Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 67

Dragons’ Melancholic Song (Part 1)

Mom was dead right. If Mom didn’t give me a reminder, I would’ve forgotten that female dragons had periods where they craved sexual activity. Further, Dragons had a very high frequency of those bouts. Perhaps they had high frequencies of bouts of sexual lust as a mechanism to help them reproduce. The issue was that their rates of pregnancy were incredibly low.

In the past, the male dragons killed themselves fighting each other. The female dragons left behind couldn’t resist their urges, so they had sex with a kid, which was Mom’s younger brother. Their gang rape led to his eventual death. Mom was right. If the dragons viewed me as the only male dragon, I may be in grave danger. I might be raped to death, as well. Doing it with Mom last time was enough to make me completely flaccid. If I had to do it with a group of dragons, it’d be my life that was in danger! I thought I’d be absolutely safe. After considering Mom’s remark, it wasn’t even close to safe…

Most importantly, I couldn’t mention it, as they hadn’t mentioned what they wanted from me. What, was I supposed to look at the horde before they make any outrageous requests and belt, “Sorry, please drop any sexual ideas you may have about me. I’m married, and my Mom can’t accept this?” I bet they’d consider me retarded. Dragon Mom was aware they were likely to rape me. Still, whether or not that was set in stone was yet to be determined. I had to wait for them to act before I countered. I hoped I could still fight back if that time ever came.

After flying for some time, we finally began our descent. I looked down from Mom’s side. Below us was a forest with pointy trees. The aura of the North was particularly prominent at the forest. It wasn’t totally green but slightly black. In the forest was a rare vacant space. Behind the forest was a mountain. By the looks of things, the dragons most likely cleared the place. Further, they must’ve dug a cave by utilising the mountain given dragons’ fondness for caves.

The dragons slowly descended. Normally speaking, a dragon’s cave should have a massive entrance, yet this particular one was notably small. Once the dragons landed, they gradually took on their elven forms. They were, without a doubt, dragons who lived together with elves. Dragons took on the appearance that their lover liked. Further, they were very loyal in love. Dragon Mom liked me very much, but she refused to alter her appearance, because that was the appearance my father liked.

I hopped off Mom’s back. I was going to just strut in, but Dragon Mom bit my cloak and pulled me to her side then vigilantly watched the dragons. The silver dragon glanced at us and smiled: “Do you not trust us? We are all dragons. We are kinsmen. We would not do something rude to you.”

I smiled but refrained from commenting. Dragon Mom shook her hair out after taking on her human form: “My son is my treasure that nobody else is to touch. There is no need to be tense. Fret not.”

“Umm, can you speak the elven language? I can understand you, but my children cannot. If you keep speaking the dragon language, we will not be able to converse. Your husband was the Elven King, so you must know the elven language. May I trouble you to speak the elven language here? When it is just the two of us, we can use the dragon language. What do you think?”

The silver dragon seemed to be in a bit of a dilemma. She could understand Mom’s obscure language, but the younger dragons around her didn’t seem capable of comprehending it. It made sense. The children grew up with the elves. There was no need for them to use the dragon language in everyday life, which must be why they didn’t understand the dragon language.

Dragon Mom sulked and nodded, albeit begrudgingly: “All right.”

The silver dragon spoke in a polite tone, while Dragon Mom didn’t have any reason to refuse. Moreover, we were in their home ground, so it was better to adapt to their environment.  Surely Dragon mom would’ve outright refused to comply if I wasn’t there. Dragon Mom was worried about me, so she didn’t make a big fuss out of it.

The silver dragon let out a breath of relief after we agreed to her request. She then walked up to me tightly grabbed hold of my hands. She turned her head around and shouted toward the interior of the cave, “Young man, please come with me, then. Oh, right, Irina. Irina.”

Dragon Mom was jealous when she saw the silver dragon holding my hand. It was as though dragons and elves were both as jealous as each other. The silver dragon must be as old as Dragon Mom. Thus, there was no way she’d be interested in me…

A girl emerged. I looked up to see a head of beautiful long silver hair that looked as though it was emitting moonlight as opposed to reflecting moonlight. Every time she moved, her captivating silver hair would sway along with her movement. She brushed her hair by the side of her ear with her slender hand, revealing an affable and warm smile. She was dressed in a one-piece white dress that revealed her collar bone. She was so white that she was virtually transparent, but her veins weren’t visible as Mom’s were. Instead, she looked akin to an angel without a blemish. She looked at me with her purple eyes that indicated an urge to smile. She had the gentleness and naivety of a young girl who had yet to see the world.

I’d like to think that I’d met a lot of young girls. More accurately, I knew lots of pretty young girls. Lucia, Nier, Ling Yue were all very, very pretty girls. Even if I was to not consider them, I still had the two women who the continent acknowledged as the two most beautiful women, Vyvyan and Elizabeth. Thus, my young virgin boy status was a thing of the past ages ago; however, the young girl before was so breathtaking that I forgot to breathe for a moment.

Smiling, Irina bowed: “Welcome, esteemed guests. This is the first time our kinsmen have come to see my mom and I. Can I safely assume that you are both dragons? I can sense your aura. You must be a pure-blooded dragon.”

While the dragons had lived in the elven lands for a long time, they respected supreme power as per usual. The dragon race respected the strong. The strength of a dragon came from the superiority of their bloodline. The majority of the dragons living in the area were hybrids; their power must’ve been a far cry from Dragon Mom’s pure-blooded power that existed since ancient times, which would explain why Irina respected Mom so much.

Mom responded with a small nod: “Uhm.”

Irina then shifted her gaze onto me. She asked, “You, too, are a dragon, correct? You should be similar to us, though. Are you two lovers by any chance?”

“No. She is my mom,” I outright denied.

Dragon Mom’s attention appeared to be caught on the word “lover.” I elaborated, “I’m not a pure-blooded dragon. As a matter of fact, I’m not even a dragon. I accompanied my mom here.”

“Since you are a dragon’s son, you are naturally a dragon. Please rest assured. We are no longer willing to treat others differently for their lineages. Dragons are already a scarce existence as it is. We hope to have more companions and to revive our dragon race.”

Irina’s gaze was gentle as though she was trying to comfort me. Perhaps I looked nervous to her, because I saw so many dragons. I didn’t intend to explain anything, though. If they considered me the same kind, great. That would make it easier for me to discuss things.

“All right now, Irina. Leave that there. You two must be tired having travelled so far to visit us. Let us take care of our guests. The esteemed pure-blooded dragon is Sylvanas, while this is the Elven King’s child, the Elven Prince, Troy Galadriel. I shall take care of Sylvanas. Irina, I leave Troy with you. Oh, by the way, I forgot to introduce her. This is Irina, my cutest daughter.”

I was going to say something, but the silver dragon cut me off. She rubbed her daughter’s head with a smile.

Irina’s eyes widened when she heard that I was the Prince of elves. Surprised, she covered her mouth: “Y-Y-You are the Prince of elves, Prince Troy…? I… I… I have heard your story. I heard you are now the King of the North. Is that true?! That is what I heard the villagers say when I descended the mountain.”

It seems that the officials sent out to appease the people had begun their story telling. My army never went to the Northwest, and there was no anthropoid military there. I, subsequently, let the officials take care of the region. Unfortunately, the Northwest lacked resources and inhabitants. Furthermore, due to the waterway repairs and whatnot, there wasn’t much value in managing the place. As a result, the people in the area were only learning that I was the reigning King. With that said, they hadn’t seen me before. Their lives didn’t change, so their impressions of me didn’t run deep, either.

“Are you really King Troy? Are you really King Troy? I never thought I would get to see you in person, and I definitely did not think that you were a dragon!”

Irina cheerfully clapped her hands. Her innocent and naïve nature put me at ease. I hadn’t seen such a pure smile in a long time; or rather, I’d never seen such a pure girl before.

“Ah, Yes, I am. I am the King of the North, Troy Galadriel Rosvenor.”


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