Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 77

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 11)

“What have you done?! What have you done?!! You fucking bitch, I’m going to kill you! I swear I’ll personally do unto you what you did to my mom! Undo what you did to my mom! Undo what you did to her, and I’ll promise you a quick one!”

I tried with all my might to stand up, but my knees were soon pierced. Camille’s sharp claws speared through the gold and pinned me to the ground. My joints were shattered, causing large blobs of blood to spill out. Every time I tried to break free, I could see the shocking sight of my white joints moving about where my blood was spilling from.

The joints I needed to create movement were shattered. I wanted to fight back, but Camille saw through me, and thereby quickly destroyed my knees, pinning me to the ground. The huge holes in my knees felt as though my calves might end up separated from my leg. My blood ran along the gold. My blood pouring out was accompanied by my deafening cursing. I guess I suffered a severe wound. I couldn’t feel my arms or lower leg. All I could feel was concern and resentment.

Mom’s lifeless white pupils were trained on me, or rather, I was looking at her. My eyes were fixed on her. I silently pleaded in my mind, “Please, Mom, please wake up. Please wake up and look at me. I beg you. Please tell me that you’re okay…”

Despite my predicament, I didn’t feel weak or even pain. All I could feel was rage. I wanted to jump to my feet and murder her. I wanted to murder the two dragons before me, but I couldn’t move. I knew my expression had become distorted. I transform into a dragon when I’m enraged.

“Dragon transformation,” said Camille. She walked up to me and strangled my face. She stroked the scales on my face and, in a quiet voice, said, “You really did transform into a dragon. I knew it. You are a genuine dragon. You are a dragon descendant with pure dragon blood. Sylvanas was stupid. How stupid to hide this treasure and not use it herself. Has she gotten too used to her identity as a mother?”

“What did you do to my mom?! What did you do to her?!!”

“Didn’t I already tell you? It’s just some poison. It’s what elves used to use against us dragons. In reality, it’s not that useful. I presume its original purpose was to kill us, but all it’s capable of is inducing enough pain to make a dragon want to die. However, that activates our innate ability as dragons. We fall into a deep slumber when we’re on the brink of death. In other words, without an antidote, Sylvanas will remain in an eternal slumber.”

Camille sat down on my chest. She gently thrust her slender and long finger into my shoulder, which felt as though it had been shattered by her previous thrust. She stuck her finger inside and then drew a circle in there. She then grabbed the scales on my face with her bloody hands and laughed in a soft voice: “And so, you are a hostage. You’re now a dragon. This wound is nothing to you. I’m sure that your arms and legs will recover in a few hours’ time. Nevertheless, your Mommy Sylvanas won’t be able to. Therefore, if you want your mom to live, get Irina pregnant.”

“This is kidnapping! You think I’ll help you after you’ve done this?!! I just need to leave. I have no need to help you lot!”

“The prerequisite is that you have to have the ability to leave.” Camille swiftly brought her face up to mine. Her eyes were the same as Irina’s. She looked at me with a fierce and pleased look.  A smile crept up on her face. With a soft laugh, she retorted, “It’s impossible for you to leave this place. The dragons here won’t let you leave. Frankly, I didn’t kidnap you. I protected you. You think the dragons won’t leap at you and play with you until you’re dead? Fortunately, I’m looking after you.”

Camille then stood up. She abruptly shoved her daughter over to me. Her daughter, who was quaking, shrieked as she tripped over to me. Camille folded her arms: “I don’t intend to bargain with you. Look at your Mommy Sylvanas. If you want to save her and take her home, hurry up and get my daughter pregnant. I’ll release you once she’s pregnant. I absolutely will keep my word.”

“I… I…”

I was seething. I ignored Irina, who was struggling to get to her feet. I knew it wasn’t Irina’s fault. I was sure that she didn’t want to go along with her mother. Despite that, though, I couldn’t contain my anger. I wished she’d get off me; otherwise, I was going to lose it.

Camille snorted: “Irina, take him back to the room. Your job is to now get pregnant. Focus all of your energy on that. If you want to go home sooner, then do your best to get Irina pregnant as soon as you can. Oh, right, Irina is a dragon, and she can transform into a full dragon, so if you try to do something and anger her, she might kill you. Thus, I suggest you don’t even think about harming my daughter.”


“Oh, yeah, I already told you, I don’t want to bargain with you. I’m not making a trade with you. It’s merely blackmail. You’re a dragon, yourself. Since you’re a dragon, you should obey the dragon race’s request. If you keep haggling, I’ll call all the female dragons here, and I’ll have Sylvanas witness eyes you being ravished to death with her own.”

“I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!! I swear I’ll kill you! I swear it!!! I won’t let anybody harm my mom! Never!”

“It doesn’t matter,” nonchalantly replied Camille. She looked at me with the same expression. She nonchalantly shrugged and then pivoted around: “It doesn’t matter to me if I die. I lost the desire to live long ago. Irina is my only motivation to live. As long as this succeeds, it doesn’t matter to me if you kill me. The question is, will you bear to kill Irina? Don’t forget that she’ll be pregnant with your child.”

Camille left, leaving just Irina and I.

I huffed and puffed. It felt as if there wasn’t enough oxygen to satisfy my body. My entire body was akin to a blaze.

I wanted to kill Camille. I wanted to rip her limb from limb in front of Mommy Sylvanas! I was too naïve, far too naïve. I never imagined that she’d do that. She did drug me, but I didn’t think it was going too far, which is why I felt that I could communicate with the dragons. I never expected her to dare go after my mom. I didn’t expect her to dare harm Sylvanas.

I silently fumed, “Is she fearless for the sake of her goal?! Does she not care about the consequences?! Does she not care about anything, as long as she can have a child, or rather, make me and her daughter have a child?! She never even asked for her daughter’s opinion!!”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty! King Troy! You will be all right. You will be all right. Trust me. Trust me. I… I know that you will not trust me now… But… but… I genuinely do not want… I really did not think… Mom would resort to this method… I truly never expected it… Sorry… I am sorry… Sorry… I am so, so… So sorry…”

I believed Irina told the truth, because she, too, was quivering. Her legs were weak. She couldn’t stand steady, either. She was stuttering. Her face was paler than Mom’s. It was as if it wasn’t my mom that was lying there but hers. In a flustered fashion, she tried to pull me up, and take me away, but she couldn’t, unfortunately. As a matter of fact, her hands shook more violently than mine.

I desperately tried to break free of Irina. Noticing that, her expression looked incredibly anguished. She solemnly looked at me: “You would not believe me if I told you, would you…? It is true, though… It is true… I never thought about doing this… I never thought about it…. I would never use this method… I did not think this would happen… I am very sorry… Very, very, sorry… I… I… I… don’t know what will happen, either… All I can do is apologise… I… I cannot do anything…”

“I believe you…”

I huffed and puffed as I struggled against Irina. Perhaps my nerves were somewhat weak due to my anger and wounds, leading to my vision being somewhat dark and blurry. I flared up, and I wanted to act upon that anger. As a result, I couldn’t maintain my friendly expression. I took in a deep breath and demanded, “Mom… My mom… Sylvanas…. Irina… Go help her first… Help her…”

Irina’s expression froze. I desperately tried to lift my head. I looked at Irina and yelled, “Hurry!”

“Ah, Oh, All right…”

Irina finally came to her senses and staggered over. She desperately tried to pull Mommy Sylvanas up. Mom’s body was limp, as well. Irina was unable to muster up enough strength to move Sylvanas. Sadly, I couldn’t do anything. All I could do was blankly lie there on the ground and look at Mom’s lifeless eyes.

My heart wasn’t wounded, but the heart that Mom gave me throbbed painfully. Every drop of blood in me filled me with despair. My blood overflowed, covering gold in my blood.

“I don’t want my mom to get hurt… I will definitely save her. I swear it…” I told myself.


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