Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 68

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 2)

Dragon Mom wasn’t too happy with the arrangement, but she had no means of objecting; therefore, Dragon Mom followed the silver dragon, while I followed the young silver dragon, Irina, into the cave.

The last time I entered a dragon’s cave, I was shocked. However, that was just because of how complex and large Mom’s cave was. This cave wasn’t as exquisite; thus, it wasn’t so surprising. Mom’s cave didn’t have any decorations. All she had was plain walls. The cave was totally different. The dragons had lived with elves for a very long time. Besides small houses, elves also had their unique tree houses, which were made by digging a round hole in a dry tree. I had been into one of them before, and I could say that the cave was a replica of a tree house.

The cave situated on a mountain. Despite that, it was the exact same as an elf’s tree house. It was also very exquisite and, by all accounts, possessed the unique traits of the dragon race. The valley they previously resided in must’ve been brimming with enough gold and jewels for them to decorate the cave with gold and jewels. You could say the structure was a combination of elven and dragon traits.

Right up ahead was the main hall. I think that was my first time walking on a floor made of gold. Dragon Mom and went separate ways there. There were two paths with spiral stairs. The silver dragon led mom up. I noticed the tension in Dragon Mom’s last glance at me. I wanted to be with Mom so that it was safer; however, I didn’t think it was a good idea for a grown man to be clinging to his mom. Moreover, Irina didn’t appear to be a bad person no matter how I looked at her…

“Please come with me,” said Irina.

Irina walked in front of me. Irina shouldn’t have been outside much, but her mannerisms made me feel comfortable, as they perfectly fitted within the frame of elven etiquette, which was the same as the maids I saw when I was in the elven lands. Her fragrant and long silver hair swayed before my eyes. I had a strong urge to play with her hair, but if I did, she’d probably consider me a creep.

After ascending the stairs with Irina, she stopped at the door to a room and turned to face me. Seemingly nervous, she grabbed the corner of her clothes. Make that her scales… She looked at me with a hint of concern: “This is your room. I hope you can get accustomed to life here. I am very sorry… You must not be used to this lifestyle… After all… you live in the Imperial Palace… I once worked as a maid in the elven Imperial Palace, but I remember Inard was still a child at the time…”

In my mind: “All right, I think I don’t need to concern myself with the lifespan of dragons.”

Irina looked my age, yet she had to be more than a hundred, surely. I had never been sure of elves’ ages. Mommy Vyvyan never told me her age. Whenever I asked, Mommy Vyvyan would give the question the slip.

According to my inference, Mommy Vyvyan and Mommy Elizabeth grew up together. Elves should grow at the same rate, except at a certain point where their appearances stays the same for a long time. Mommy Vyvyan virtually hadn’t changed since she was a teenager, so that must be the long plateau period.

Now, Mommy Vyvyan attempted the Tower of Heaven and experienced the exile to the North with Inard. Further, based on the records available in the elven Imperial Palace, Mommy Vyvyan’s father also had a hand in matters to do with the North. The North had been inhabited for hundreds and even thousands of years, right? Subsequently, going by a humans’ age, she must’ve met Elizabeth when she was late into adulthood… Probably when she was close to a hundred, actually…

I reasoned, “So, Mommy Vyvyan was… Forget it, forget. Let’s drop it.”

“You once worked in the elven Imperial Palace?” I asked.

Irina smiled and then touched her face. She bitterly replied, “Yes. I worked as a maid for some time. I later resigned to join my mom here. We heard there was no more news from the dragons in the Northwest. As a result, Mom was very sad. I came here to keep her company. Although life here is very hard, we are happy, as we are able to see so many other dragons. Truthfully, Inard always harassed me back then… That is why I think my resignation was quite a good decision.”

“… I apologise on behalf of my father.”

“It is all right. It is all in the past.”

I never thought that was the sort of person Inard was. From what Mommy Elizabeth told me, I always thought Inard was a loyal man who sincerely loved Mommy Elizabeth, but judging from Irina’s story, he wasn’t even remotely close to being loyal! He was the same as me, in that we didn’t believe in monogamy.

I thought, “Inard was plucking flowers since the time he was a kid and finally even laid his hands on the Empress of humanity. Why would Mommy Vyvyan like this sort of man?! That makes no sense.”

Irina softly giggled. I then heard the silver dragon call for Irina. Irina responded. With that, I understood she had to head back, so I said goodnight and then went to open the door.

It was meant to be a very normal situation. It was meant to be a very normal way of doing things. Wasn’t it normal? Wasn’t it normal for the female owner to see the guest to his room, and exchange a few words before both go their separate ways? You know, I go to sleep, and you go to your Mom. Wasn’t that how normal things worked?

Irina reacted as though she recalled something. Perhaps it was her habit as a maid in the elven palace, where they couldn’t turn and leave until their guest entered their room. As such, she went to pull the door open, but our hands randomly touched on the door handle. That should be normal, too.

Irina looked young, but she was probably around my mom’s age by now, so she shouldn’t have been surprised by that sort of scene where the main female leads meets with the male lead for the first time in a movie. Would romantic sparks between you and your mom fly if you held hands? Not to mention she wasn’t the same species as me! I was in the dragons’ nest at the moment. I bore Mom’s warning in mind and was, consequently, very wary of the dragon next to me.

I didn’t feel anything or feel odd. The thing was that my hand was underneath, so I needed her to take her hand off first. If I suddenly yanked her hand off mine, she’d hate me, so I didn’t rush. I patiently waited for her to move her hand. However, Irina… seemed a little strange…

Irina held my hand, but her body shuddered. She didn’t show any signs of letting go. Under normal circumstances, she should softly exclaim and then yank her hand back before apologising with a red face. Irina didn’t let go, though. Instead, she gripped my hand. After her body shuddered, her breathing started to speed up. Her behaviour made me nervous.

“What’s the matter? Mom didn’t hold my hand so excitedly at first…” I pondered.

I knew Mom warned me to be careful of the dragons around me, but Irina gave me a good impression. She didn’t resemble an aroused dragon, and she didn’t steal extra glances at me. She treated me very normally, in fact. Would such an Irina do something? I felt slightly scared, nonetheless…

Irina was side on to me. I couldn’t see her face. She didn’t say a word. Her breathing just gradually sped up, while I noticed scales appearing on her body. Her scales were almost as transparent as crystal, but I didn’t have the patience to admire her scales. Somewhat fearful, I pressed a hand on her shoulder and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you all right, Irina? Are you all right?”


My hands weren’t hands but electric cords to Irina. She jolted; then, she turned her head to look at me. It was the first time I saw her eyes. Initially, I didn’t believe in heart-shaped pupils of love wasn’t a real thing; I assumed they were something that strictly existed in fictional works. After seeing her eyes, nevertheless, I was convinced of their existence. Dragons could have heart-shaped pupils. I saw a red heart shape in Irina’s purple eyes. Drops of water landed on the back of my hand. I was wondering where the water came from until I discovered that it was her saliva.

Irina had her mouth slightly open and an unhealthy flush on her face. She gently panted while looking at me with her terrifying eyes. I had a suspicion she was going to do something to me… Her hand that held mine felt as though it was going to crush my fingers. She desperately tried to approach to me. She tried to bring her pretty, well, hideous then, face towards me. She salivated as she tried with all her might to approach me with to kiss me. She was no different to a dragon that wanted to gobble me up.

I desperately backed off. What Mom said came true!! Maybe I did something wrong! Irina could approach me and speak to me normally, but she couldn’t touch me. She’d immediately be aroused if we touched each other!

I panicked: “I can’t do this, or I’ll die here! There isn’t just one dragon here!”

“Please… Please…” pleaded Irina.

I do have to admit, though, that I wasn’t strong enough to fight her. Irina’s hands were slender, but I couldn’t pull my wrist out from her vice-like grip. I didn’t dare to shout for fear that other dragons would take advantage of my predicament to swarm me, so I could only despairingly watch her pink lips gradually come closer…


The misery I thought would befall me didn’t come. The moment her lips touched mine, Irina dropped onto my body and slid down onto the ground as if she was electrocuted with high voltage. A clear liquid that had a particular smell flowed forth, running down along her legs…

I wasn’t interested in knowing what happened. The moment she released her grip on me, I immediately pulled the door open and hid inside. I then pulled over a table by the side to block the door…

I thought, “This place is frightening… Too frightening… This place is scary…”


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