Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 93

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 27)

“All right, let’s discuss this.”

The huge dragon placed me behind her. The beauty of her crystal-transparent scales could compare to snowflakes. Her scales reflected the light from the snowy land. She stood before the horde of dragons with a cold and stern expression. She wrapped her tail around me. The dragons surrounded us.

I could tell that the dragons were absolutely hostile. If it wasn’t for Irina standing before me, I’d already probably be a corpse. Let’s rewind a bit to explain how the situation came to be.

Truthfully, it had nothing to do with me. I swear that it had nothing to do with me. The head that was gnawed off and the corpse that was flung through the air had nothing to do with me. Janet started it. I was just going to apologise, but she leapt at me, pushed me down and kissed me. I struggled against her but lacked the strength to escape. That was when Irina returned. She froze at the sight of us being intimate. Next, she roared and transformed into her dragon form. She gnawed her friend’s head off and spat it out as if it was a cannon ball.

Irina guarded my rear. Camille and her squared off against the horde of dragons. Although the dragons were currently on good terms and were aware the race was on the brink of extinction, they wouldn’t allow their own kind to kill each other and not speak up; or rather, it was something that couldn’t be forgiven.

Irina roared, “Janet violated my husband. She tried to use force to make my husband submit. I will never allow that. My husband is my husband. I can’t forgive betrayal and lying. I killed a woman who seduced my husband. According to the rules, I should be applauded not met with the hostility you are showing me right now!”

Camille tapped her daughter. In a comparatively gentler tone, she explained, “This is actually all a misunderstanding. Please listen to my explanation. We will be sure to provide you with a satisfactory answer. This happened because Janet came to our place without notifying us prior. She accidentally came into contact with my daughter’s husband and got aroused. My daughter can’t allow something so offensive to happen. We once lived in the elven lands, so we should all be aware that we have the right to kill her for seducing our daughters’ husband. As such, both of us are at fault in this incident. If you must name a mistake, it would be that Janet can’t trespass into our property due to curiosity.”

“You’re right.”

Camille was considered similarly to an elder. At present, the horde of dragons didn’t plan to attack us yet, so you could say they still obey their elderesque figure.

I tensely watched the horde of dragons. A big horde of dragons came knocking not long after Irina killed Janet. It was the first time Irina furiously brought me outside to confront them. She didn’t show any signs of compromise.

From among the horde, one of the dragons glanced at the corpse on the ground: “You’re right. If my daughter initiated it by trying to steal Troy, then it is a matter of course for Irina to kill her. However, do you truly believe that to be the case? Irina can kill my daughter. If they duelled and I saw Janet get killed, I wouldn’t complain, but is that really what happened? Irina launched a surprise attack on my daughter when she hadn’t even transformed into her dragon form. Do you not think that Irina isn’t at fault? The real reason I’m angry is because she sneak attacked my daughter!”

Meanwhile, I was thinking, “Have you any idea how ridiculous you sound? You don’t care about your daughter’s life but how she died? Frankly, I’m the biggest victim here. I was pushed down without knowing anything. A female dragon pushed me down and almost raped me. Is nobody going to comfort me? Why do I have to go through this when I didn’t do anything? Janet’s death has nothing to do with me. I didn’t attack or seduce her.”

Camille and her daughter exchanged glances. It seemed that the complaint was truly a problem. How one died appeared to be connected to a family’s honour. Camille answered, “You’re right, and I admit it. My daughter was too infuriated, admittedly, so she attacked without requesting a duel first. In saying that, it definitely doesn’t qualify as a despicable and shameless sneak attack. We are to blame, and we admit it. So, instead of trying to determine who has more fault to be blamed for, how about we think about how to resolve this? We can’t waste a single drop of dragon blood now. Let’s not have any more conflicts.”

I didn’t know what exactly the horde of dragons wanted, but I couldn’t help shuddering due to the way they kept scanning me. Last time, I had Dragon Mom, so I wasn’t afraid. She wasn’t around this time, while I couldn’t help but feel that they wanted to lay their hands on me.

The dragons exchanged eye-contact and then turned back to Camille. They appeared to agree that the dragon race couldn’t lose any more of their own kind to internal warfare. The leader spoke up: “In our opinion, you cannot hog Troy, understand? Troy was Queen Dowager Sylvanas gift for us to begin with, but he’s been living at your place for too long. Troy doesn’t belong to you. He belongs to the entire dragon race. We request that you hand him over.”

I froze. I never expected me to be their target. I thought they’d fight with Camille and Irina.

I pondered, “But what do they want me for…? Wait…”

I recalled Mom’s younger brother and shivered. I could virtually see the future all of a sudden. I fearfully looked at Irina and Camille. Interpretation of my gaze: “You can’t hand me over. If you hand me over, I’ll be reduced to a plaything. I’m treated as a normal individual right now, but these dragons have nothing to do with me. They’ll rape me just as Janet tried to! I don’t want to leave this place!”

Irina spread her wings then looked at the horde with a fierce gaze and roared before Camille could reply: “That’s impossible! Troy is my husband! How can I share my husband with you?! He’s my husband, my only husband. I will never hand him over! That’s impossible!”

It was clear that Irina was ready to fight to the bitter end.  If Irina wasn’t the one who imprisoned me, I’d be touched.

Camille quickly pulled her daughter back. With a smile, she replied, “I can understand what you mean. Indeed, Troy is, at current, the last male dragon that we know of. I know you all want to sleep with him. Unfortunately, Troy is already with my daughter. We follow monogamy practices. There will not be any sharing, so you’re better off asking for something else. I promise to do my best to satisfy any other request. As for Troy, he is off limits. He’s not mine but my daughter’s. You just witnessed my daughter’s stance on the matter.”

“We want Troy.”

The horde of dragons’ gazes stopped on me, causing me to shudder and start fearing for my life. Irina hid me behind her even more carefully and guarded me with her tail. She responded, “I told you, not possible. Troy is my husband. I won’t hand him over. That’s impossible.”

Someone in the horde yelled, “Don’t you think you’re incredibly sly? He’s the only male dragon, yet you arranged for him to stay at your place since that night. You never asked for our opinion. You selfishly hogged the male dragon Queen Dowager Sylvanas brought to us without discussing it with us. You never respected us. You selfishly embezzled a treasure without ever considering us! If you had discussed Troy’s arrangement with us from the start, this wouldn’t have happened! You privately got married without our permission. We object to this marriage!”

The leader of the horde seemed to get a shot of courage. She exclaimed, “That’s right. You’re not husband and wife! Also, you hogged Troy. Troy wasn’t yours to begin with. He was a gift Sylvanas gave our race, yet you two hogged him. We’ve already shown the utmost leniency. We never made any outrageous demands. We merely want to take back what’s ours. We want to take back what you embezzled!”

“Troy is not your asset!! He’s my husband! Sylvanas and Troy chose to live with us! That’s not our fault! Moreover, we never embezzled him! Didn’t we notify you before I married him?! Why didn’t you complain then?!”

“That was a notification, not a discussion. You had already settled on it and merely notified us! That’s called monopolising, not discussion!! In short, we need Troy. We want Troy. That’s our bottom line! We won’t make a compromise!!”

“I will never hand you my husband! If you want to take him by force, I’ll give you the same treatment as her! Try me if you doubt me!” Irina fearlessly thundered at the horde. At the same time, she flashed her teeth to make herself appear fierce.

I blankly stood behind Irina. I admit that I was very touched by the fact that Irina wouldn’t back down when protecting me, but… but the one thing I had to gripe about was, could somebody ask for my opinion? I was being treated as if I wasn’t alive. Don’t go treating me as a commodity!


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