Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 104

Wings Shrouding the Sky (Part 6)

“I am very sorry!” said Irina.

Irina knelt on the ground. She literally prostrated herself on the ground before Lucia and Nier. She respectfully and sincerely apologised. Nier coldly snorted and didn’t comment. Lucia turned around and opined, “To be honest, I really don’t want to see you right now. It’s in your best interest to hurry up and do what you should; then, do as you said and never disturb us.”

“Understood. I am very grateful for the sympathy you two have shown me. Our dragon race will never forget this gracious favour.”

Irina raised her head to look at the two. Lucia wore an upset expression, while Nier wore the calm look of one who had come to terms with it. Lucia hopelessly asked, “How long do you two need?”

“I am not sure, either. We were lucky last time. I hope we will be lucky this time, as well.”


Lucia was even more annoyed after hearing that, but she couldn’t do anything about it. Lucia knew one couldn’t will a child into existence. Consequently, she had no choice but to wait in order for her husband to come home. Further, if they didn’t have a kid, she’d have to watch her husband and Irina do it over and over again. That’s why Lucia felt total darkness had contaminated her life.

Lucia never learnt to be more generous. Although she knew about Ling Yue’s affair with her husband, Ling Yue did save her and her children’s life. Plus, Ling Yue neither competed for her husband nor clung to him. They barely got to meet many times a year; hence, Lucia turned a blind eye to it. Irina, however, wanted to have a child with her husband. She wasn’t happy about it whatsoever. As a matter of fact, Lucia had a strong urge to finish Irina off with her dagger.

Nier had already come to terms with it. After all, she approved of Empress Elizabeth accepting the deal from the outset. Moreover,   Nier had her own agenda, too. As a human, her lifespan wasn’t all that long. When she realised Lucia would be able to live a carefree life with her lover once she passed away, she decided she’d rather bring Lucia along with her. Nier agreed to Elizabeth’s request and didn’t mind it, as she, too, wanted a serve for herself. Empress Elizabeth planned to brew a wine out of a dragon egg. If Nier could also have a drink, then the two of them should have a long enough lifespan. If that was useless, Nier seriously considered using Ying to slice open Irina’s tummy to get the egg under the pretext of sleepwalking and leave.


Current time at the small plaza located at the centre of the village.

I looked at the mountain of gold and crafts before me, but I was in my own thoughts. Mommy Vyvyan stated it would be a cinch for her to take the items, and I would just have to entrust it to her. Camille expressed that it was fine for us to take it. It was the wealth that the dead dragons amassed. Their owners were dead. They were an intense flame that burnt for an entire night. The thick black smoke almost burst the deep hole we dug. We buried all of the dragons. I guess you could consider it my respect for the dead. I didn’t leave their corpses out in the wild. Instead, I cremated them in their home.

Then, I had to deal with their leftover assets. The dragon race diligently amassed a mountain of gold despite it not being that long ago that they began. we took it to the North, not only do I think we wouldn’t be short on money again, but I’d have enough wealth to rival a nation. I could probably buy Hilles City with the amount of gold I had.

Mommy Elizabeth looked at the gold. She seemed to desire it to some degree. For a nation, especially one such as that of Elizabeth’s, gold was something to be attentive of. Her empire might’ve been large, but that also meant they had a lot more expenses. Elizabeth was mindful of her own wealth. The two most fearsome enemies to a nation are poor denizens, and the other was the national treasury. The empire could continue to survive as it was, but I wasn’t that wealthy. Owing to maintaining appearances for the empire, Elizabeth’s expenses were incredibly high.

I noticed that there was a hint of agony in Elizabeth’s gaze. While she indicated that it’d be fine for me to accept Irina’s request. Elizabeth felt awfully guilty about it. That was why she didn’t dare to come close to me. I could see the desire to in her gaze, but she looked similar to a child who wanted to apologise.

Mommy Vyvyan said, “Son, the North won’t need to worry about finances if you were given this gold, right? Also, once you have money, you’ll be able to form your military. You don’t have a military at the moment. That won’t do.”

As an elf, Mommy Vyvyan was even less interested in the gold. Elves weren’t fond of gold to begin with. That was one thing about them that was different to dragons.

Dragon Mom expressed, “You can have all this. They no longer have an owner. It must be important to you.”

“Uhm, it is indeed very important for the North.” I nodded.

I picked up a piece of gold. The dragons cast the gold. There was a high amount of gold. The gold in Dragon Mom’s cave alone was enough for me to pay off all my debts and still have enough to spare for developing the production facets in the factory. If I took all the gold present back to the North, I would shave off twenty years needed for Freya’s development plans to be realised.

I told Mommy Elizabeth, “Mom, you take half. You did come to my rescue this time, after all. As for Mommy Vyvyan, umm… I’ll just go to Duargana to keep you company.”

Mommy Vvyyan immediately beamed. She touched my arm and said, “Uhm, uhm, that’s plenty enough. Mommy doesn’t need these things. They’re worthless to Mommy. Mommy isn’t the type to betray her own son for anything. After all, Mommy nurtured you within Mommy, gave birth to you and raised you, which were such blissful times. You’re the most precious thing in the world to Mommy.”

“Son… This…” stammered Mommy Elizabeth

I explained to Mommy Elizabeth, “Mm, half for you, and half for me. I’m not angry, Mom. To the contrary, I’m quite touched. To be honest, if you didn’t come up with this suggestion, I would’ve agreed to it anyway, since I want you to be able to stay with me for longer and then longer. You’re my mom. You weren’t by my side over ten years ago, so I need to spend more time with you now.”

“This woman has betrayed you more than once!! Son, have you forgotten? Usually, she treats you as her son, but at crucial moments, she’ll betray you without batting an eye! She may have conceived you, as well, but she doesn’t have deep feelings for you when she didn’t raise you!”

“Say that one more time if you have the guts!!” brayed Mommy Elizabeth.

Mommy Vyvyan looked at me with a stunned look. I shook my head: “Mommy Vyvyan. That’s not entirely right. You don’t have much to consider. Mommy Elizabeth, on the other hand, has a lot to take into account. She’s already taken care of me and loved me within the realm of her capabilities. Therefore, I see you both as equals.”

“Hearing you say that… makes Mommy somewhat sad,” grumbled Mommy Vyvyan. For a moment, she adopted a hunched form. Before long, she scornfully glanced at Elizabeth and scoffed: “This woman really is the same as she was in the past. She doesn’t have any likeable traits.”


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