Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 92

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 26)

Irina never thought she was pregnant. Irina had been diligently working non-stop for the goal. She’d been working day and night for it; however, she lost confidence and hope when her belly never showed any response. Lately, she felt slightly tired and would always space out. Never did she link the symptoms with pregnancy. She thought she was merely tired from toiling day and night. That was why she chose to rest recently. After all, she couldn’t allow her fatigue to impact her life and work. That day, she finally realised her fatigue and lack of concentration was because a dragon egg had formed in her belly.

Normally speaking, a dragon who was in her initial stage of pregnancy wouldn’t show any signs. That allowed them to maintain their overwhelming combat prowess when in the wild, thereby allowing them to protect their child. However, after a certain period of time, the mother dragon would show signs of fatigue and weakness, which was when she’d choose to curl up next to her trustworthy husband and family until she gave birth. The reason the dragon race had a small population was because they had to lay the egg, and then it had to hatch. The egg was a dense mana environment when in the mother’s body, which provided the infant dragon with a safe environment once born and outside its mother’s body. Once the infant expended all the mana the egg provided it, the egg cracked and turned to powder.

You could say it wasn’t a big deal when the infant formed in the egg. Nevertheless, once born, the mother dragon had hatched the egg in her dragon form, for the infant dragon had to see their mother in her dragon form once they emerged from their egg. Only that way would the infant successfully develop to take on its dragon form instead of some strange creature.

“Fantastic, fantastic; Irina, you’re pregnant. You have a dragon egg that’s slowly developing in you now. You have a child now. You still have some time to bid farewell to your friends. Once you’ve done that, Mommy will take you to another cave and take care of you the entire time until you lay the egg.”

With a bright smile, Camille pulled her daughter into her embrace. It was fantastic news to Camille. Just an hour ago, she was concerned for her life; hence, considering using drugs to get Troy infatuated with her daughter to skirt around Sylvanas’ rage. There was no longer any need for that. Sylvanas wouldn’t harm her even if she did come to, as she would have to face Irina, who was pregnant with the hope of the dragon race. As a dragon, a venerated dragon for that matter, Sylvanas would never be hostile to Irina and definitely not the latter’s child. Sylvanas would be able to go home with Troy. Camille didn’t require anybody’s help with raising the child – possibly several children. After all, raising several children was no challenge for Camille. Further, she was still powerful, so what happened before would never happen again.

As a dragon, Camille had to live with dragons. Camille considered Troy dead since he was a dragon who was clueless about their race. Camille wasn’t going to let her daughter become another ignorant Troy. She, therefore, planned to personally raise her daughter’s child.

Irina didn’t show a delighted expression as her mother did, though. To the contrary, she didn’t reveal the gentle look of bliss or joy. She, to the contrary, panicked and was terrified. Irina never thought she’d get pregnant but voila. The news was comparable to lightning on a clear day. It was true that she was dedicated to getting pregnant. When she was actually pregnant, though, fear choked her.

Irina was just an ordinary girl, after all, yet she was abruptly a mother. The sudden good news was perceived as grievous news to her. Irina considered the future to be akin to a drifting and unsettled cloud. She, herself, had no idea where she was headed from there.

“Don’t be scared. Don’t be scared, Honey. Being pregnant is a most honourable thing. Becoming a mother is a great honour and having your own child is a very, very blissful experience. Don’t be scared, Irina. There’s no need for you to feel scared. Mommy will be by your side. Mommy will help you raise your child.”

Camille was completely oblivious of her daughter’s problem. All women felt that sense of fear upon becoming a mother as, no matter how one thought about it, it sounded weird to have a new life in their belly. Their love for their child and their fear for the future left them at their wits end. Having their husband or family by their side was great for the mother during such times.

Irina’s husband still couldn’t be considered her husband in all aspects of the meaning of the word. Although he was her child’s father, her child may never see their father again, for their father and mother were, in reality, two individuals belonging to two completely different worlds. However, the child wouldn’t be lonely.

“Mom… Mom… I have to tell King Troy. I have to tell King Troy…”

Irina gradually recovered her rationality as she leaned onto her mom’s chest. With her family present, Irina was no longer so afraid. After all, her mother was an authority on the matter. The first thing that came to Irina’s blank mind was him, the child’s father, the King of the North of elven origins. She wanted to inform Troy of the joyous news. She wanted to tell him he was the child’s father. To a certain degree, he was considered her husband. She, therefore, should inform him of her pregnancy in addition to her mother.

Camille touched her daughter’s face. With a soft laugh, she said, “Yes, we should. He is your child’s father when it comes down to it, after all. Since we have obtained what we were after, we should let Sylvanas and him think about what they want to do in the future. Don’t worry, Honey. Troy is unlikely to stay despite this being his child. After all, he and Sylvanas can’t consider this place a haven of beautiful memories.”

Camille never expected her life to be fraught with extreme highs and lows. Just an hour ago, she was thinking about how reluctant she was to die to Slyvanas. She thought about drugging Troy to make him infatuated with her daughter to protect herself. Before the day was over, her position, relative to Sylvanas, had been reversed. Even if Sylvanas woke up at this point, her first reaction wouldn’t be to seek vengeance but to discuss who the child would belong to. Sylvanas would even remain there for some time for the child’s sake. In fact, she may even choose to not return.

Everything was fine as long as they had the child. Everything would be fine. After all, everything that took place was for the sake of the child’s birth. Everybody would be willing to let grudges slide once she notified the parties involved of Irina’s pregnancy. In short, the matter had essentially been settled.

Camille didn’t make it home in time. Thus, she gave Irina her check-up outdoors. She pulled her daughter up. Irina still had quite a decent amount of vigour, but she would soon be weak and tired, subsequently reluctant to move about. That would also be when she was most vulnerable since she couldn’t do much when pregnant.

“Let’s go home. Let’s go home. Tell Troy about this, and wake up Sylvanas. We need to have another family meeting. We have obtained everything we wanted now. It’s time we apologise to our two guests. Regardless of the circumstances, we shouldn’t have done that.”


Irina looked at her belly that had yet to bulge and gently touched it. Once her initial fear settled, she felt the joy of becoming a mother and informing her husband. She couldn’t resist the urge to imagine how Troy would react upon learning of her pregnancy. She wondered if he’d laugh with joy or be dumbfounded with surprise. However he reacted would be interesting to her, regardless.

Irina might have forgotten that she didn’t have a husband. Living a life of a husband and wife didn’t make the two husband and wife. Their relationship wasn’t bad, but they weren’t in love. Irina, however, viewed Troy has her husband once she learnt she was pregnant with his child.

Irina may have mistaken something: being pregnant didn’t imply that Troy would fall in love with her, and it definitely wasn’t an indicator of him staying with her. Irina’s thinking was too naïve. She was naïve enough to think that the child was their eternity. In reality, her child was just that, a child.


Present time in the cave.

Puzzled, I asked Janet, “Why… are you again?”

I have to say, Irina and Camille did a horrendous job of guarding against thieves. Janet seemed to be aware Irina wasn’t home, which would explain why she didn’t knock and, instead, welcomed herself inside without any qualms. She came straight in, sat down in a chair and checked the place out with a smile.

“I’m not here to see you this time, so don’t be so tense. I truly came to see Irina this time. Ah, I must see her. I came to send her an invitation. Our friend’s birthday is coming up soon, so we’re inviting her to come along.”

Janet took out an exquisite card from her pocket and handed it to me. She didn’t seem to be lying.

I nodded and then went to grab it. Due to her letting go a bit too soon, nevertheless, I couldn’t catch it, leading to it dropping to the ground. The two of us instinctively crouched down to grab it. Our fingers suddenly touched…


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