Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 103

Wings Shrouding the Sky (Part 5)

“So, you plan to go ahead with it, Your Majesty?” asked Nier, placing her hand on the back of mine.

I didn’t immediately answer. Instead, I continued gazing in Vyvyan and Dragon Mom’s direction. I was still waiting for them to finish their talk. It could still be considered peaceful on my end. Vyvyan and Elizabeth, however, quarrelled again and even prepared to wage war again.

Vyvyan grabbed Elizabeth by the collar and thundered, “What exactly do you want?! What do you want?! You want to betray my son just so that you can extend your life? You’re treating my son as a tool and currency for a longer lifespan?! He’s my son. Not your coin to purchase more life!”

Vyvyan rolled her fingers into balls of fury. Dragon Mom wanted to speak up, but Vyvyan shot her a furious glare when the former went to speak. Vyvyan roared, “You shut up! You two aren’t worthy of being mothers! Is a child someone you can use for an exchange?! He’s my son! Mine! What he wants to do is his business! You made up a decision for your own self-interest without even bothering to ask my son for his say. How dare you call yourselves my son’s mothers when you’re this self-centred?!”

Vyvyan went bonkers after she learnt of their plan. Elizabeth took in a deep breath before she responded, “I must admit that I didn’t get my son’s approval on the matter, which is why I can’t argue your point. I would feel a bit better if you punched me; I don’t mind. In saying that, I’ll be sure to retaliate. I didn’t wrong you. The only one I wronged was my son.”

Elizabeth turned her head to look at me with a bitter look. I shook my head ever so slightly.

After I found out that Elizabeth had struck a deal, she was put in charge of persuading me, while Mommy Sylvanas would provide Mommy Elizabeth with a dragon egg to help extend her lifespan. I was startled to learn about that. Even so, I could understand Elizabeth’s thinking. If I was the one who was offered the deal, I, too, would’ve acquired the egg for her because I also wanted for Mommy Elizabeth to be able to spend longer at my side.

Mommy Elizabeth was a human. A human’s lifespan was far too short. At the moment, Mommy Elizabeth looked young. In truth, she had already gone through a third of her life, which was a time period where I wasn’t part of her life. Mommy Vyvyan, on the other hand, had always been by my side since I was a child, and she’d be able to continue to do so in the future. That was too harsh on Mommy Elizabeth. She had always been fighting with Mommy Vyvyan over me, but Mommy Vyvyan soon wouldn’t need to fight for me again. Once Elizabeth passed away, Mommy Vyvyan would remain the same. She wouldn’t even have so much as a wrinkle.

Mommy Elizabeth wanted a longer lifespan. Perhaps she wanted one equal to Mommy Vyvyan’s. Even if she couldn’t have a lifespan as long as Vyvyan’s, she still wanted more time to spend by my side. I could understand that. The issue was that I didn’t want to hurt my wives in exchange for that, as it was unfair on my wives.

Vyvyan brayed, “You’re unworthy of being a mother when you’re so selfish. You’re not worthy of staying by my son’s side. You’re not worthy of fighting me for my son. You don’t even have any self-awareness as a mother. That goes for the both of you! I’m taking my son back. I’m taking him back to the elven forest. I won’t allow you to use my son as a commodity to trade. My son is my son, my cutest Troy. He’s not your tool for a trade, and not a currency for you to buy life!!”

Fearfully, Irina softly stated, “Your Majesty, I will never see you that way.”

I nodded: “I know.”

Irina was somewhat pure-minded. Plus, it was easy to read her via her gaze. There wasn’t any trace of ulterior motives or schemes in her gaze. Her gaze, when she looked at me, was filled with love after she had a child. It was the exact same look Nier had back then. Irina didn’t view me as a tool. Camille considered me a tool but not Irina. Perhaps Irina didn’t quite understand her mother’s intent, which was why she still loved me wholeheartedly.

Lucia vigilantly watched Irina. She then quietly said, “Your Highness, what exactly do you want to do…? I don’t quite understand…”

“Lucia… I… I’m still not sure because I don’t know what you all think.” I smiled and then touched Lucia’s small head.

Lucia cheerfully squinted: “Your Highness, we’re not the best people to ask about this strange thing. Is Irina your mistress? As an elf, I can’t accept it. Speaking of which, you and Miss Ling Yue are in a relationship, aren’t you? She saved my life, however, so I can overlook it. What’s Irina considered, though?”

“It doesn’t matter to me,” Nier interjected, shaking her head. She then looked to Irina and elaborated, “I don’t think it matters either way. If Irina doesn’t get involved with us, our lives and you can ignore the child, in addition to not getting involved with my Daisy, then I can also approve. Further, this has to do with Empress Elizabeth. I will support Her Majesty.”

“Mm…” In a soft voice, I explained, “Lucia, I need to be candid with you. Honestly, if it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t agree to Mommy Sylvanas and Irina’s request. I outright refused them from the beginning, but now I want the dragon egg.

Lucia, you struggle to comprehend it, don’t you? For a human, their lifespan is very short. See how Mommy Elizabeth and Mommy Vyvyan look to be around the same age? Well, very soon, roughly by the time our girls have grown up, Mommy Elizabeth would already be old. Once our girls are adults, Mommy Elizabeth will have to leave us. On the other hand, Mommy Vyvyan would probably be around to see me lying on the bed whimpering my last words. Therefore, this is nothing short of torture for Mommy Elizabeth. Further, it’s not fair at all, wouldn’t you agree?”

Lucia inquired, “So, you’ve agreed to it?”

“Mm… I need to get your opinion.”

Lucia grinned. After a short pause, she let out a long sigh. Then, she slapped me across the face twice. I could hear ringing in my ears, but the slaps didn’t hurt. Despite me doing something so outrageous, Lucia still couldn’t bear to viciously hit me. She pulled her hand back. Tone gentle, she said, “Have it your way, then. However. However, you must do as Nier said. I do not want to see another person around.”

“Sorry, Lucia…”

“I’ve had enough of your apologies. Your Highness… Please… Please… never… apologise… to me… again…”


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