Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 76

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 10)

I took in a deep and then looked at the two in front of me. Irina was beside me. Interacting with our parents felt comparable to us meeting our parents to discuss a marriage. Maybe it was exactly that. However, both of our fathers were absent. Slightly nervous, Irina clasped her hands. I couldn’t discern what she was nervous about. I was questioning if she wanted to let me go home or what.

I took in another big breath before speaking: “Before we get down to business, let me preface that I don’t want to comment on what took place last night. After all, no matter how you look at it, Irina was the one who got the short end of the stick.”

Camille didn’t quite seem to comprehend what I was saying. With a smile, she replied, “In reality, was it not you who got the short end of the stick?  After all, are you not married and against this? Thus, were you not the one who got the short end of the stick? To be fair, we cannot say that we pulled some strings. As a male dragon, you should have realised there was a problem the moment you took the drink.”

Dragon Mom then interjected, “My son is not a complete dragon, so he cannot understand everything here.”

Camille giggled and then went on, keeping her gaze on me: “We should apologise, then. I am very sorry. The drink that you drank last night was concocted with Irina’s juices. We also added our unique drug, which is why you could not have possibly remained conscious. Normally speaking, male dragons can smell the difference in the drink. I never realised you would not be able to smell it. I guess that means we were in the wrong. Nevertheless, Irina has a good impression of you. Have any romantic sparks been lit between you two after what happened last night?”

I shook my head and explained, “Sorry, let’s put that aside for the meantime. How could there have been any feelings between us last night when I wasn’t even conscious of what I was doing? Honestly, I was shocked and befuddled when I woke up. I didn’t feel any romantic feelings. I’m not saying that Miss Irina isn’t charming. What I’m expressing is what happened was too sudden that I still haven’t come to terms with it. As it has already happened, nonetheless, I don’t want to get angry. All I want is to have a talk.”

“I locked you inside, because I considered that. Since you are out, though, let us talk, then.”

“Oh, so she never intended to talk to me!” I realised.

Camille’s response made me feel awkward and lost for words. I hesitated for a brief moment before querying, “What I mean is that I want to know what exactly you want. It’s pointless to force Irina and me into this. Do you just want Irina and me to have a child? What happens if our child turns out to be a girl? Are you going to adamantly wait until we have a boy before you stop?”

Camille smiled in response: “That was rather direct, but you’re basically right. I’m aware you’re married and have children, but since you came here, I think you should do something for our race. Queen Sylvanas is a pure-blooded dragon. If she didn’t want to revive our race, why would she have brought you here?”

“Frankly, I could have chosen to not bring my son here. I wouldn’t have been able to find you all without him, however. My son didn’t come to revive the dragon race. My son is my son, and I am me. The two of us don’t share the same views. My son doesn’t know much about the dragon race’s history. I’m the one who wants to revive the dragon race, not my son.”

I nodded and seriously said, “That’s exactly right. I came here for my mom’s sake. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t be here if not for my mom.”

Irina glanced at me. She was slightly upset, and there was a hint of her complaining. I knew what I said could hurt them, since their race was on the verge of extinction, while the only person who could save them, which was me, was indifferent about it. Anybody would be upset about that, right? I didn’t have a choice, nevertheless. I wouldn’t have said it if they didn’t pull the stunt on me. In fact, I might have sympathised with them. But nonetheless, I had make my stance clear there and then. If I expressed sympathy for them, I’d have no chance of leaving. It’d hurt Irina, but I had no choice. I didn’t dislike her.

Camille replied, “I see. Though that was what you originally thought, you have now gotten involved with us. Moreover, you are a dragon when it comes down to it, which makes you a member of our dragon race. You are with dragons right now, so you should do something for the race.”

I nodded in agreement. I had been dragged into it, which was why I had to discuss the situation. I didn’t want to continue being dragged into it. I needed to hurry and cut myself off from them and then immediately get out of their place. The only question was whether or not Camille would allow us passage.

Even if Camille didn’t agree to let us go, she may not be able to defeat Dragon Mom. In the past, the pure-blooded dragons were revered. The revered dragons essentially became nobles of the race through sheer power. Mom fitted the bill of a revered dragon. Consequently, she should be able to defeat Camille without any hitches.

I shook my head: “That’s not how it works. I told you: I’m married, and I have children. Irina is a good girl, but my only duty this time was to help my mom find you. The rest has nothing to do with me. I didn’t inform my family about this. What would my wives think if I don’t return home? What is my family supposed to think? If you require my assistance in the future, I’ll gladly help, but I must go home now.”

Camille silently looked at me, while Irina looked disappointed. I knew it wasn’t nice to Irina, since she was in the same boat as Ling Yue. Ling Yue wanted me to be by her side when she craved sexual activity. If I left, who would Irina ask to relieve her? Moreover, what was she going to do after discovering how good it felt? It didn’t have much to do with me, though. I was the victim, so why did I have to think for her sake?!!

The atmosphere between us was awfully awkward.  Frankly, I didn’t see the need for any more discussions. I firmly stated my position. I didn’t want to stay. Meanwhile, the dragons wanted me to have a child. They expected me to have a child before allowing me to leave. Neither the dragons nor I could accept each other’s suggestions. Under normal conditions, the discussions ended there; however, neither of us was willing to give up, yet I couldn’t blurt out that there was nothing left to discuss. Consequently, we were locked in a stalemate.

A short moment later, Camille broke the silence: “Please have some tea, Queen Sylvanas, Troy. As we went to the elven lands, it is only natural that we know of this sort of stuff.”

Camille placed the teacups before Mom and I. The same trick wouldn’t work on me twice, so upon noticing my vigilant expression, Irina drank from her cup and then swapped with me. Softly, she said, “It will not happen a second time, so you do not need to worry.’

“Thank you.” I nodded and then picked up my cup to have a drink.

Mom had a drink, too; then, she placed her cup down. She pursed her lips a few times. She remarked, “This tea tastes slightly different to the tea in the Imperial Palace. It doesn’t taste as good.”

“To make a comparison between our tea and the tea in Imperial palace is unfair. This tea is what I brought here. It came from the elven lands. I brought it along with my other belongings in the elven lands. This is very important to me. I would not bear to serve it to others, for I do not have an unlimited stock.”

I expressed, “If you want, I can supply you with the best tea.”

“There is no need for that. I just hope you can stay. I do not ask that you stay here forever. I just want you to stay until Irina gives birth.”

I solemnly shook my head: “That’s impossible. I don’t know when Irina will be pregnant. Who can say for certain how much longer I’ll need to wait until I can go home. I didn’t inform my family about this. I don’t want them to not see me return.”

In a somewhat unhappy tone, Camille sighed: “I am very sorry, King Troy. I honestly didn’t want to do this. I decided that I wouldn’t have to resort to force if I could get through to you, but whether I am speaking to you as a mother or the guardian here, I don’t want you to leave.”


Before I could say anything, I heard a strange sound from Dragon Mom’s direction. Her porcelain cup dropped to the ground and the sound of it shattering startled me. I turned to look in Mom’s direction. Mom grabbed her throat and began to whimper. Her eyes were filled with shock and terror.

As soon as I went to get up, Camille thrust her claws through my shoulders and pinned me to the backrest of the chair. Dragon Mom desperately attempted to get up when she heard me groan, but she couldn’t. She foamed at the mouth similarly to a crab. Even her eyes began to roll back into her head.

Mom dropped to the ground with a heavy thud. She squirmed and curled up. She then convulsed before her head powerlessly flopped to the ground. Her eyes had rolled back into her head, so she looked at me with her white eyes, making her resemble a corpse…

“The poison from the elves isn’t fatal, but it can put an adult dragon to sleep for eternity. Without the antidote, she may not survive.”

My blood spurt forth from my shoulders as Camille pulled her claws out, staining the entire table with my blood. I couldn’t feel my shoulders. I couldn’t get them to budge. The sharp pain went from my shoulders to my brain, causing me to shudder as I fell to the ground with a groan.

“I won’t hurt you, for I still need you. However, I know that, if Sylvanas meets with misfortune, you won’t be able to return. Now, go and have a child with Irina; else, you will never see your Sylvanas.”


*The silver dragon drops formalities here; hence the use of contractions in her speech unlike previous chapters.


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