Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 94

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 28)

I didn’t think it had anything to do with me. Actually, it’d be more accurate to say that Irina and the horde of dragons gave me no chance of participating in it. They bickered over who I belonged to, yet nobody ever asked for my input.

Irina pulled me behind her and fiercely glared at the horde of dragons before her. The dragons didn’t retreat. Instead, they bent over, which was obviously them poising themselves to attack. They all knew Irina wasn’t joking. Irina could gnaw her good friend’s head off without any remorse, so she could gnaw their necks off all the same. That was why all of them were vigilant. Although female dragons didn’t crave battle as much as male dragons, they were dragons without a doubt. Therefore, their battles could be just as brutal.

“Everyone, everyone, please calm down. Irina, you don’t have to take such an extreme stance. Let’s think this over properly. Calm down. We’re all dragons. We’re all friends and family. We’ve never fought each other before, so we don’t have to now, either. What is there that we cannot discuss?” Seeing that the dragons were about to be engulfed in internal conflict, Camille swiftly stepped up with a smile to resolve it.

Camille pushed Irina behind her using her wings and indicated for her not to speak using her gaze. Irina grumpily stepped back. She turned around and pulled me into her embrace. I blankly looked at her. She hugged me the same way as in the past, but it was the first time I saw such an affectionate look in her eyes, startling me.

I had never seen Irina with such an affectionate gaze before. Luckily, though, it wasn’t that savage, possessive, yandere gaze. It was closer to affection. It was the look a wife looked at her husband she deeply loved when they were newlyweds. However, her love was frankly a little burdensome.

“I haven’t done anything recently that’s worth her loving me so deeply, have I? Did I do something?” I asked myself.

“I won’t let them take you.” Irina licked my face then snuggled up to me. Then she looked at the horde of dragons, but didn’t speak for the meantime.

Camille did her best to converse with the horde: “Please calm down, everyone.  Please calm down. I know what you want, but haven’t we been fine without for so long without a male dragon? We can still take it. Nevertheless, I can swear on my name that these two are truly in love. The two of them are not forced together due to a secret or scheme. They are truly in love. Do you want to destroy their romance? That’s wrong. Love is innocent; it needs to be protected!”

“We acknowledge that love is great. Having said that, is this really the right time to be speaking of love? Your daughter took the only male dragon when he belongs to us. You brought him to your side under the guise of protection and care. Then, you suddenly declared they were getting married. A child has now died as a result of this. Tell me, should you not compensate us?!”

“These are two different matters! Troy’s romance with my daughter has nothing to do with Janet, does it?! If that’s what you want to talk about, fine. Irina accidentally killed her because she thoughtlessly trespassed into our property. We’re very apologetic about it, but that doesn’t mean Irina was wrong! Would you not get angry if you saw a woman on top of your husband?”

“That’s not the problem here. Additionally, your matters caused an innocent girl to lose her life. Your accusation of us going overboard is what’s overboard here. You can accuse us of being unreasonable if you please. That doesn’t change the fact that you, our elder, was selfish enough to monopolise Troy. He’s not exclusive to you. Troy should be our race’s treasure. Since you want to revive the race, you should hand him over!”

“It’s true that I really want to revive our dragon race, but the key here is that Irina and Troy are in love. Moreover, you’re not even interested in reviving our race. You just want to fulfil your lust! You’ll end up killing Troy! Troy may be a pure-blooded dragon, but he can’t handle so many of you! You’ll kill him! Have you forgotten how our dragon race was destroyed?!”

“That’s still not a reason for Irina to hog him! Why were they able to fall in love? It was because they were able to meet. You want to manipulate him to set it into stone! You just want to selfishly control him by your side! As opposed to saying you want to revive the dragon race, it’s more accurate to say that you want to revive your family, alone, and that’s it!”

The furious dragons began to encroach upon us step by step.  The development between me and Irina apparently infuriated the dragons to a serious degree. With that said, they couldn’t unleash their suppressed anger yet due to Camille. Irina killed a dragon, which gave them an excuse to start the fiasco. Furthermore, they had no intention of backing down. As they said, they wanted me. I had to be handed over; otherwise, they wouldn’t back down.

“Everyone, everyone, calm down. Calm down. Wait, okay? Wait. We need to rediscuss who Troy belongs to. Let’s discuss it properly. We can’t have any internal fighting. Our race is already on the cusp of extinction. If we fight amongst ourselves now, we will only continue to wither away. Therefore, calm down, everyone. Calm down, all right?!” exclaimed Camille, who retreated a little. I noticed her expression become stern. She looked at her daughter and then me. She then faced back to the horde of dragons and went on, “I’ll go call Sylvanas, all right? Sylvanas is Troy’s mother and a venerated pure-blooded dragon. We have to ask for her input on the matter, all right? Wait for now. Wait, all right?!”

The horde hesitated. Camille felt relieved. It seemed that the horde of dragons was still aware of the concept called boundaries. While Camille and Irina couldn’t stop their fury, Sylvanas could. Sylvanas was a pure-blooded descendant; hence, their difference in strength was worlds’ apart. If Sylvanas was enraged, she could easily wipe out all the dragons present.

Camille spun around. Fortunately, the dragons were still unaware of Sylvanas’ condition. Sylvanas was able to overrule them. The problem was that she was still comatose. Camille needed to make an antidote first. However, Camille had to ensure that the horde didn’t lose it while she was busy concocting the antidote.

“I will go and call her. Wait here for me,” stated Camille.

Camille had to stall for time and get Sylvanas to come out. Sylvanas was the key to resolving the conflict. If Sylvanas didn’t wake up, the dragons would swarm the two and take Troy. Nobody could say for sure if he’d even last for a day.

“Irina, do not aggravate them. They’ve already lost they’re minds. They’re completely nuts now. If you aggravate them, Troy will be in danger, so stay here. I can’t let them know about Sylvanas’ condition. It’ll be even more dangerous, otherwise. You two stay here and don’t get worked up, understood?”

Irina gave a small nod. Just when Camille turned around, a dragon stepped out from behind and shouted, “Stop! You can’t have us wait here. If you don’t come back after a long time, what do we do?!”

“All right, then,” answered Camille. She went back into her house and came out with a small hourglass. She set it on the ground: “I promise to come out before all the sand falls, all right? I promise to come out.”

“All right.”

The horde finally calmed down. The hourglass was placed between our two factions. I watched the sand pour down. It poured very quickly, so I couldn’t help but feel I was in great danger. I wasn’t convinced Camille would come out in time, and I didn’t have the foggiest clue as to what I was going to be subjected to.

The dragons opposite us sat down. They silently watched us. They didn’t show any dangerous behaviour, but I was still scared of their intense gazes, especially when the hourglass could determine my fate. I could practically hear the sound of the sand.

Irina obediently followed orders. Her gaze brimmed with rage and savageness, but she didn’t provoke them. Instead, she protected me. It was one dragon against another. I gently pressed my hand onto her tail. While blankly looking in the horde’s direction, I asked, “What do they want to do with us…?”

Irina bit down on her lip. She lowered her head to look at me. Her eyes were filled with sweet love. In a soft voice, she replied, “Long-story short, nothing you want to experience. Didn’t I tell you? Not everybody knows how to control themselves. If they take you away, you’ll never be able to come back. Also, I initially wanted to tell you this in an official situation. King Troy… Perhaps you are unaware… but I am pregnant. I am pregnant with our child now.”


A dragon’s patience erupted before I could shout. Dumbfounded, I looked in the direction I heard the voice. The dragon crushed the hourglass with her claw. Scowling, she unleashed a breath of hot air as she thundered, “We can’t wait any longer! She hasn’t come out after so long. I’m sure Sylvanas isn’t inside! She’s lying to us!! She’s always been lying to us!! Let’s go!! The male dragon should be ours!! He’s not exclusive to them! He’s ours!!”


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