t throw their weight around. To the contrary, they continued to work and live humbly. They never leveraged their daughter to request Queen Vyvyan for anything.

I only reluctantly turned around after Lucia completely disappeared from sight. It was a rare opportunity for Lucia to be back in the elven lands, and her parents wanted to have a family reunion with their daughter. That being the case, I couldn’t force her to remain in the imperial palace the entire stay. She was going to be back tomorrow.

There was only Mommy Vyvyan and I in the imperial palace for the day… If we were in the past, I wouldn’t be so worried. At this point, it was nothing short of a nightmare…  I prayed Mommy Vyvyan would bear in mind the ordeal I just went through and show mercy.

I didn’t plan to do anything for the meantime. The palace was quiet. My girls started crying as soon their mother left. Worried they could sense their mother’s departure or were hungry, I went to my girls’ room.

Mommy Vyvyan arrived before me. She was gently carrying Vera. Vera was in the midst of patting Mommy Vyvyan’s chest, while Nona was nonchalant, albeit jealous of her sister, who was being held. I went over to them. Mommy Vyvyan smiled when she saw me: “Vera is a hungry.”

“I’ll go c-“

“No need, Son. Help me undo the tie at the back.”

Mommy Vyvyan gently brushed her long blonde hair aside, thereby revealing her neck and the tie around her back. I lingered for a moment before questioning, “Mom, are you going to personally feed Vera?”

Mommy Vyvyan smiled: “It’s fine. Did you forget, Son? You used to help me out. This is fine. Feeding Vera and Nona won’t be a problem.”

I had a glimpse of Mom’s majestic peaks and then nodded. I bet Mommy Vyvyan could’ve raised two kids and still had extra nourishment to spare. There was a hint of eagerness in Mommy Vyvyan’s gaze. Meanwhile, Vera was eager to have a meal. She probably didn’t care if it was her mom or not at that point. Frankly, the woman in front of her was her true mother. Perhaps it was due to their blood relation that Vera and Vyvyan seemed to be closer.

I walked up behind Mommy Vyvyan and undid the tie on her back. I didn’t forget to lock the door to prevent anybody finding out. When I turned my head around again, Mommy Vyvyan had already revealed her ample jugs without any misgivings. Her lifespan was still a mysterious number. Interestingly, up until then, her breasts had maintained their perfect shape and condition. Vera bit down on Vyvyan’s nipple without any hesitation and then began to happily suckle.

Mommy Vyvyan watched Vera with a gentle smile. I sat to one side. I silently watched the two and the afternoon sunlight shining down on the two of them, which also made Mom’s blonde hair even more luminous. Mommy Vyvyan’s skin faintly glowed. She looked so gentle and loving that she was as captivating as an angel. Vera silently suckled with an affectionate smile. I suddenly realised that they were my family. I was looking at my wife and daughter.

I hugged Mom from behind. She didn’t move; instead, she giggled. Worried that Vera would be disturbed, she whispered in my ear, “What’s wrong, Son? You want some, too? You might have to wait until tomorrow, then; otherwise, Nona won’t have enough.”

“No, Mom, I just want to hug you.”

“I see.”

Mommy Vyvyan nodded. Vera released her nipple. Mom then wiped Vera’s mouth. She looked over her shoulder to me with a smile. I gently sucked Mom’s finger that had both the taste of Mom and Vera. Mom giggled then pulled finger out and patted my face: “Naughty boy.”

Despite saying that, Mom then dipped her finger into her mouth and had a suck before turning to set Vera down. Then, she picked up Nona, but Nona appeared to be a little resistant to her. In the end, however, Nona enthusiastically had her meal.

Once Vera was full, she looked at me. I poked her belly, which made her giggle. She tried to grab my finger with her tiny hands. I laughed and began to play with her.

Nona didn’t feed for long. She also turned her head away and ignored Mommy Vyvyan. Perhaps it really was true that Vera and Vyvyan were closer due to their blood relationship. Mommy Vyvyan then stood up. She brushed her hair again: “Son, help Mommy tie it back up.”


I helped Mom tie up the string. Mom’s exposed back was right in front of my eyes. She took her time feeling the sensation of my finger sliding along and my warmth: “Son, if the two of us were to start a family, Mommy thinks that we would have a blissful life, as well.”


Mommy Vyvyan didn’t mind my tone. Instead, she responded in all seriousness, “I genuinely believe that. At least, Mommy thinks that this is bliss.”


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