Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 45

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 6)

“A letter has come from His Majesty. He said that he will be staying at Ling Yue’s place for one week.”

Freya placed the letter down in front of Lucia and Nier. Because her name was written on the envelope, she was allowed to open it without any qualms. Lucia nodded, and then picked up bread from the side without a comment. Nier, on the other hand, sighed with a slightly unhappy tone and whinged, “Damn fox.”

“You can’t really say that. His Highness likes her, so it is only normal for him to stay with Ling Yue for a few days. He has a daughter there, after all. Usually, His Highness doesn’t get the chance to see her, so it’s only fair that he visits them while he’s out.” Lucia looked at Nier and spoke to Nier as though she was the main wife lecturing the senseless concubine.

Nier oddly felt insulted. She looked at Lucia and coldly scoffed, “I truly don’t understand how you think. He’s your man, yet you’re not reacting to him being with another woman.  You probably don’t love His Majesty and married him merely because you want this current lifestyle of yours.”

“The only person I don’t want to be criticised by is you. Do I need to remind you who was behind His Highness, allowing him to leave with ease of mind before you people came along?” rebuked Lucia. Lucia paid Nier no mind. Instead, she casually picked up a can of jam, and then spread a thick layer of jam onto her bread. She then looked at Nier out the corner of her eyes: “True love doesn’t equate to always clinging to His Highness. It’s about being where he needs you. You don’t know what His Highness wants most, yet you claim to love him? I think I’m the only one who can calmly await his return. I have never asked His Highness where he was; I only ever appeared where he needed me.”

Lucia and Ling Yue were actually on very good terms. Though what Ling Yue thought of Lucia was a question mark, Lucia was very grateful to Ling Yue, because Ling Yue once saved her. After all, she depended on Ling Yue’s mana to survive back then. Nier, on the other hand, didn’t think well of Ling Yue.

Lucia sighed, and then revealed a hopeless expression. She carried on, “It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that His Highness can return to me safely. At the very least, I know he’s not somewhere dangerous this time. Also, I know he’s not with somebody with ill intentions this time, so I’m reassured. His Highness has finally gone somewhere safe. That, to me, is a huge improvement as it is, so I’m content.”

Hearing that from Lucia, Nier suddenly seemed to realise something. She nodded with a helpless smile: “You’re right. You’re actually right. I’m already very glad he’s somewhere safe. After all, he used to always go to dangerous and strange places without a warning. I don’t think there are any more dangerous places he can go to, though. He may be with another woman right now, but, at least, he’s still alive and not in danger. That’s good enough.”

“I think that’ll continue to be the case from now. I’m so glad.”

Lucia nodded with a smile, and then bit into her bread. While their husband was with another woman, knowing that he was safe was enough. After all, in the past, when he didn’t come home, he was most probably somewhere dangerous or trying to face something alone. For once, he was, at the very least, somewhere safe with somebody they knew. That was enough for them.

Sylvanas came to the table and kissed their cheeks. She greeted them with a smile: “Good morning, Lucia, Nier.”

Sylvanas then sat down at the table. With a smile, she asked, “It’s been two days. My son should be coming back today, right? Will he be back during the day or night time? Do we need to prepare a welcoming ceremony?”

Lucia softly giggled: “I do not think there is a need for that… His Highness will not be back today. He said he will be staying there for a week.”

Sylvanas lingered for a moment before inquiring, “You mean… my son won’t be back today? We have to wait a week before he returns?”

Nier nodded: “Yes.”

Lucia noticed Sylvanas looked disappointed. Lucia was honestly afraid at that moment. Lucia was very afraid of Sylvanas showing irritation or anger. From her perspective, if Sylvanas was angry, destruction was inevitable. Nier, to the contrary didn’t seem bothered. Sylvanas nodded with great disappointment. She then touched her face and, with a helpless smile, stated, “It can’t be helped, then, huh… After all, I can’t stop my son.”

Lucia watched Sylvanas until she calmed down a little. She then let out a breath of relief before replying with a smile, “The good news is that His Highness has finally managed to go somewhere safe and do something safe. So thankfully, we do not need to fret about his safety.”

Perplexed, Sylvanas queried, “Did my son often venture to dangerous places in the past?”

Nier responded without any misgivings: “It would be more correct to say that he chose to go find danger on his own accord. In those cases, he had absolutely no need to do it, but he always found a reason to endanger himself no matter what it was for. It almost seems as though it is a law of some sort. Strange things always happen around him. Despite appearing to be fine, His Majesty will definitely make it dangerous. For instance, the elves said dragons are dangerous creatures, and even sealed off the area as being out of bounds, but he still went there.”

Sylvanas contemplated to herself and didn’t respond or change her expression. Nier sighed: “All is finally well. His Majesty will probably not go running about anymore, and there should no longer be anything dangerous around him. I honestly wish he would not do anything and stop running off to places he has not been to before. He should just stay in the palace. If he continues to run about, he will find himself in danger again. I truly hope that does not happen again. I genuinely feel that way. I genuinely do not want to see him running out again.”

Sylvanas looked Nier, while Nier was confused as to why Sylvanas looked at her with that expression and stopped speaking. Sylvanas wasn’t actually focusing on Nier. In spite of her gaze being on Nier, she had stopped thinking about what to say to them. Instead, she wandered off into her own world.

Sylvanas spaced out: “Is that how he is…? Is my son… always putting himself at risk? Dragons are, indeed, a very dangerous creature to elves. It’s a fact that elves who barge in are either looking to die or plan stupid. My son really is the kind of person who dares to go anywhere regardless of the dangers involved or how frightening it may be. He’s willing to sacrifice his life for his family. I care a lot about him. Although he’s not a pure-blooded dragon, he’s truly the only person who’s somewhat related to me. He also calls me his mom, so he’s my son.”

In spite of having never laid an egg, Sylvanas understood the reluctance to see her own child get hurt, let alone know that he’s somewhere dangerous.

Sylvanas continued thinking, “If I told my son about this, my son would go and search for dragons without any regard for the consequences or risks. It’d be fine if he didn’t find any, but if he did, would the other dragons treat him kindly? The dragons have hidden themselves, so would they forgive an outsider such as my son? No, things would be much more serious than that. The dragon race would kill a child who has only bathed in dragon blood, which they refer to as “defected blood.”

Additionally, if something happens during his search, these young girls here in front of me and the children I like will never see their husband and father again just because of my selfish and outlandish request. What right would I have to live after my son dies? Or rather, what right would I have to continue living?

Will I face any repercussions if I don’t have fellow dragons? I’ve already lived without fellow dragons for so long and nothing has happened. I can conceive a dragon egg with my son even without my own dragon kin. Our descendant could continue my dragon lineage even if he isn’t a pure dragon. That’s good enough for me.

My life won’t change even if I don’t find dragon kin. And, what if I do find my dragon kin? Am I going to go off and live with them? Will I then find a pure-blooded dragon, marry him and then give birth to a pure-blooded dragon? Will I just forget my son, forget all of this, abandon everything here to return to some place I don’t know and live with my own dragon kin? Is that the life that I want? Is that the ending I want? Is that the life I need? I won’t be affected whether I find other dragons or not; therefore, should I send my son to dangerous places for my incomparably wilful desire? I’m a mom!!”

“Is something the matter, Queen Sylvanas? Did something happen?”

“No, nothing.”

Sylvanas seemed to return to her senses after riding her train of thoughts to a faraway place. She looked at Lucia, who was lost for what to do, and shook her head. She then said, “Nothing happened. Nothing happened. I just thought about some things related to my son. I’m his mom, but I, frankly, don’t know him well enough… It’s fine. It’s fine… One week… My son will be back after one week, right? I… I shall wait until then. I shall wait for one week to continue living with him.”

Sylvanas grabbed a slice of bread with a smile then tore and crushed it…


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