Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 105

Wings Shrouding the Sky (Part 7)

My night with Irina was somewhat embarrassing as predicted. Previously, my wives weren’t around. We chose to do it late at night, and Irina did her best not to moan aloud when we started. We were just doing it for a dragon egg, after all. We couldn’t show that we enjoyed it. That was a way of respecting my wives plus Irina’s guilt and courtesy. However, once Irina got into the mood, her moans grew bolder and bolder.

Irina stopped caring about controlling her moans. She shook her hips on top of me as if she craved it. She moaned louder and louder, bolder and bolder. Lucia would’ve perceived it as a provocation if she heard it.

Irina was comparable to a suction cup that sucked me dry. She tightly hugged me. The fatigue tried to rob my conscious. Irina refused to let go even once we were done. I don’t know if that was the dragon race’s trait or Irina’s herself. It didn’t feel that way in the past, yet I felt it then.

After a few rounds, Irina, drained, slid off. She lied there and gasped for air. She was a lot easier to please than other dragons. I instinctively hugged her. She went along with me and leaned onto my chest. She gently placed her hands on my chest and closed her eyes. I suppose she felt secure and bliss once she felt at ease. I, on the other hand, didn’t feel all that happy. Once it was time for me to enter sage mode, I watched her eventually fall asleep before covering her with the blanket and getting out of bed myself.

Lucia’s sleep at night was unstable as per usual, which was why she might be blankly sitting outside in a sour mood for all I knew. During the day, she said, “Your Highness, please don’t say sorry to me again, please don’t apologise to me again,” which worried me somewhat. She forgave every time I apologised. She never made me worry, yet she herself would be stuck bleeding from the effects of the pain I inflicted for a long, long time. I knew that it would be too mean if I went and hugged Lucia then. Using her gentleness and fearlessness, then trying to give her a hug to smooth it over was just scum.

I didn’t have any other way to extend Mommy Elizabeth’s lifespan. I didn’t know how to write poems or sing ‘Hello Hawaii,’ in English, so how was I supposed to extend Mommy Elizabeth and Nier’s lifespans? All I could do was use the dragon egg to extend their lifespans, granting them the chance to continue staying by my side. That was the only way. It was my only opportunity to help my mom and wife. I let Lucia down by doing that, but Lucia could stay by my side for a very, very long time.

“I guess I’ll use time to make it up to her. I’ll spend time at her side to make up for the pain I put Lucia through,” I decided.

I exited the cave. The wind outside blew my cloak open. It was freezing in the forest late at night. I wrapped my cloak around me due to my shivering. I peered into the dark forest underneath the cold and clear moonlight. The leaves blocked out most of the light. I was surprised to find nobody was outside. Lucia wasn’t outside. Uhm, nobody was outside. Instead, there was a dragon.

I’d never mistake the black scales. It was Dragon Mom. Lying on the ground, she took gentle breaths. Perhaps she was sleeping. When she heard my footsteps, she opened her golden eyes to look at me. I paused. I didn’t speak, as I was totally stunned. I didn’t expect Dragon Mom to be there.  I thought, “Why did Dragon Mom come out here to lie? This isn’t a nice place by any means, and it’s cold.”

Hesitantly, Dragon Mom inquired, “Did you come out for something, Son?”

“No, nothing, I just want to take a stroll.”

“Yeah?” Dragon Mom nodded and then slowly stood up. She stood before me with her humungous body that exuded a dragon’s unique dominant presence. She shook out her body to shake off the leaves on her. Then, she said, “Since you can’t sleep, how about flying a lap with Mommy? The weather is clear today, so it’s perfect for us to fly a lap.”

I didn’t know why Mom made the sudden suggestion. A whim, I guess? She should’ve been aware I wasn’t a fan of flying because I could barely glide, and it was frosty. Moreover, it was late at night. To my surprise, I nodded.

I climbed onto mom. She allowed me to lie on her back. I grabbed onto her scales. Mom slowly stood up and ensured I was secure before taking off. The gales whistled next to my ear. My eyes were reluctant to open and expose themselves to the moist and frosty temperature in the sky at night. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t even breathe. I suppose some people were fond of race cars due to the feeling of being pushed back into their seats. That said, I didn’t have a backrest behind me. The risk of falling weighed on my mind. Dragon Mom soon steadied her flight. I gradually sat straight up.

Mom was right. There were no clouds that night, and it was bright despite the time. I could also see the stream down below as well as the forest. I could even see the smoke from the fires that had been put out. That should’ve been the flames acting as light for the town if I was correct. That was the first time the moon overhead seemed so closed. I was even afraid I’d hit my head on it and, thus, bent down a little. The moon in this world was weird. It was different to the moon I once saw. The moon in this world didn’t have a single blemish on it. It was as though it wasn’t a planet.

Mom suddenly spoke up: “If this was in the past, we would fly together as a group underneath such a soothing moonlight. Our bodies could virtually cover the entire sky. Our wings alone could shroud the moonlight, engulfing everything down below in darkness. When Mommy was younger, Mommy loved to draw all sort of pictures in the ground using Mommy’s wings for fun.”

Mom drew all sorts of beautiful lines with her flight underneath the moonlight. While looking at the sky, she nostalgically told me, “At the time, I never thought about how the future would be once I grew up, and I never put any thought into what’d happen. Now, though, Mommy hasn’t even reached middle-age, yet Mommy has begun to consider things after death. Dragons never fear death. What we fear is vanishing.”

I didn’t respond, as I didn’t need to. I had figured out what Dragon Mom was trying to express.

“I know that you see Mommy as a traitor, a jerk for what Mommy did this time. Mommy wasn’t considerate of you and didn’t care about your feelings. I know you must be mad at Mommy, but I hope you can understand. Son, Mommy knows fear, too. Mommy is afraid right now, too. After seeing the wings shroud the sky that day, Mommy regretted and felt agonised, as well. I used to be filled with pride upon seeing that grand scene, yet I all I felt was pain and rage when I saw it again… Son, don’t blame Mommy. Please, you’re Mommy’s only family. If even you hate Mommy, Mommy really doesn’t know what to do… I really… can’t do anything… Son…”

“It’s all right, Mom, I don’t blame you.”

I honestly didn’t blame Mom. I didn’t blame any of my Moms; nobody was wrong. It was just that what we coveted was different. If I could make them happy, I’d be very happy myself.

Once I finished up what I wanted to do, I’d head back. As for what happened in the forest afterwards, it was none of my business… Henceforward, the dragon race would need to continue on their path on their own. I didn’t want to have too much involvement. The dragons wouldn’t be able to threaten the North again after the big massacre, and they fundamentally lost their future. I gave them their last hope. I didn’t want to see such a prominent race just vanish henceforth. Despite it being true that they brought it upon themselves, I didn’t want to see the last dragon’s lonely tears…


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