Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 102

Wings Shrouding the Sky (Part 4)

I turned around to see Irina’s somewhat pale face. She gently pursed her lips into a smile. However, her lips were pale.  I didn’t know if the blow to her mentally or physically was more severe. Although I had a kid with her for the dragon race, she must’ve genuinely really liked her child. I wondered if she knew of her miscarriage. I wondered how crushed her heart would be if she saw the crushed egg. As I could see that her eyes were totally red, I figured I could safely presume that dragons could cry till their eyes turn red.

Irina’s eyes showed her unspeakable agony. She tightly gripped the corner of her shirt and kept her head down. She softly apologised, “Sorry, sorry, King Troy. I am so useless. I failed to protect you, and I failed to protect our child. I failed to protect anything. I am truly so useless…”

Irina loathed herself and leaned her head on my chest. She tightly gripped my arms and quivered. She kept on mumbling “sorry.” Perhaps her guilt was killing her inside. She dumped all of the blame on her shoulders. She thought that she failed to protect me. I felt gazes savagely piercing through my back. My wives were there watching me, so I couldn’t kiss her as I did before. All I could do was touch her head: “It’s not your fault. Your only mistake was failing to protect yourself. You, yourself, are the most precious.”

“I am not precious. You can find as many dragons that are the same as me as you want.”

“But you’re the only one now. Therefore, you’re the future of the dragon race. You’re as precious as a dragon egg.”

The sight of the dragons’ corpses was quite heart wrenching for Irina. Nier and Lucia were cleaning them up before breakfast. Perhaps they noticed how close Irina and I was and thereby decided to provoke her. Nier started using a more bloody way of cutting up the dragons’ corpses, while Lucia, who was showing a degree of respect by picking their body parts up with two hands and carefully placing them in, started soccer kicking them down.

Irina’s pride as a dragon crumbled as she looked at the shape her erstwhile companions were in because of her. Moreover, as opposed to dying a glorious death fighting against invaders, they died because she and they turned on each other. Irina used to think being a dragon was something to be proud of, as they were the only ones who could spread their wings to soar in the sky and reach snowy peaks. When a dragon roared, all species would quiver in fear. They were the mightiest race on the continent, yet they used that peerless might to kill their own kind in the end. Furthermore, the ones she killed were her own companions she’d been living with.

Irina killed them, as she knew that they deserved to die. She bared her claws at her fellow dragons. Her fellow companions stole her arm, her child and almost stole her husband and mom. That was in the nature of the dragon race and how they wielded their gifted might. What a shameful feeling.

I supported Irina to help her sit down on a chair. She then took in a deep breath and said, “Sorry, King Troy. I know that your wife, umm, wives will not accept me; nevertheless, I hope you can fulfil my last request. Can you give me a dragon egg? I believe I can have more dragon eggs. Please, I will not cling to you or ask you to do anything. I just want a child. I just want a dragon egg; that is all. I beg you… Please. Please fulfil this final wish of mine…”

Irina’s tears rolled down her face. Nier looked at her then coldly snorted before continuing to hack the dragon corpses. Lucia was a lot gentler than Lucia, but she shook her head with a resolute expression.

Smiling, I replied, “I’m sorry, but as you can see, unfortunately, my wives aren’t willing to see our current relationship. As such, I’m sorry; though I sympathise with you, I’m not willing to betray my wives. If they weren’t present, then possibly, but they’re here now, so I can’t do anything with you when they’re so resolute in their stance. It’s absolutely impossible.”

“I-I see.” Irina looked as if she was dumped in an abyss of despair.

Honestly, anybody would’ve felt sorry for her if they saw her then. In saying that, that was all I could do. My wives were right behind me. Was I supposed to do something with Irina while making them watch on hopelessly? After seeing how much Lucia was hurt after she caught me with Nier, I swore to never upset Lucia again, so I had to refuse Irina.

“Perhaps it’s a little too soon for you to refuse it right now. Son, come sit down. This isn’t as simple as you may think,” said Mommy Sylvanas, who pressed her hand on my shoulder from behind.

Honestly speaking, I started to question exactly which side Sylvanas was on at that point… Normally, there would be no “and after…” Based on what Vyvyan and Elizabeth were thinking, I should’ve been heading home. If I had to guess, I’d surmise they’d even want to skip breakfast to start heading back sooner.

I turned to face Mommy Sylvanas and pondered, “This place with the dragons is too dangerous, yet Mommy Sylvanas still wants to talk about it after I clearly voiced my refusal?”

Mommy Sylvanas’ eyes appeared to show a hint of guilt. She gently touched my face. In a tender voice, she explained, “I understand what you’re thinking, Son. Mommy understands. That said, the dragon race is heading toward extinction after this incident. Look around, Son. What you’re seeing is Mommy’s own kin’s corpses. If we just up and leave, the last dragon will be Irina. Do you want her to stay here and die alone without anyone to keep her company? Son, Mommy is a dragon when it comes down to it. You may not have any invested feelings for the dragon race, but what about for Mommy? What about Irina? Indeed, this is unfair on you; but nevertheless, Mommy won’t make you suffer this for nothing. A dragon egg is a product of pure mana. It can provide Elizabeth with a long lifespan; hence, if this is successful, I will definitely give the egg to Elizabeth, allowing her to spend more time by your side. What do you think? You don’t need to do anything. It won’t ruin your family, and it most certainly won’t be a burden for you. Henceforth, the dragon race shall continue to reside here, while you can live in the Imperial Palace. You don’t have to take any responsibility.”


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