Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 44

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 5)

The question from yesterday did, indeed, somewhat stump me. After all, I saw Sylvana’s lonely gaze at Troy City. She felt lonely upon seeing so many elves and humans, since she no longer had any kin of the same race. As the only dragon, she was bound to feel incredibly lonely. I wasn’t educated on dragons. The extent of my knowledge was that they were large and powerful. However, I knew some things, which I learnt about from Ling Yue and the elves. The dragons went extinct, because of their own in-fighting; but nonetheless, they were a race that created countless glories. Would they really wipe each other all out during a war against themselves?

“Should I help Dragon Mom search for fellow dragons?” was what I thought about.

Ling Yue tried to revive her tribe and would rather forsake everything to achieve that. I could sense the pride and nostalgia she felt for her tribe. I think she was jealous of Nier and Lucia, but also nostalgic to a certain degree when she was in their presence. She once lived the life they since marrying me lived. She lived in a large home with family, relatives and friends around her, not to mention she had lots of maids following her to take care of her. After her tribe’s extermination, she was the only member remaining member of her tribe. That was why she felt lonely and reminisced the past. As a result, she was determined to stay at her place even though it meant she had to give up everything she could have.

So, the question was, would Dragon Mom feel the same way as Ling Yue? While Dragon Mom had never brought it up with me, perhaps she already deemed it impossible. Dragon Mom cherished the life she currently had, and she was always doing her best to assimilate with us, since that was what she desired. Still, I assumed that sort behaviour of hers would cause her to miss the past, where she was with other dragons, the boundless honour and pride they established even more. She never indicated to me that she wanted to revive her race or anything. In saying that, I was certain that she missed the past and her family, nonetheless. Was that a good thing for her, though? Actually, the better question would be, was that good for me?

Ling Yue resided at her estate with Liu Yue. I didn’t live with them. I wasn’t even sure how many times I could visit. Recently, I only came to stay for a few days when her house happened to be on the way of wherever I was headed. Once I was back at the Imperial Palace I might not have been able to come whenever I pleased. To top it off, if Liu Yue went to school, I might not be able to see her when I visited. Ling Yue was aware of that. She knew full well how lonely life would be on her own, yet she voluntarily stayed here in order to revive her tribe.

I questioned myself, “How about Dragon Mom? If she knew that her dragon kin were still around somewhere, she would excitedly run to them, right? If that was the case, she wouldn’t come back again, would she?”

I did care a lot about Dragon Mom, and I called her ‘mom,’ but we weren’t blood related at the end of the day. I had scales, but that was only because I used her blood. I wasn’t born with them. The only connection between us was a dead elf. The link between us was so fragile that a single sentence could undo it. If Dragon Mom learnt she still had dragon kin still alive to be found somewhere, she may just leave and have her own kids with another dragon. Consequently, she wouldn’t need to bother with me again.

What I was truly troubled about was the dragon race itself. Dragons were the nemesis of elves. I could sense the elves’ fear of dragons in the elven lands, and I could totally understand that. After all, the dragon race was immune to mana and possessed scales that were impervious to blades. What was even more frightening was that the dragon race wasn’t a race that kept to themselves. They were creatures that enjoyed combat and were very cruel. The entire continent had been united. That, however, didn’t change the fact that dragons inherently couldn’t get along with us. If they were capable of maintaining friendships, they wouldn’t have fought amongst themselves. As such, they were an obstacle for security and stability for the continent. Once they waged war, I couldn’t sit and watch. I’d have to ask Ying and Xia to go and slay dragons.

If war was inevitable, who would Dragon Mom side with? On one hand, she had her dragon kin. On the other hand, I was the son of the elf she liked but wasn’t related to by blood. Which side would she pick? It was all right if she sided with me, but if she chose to help the dragons, could I show mercy?

Thus, I was in a dilemma as to whether or not I should help Dragon Mom search for other dragons. I was at a loss for what to do. I had no jobs at the moment. If I wanted to do something, I could look into the dragons. Ling Yue, the elves and Dragon Mom all believed the dragon race was extinct, but I argued otherwise. I believed there were still other dragons alive. Since Mom was alive, why couldn’t other dragons still be alive? If there were other dragons still alive, they might have formed a small society. It sounded impossible for such powerful creatures to go extinct in the blink of an eye.

If they really were extinct, I should find evidence that they really were extinct. With that said, I first needed to get my hands on some history pertaining to the dragon race. I needed to know what they specifically went through. Since Dragon Mom didn’t care about it, though, I could put it off for a few days. There was no rush to set out and investigate it immediately.

I watched Liu Yue wag her tail as she chased down butterflies with a blissful smile on her face. I could afford ignore the North for the meantime. What I needed to focus on then was Liu Yue. I wanted to spend some quality time with Liu Yue and Ling Yue while I had the week.

Ling Yue walked up to my side and placed a small basket of food on the ground. She then bunched up her dress and sat down next to me. She watched Liu Yue cheerfully run around and whined, “Running around with her tail wagging around, how unbecoming of a lady of the Moon Fox Tribe. I really question if she forgot all my teachings. You’re not being a good influence here, either. I’ve always been trying to keep her in line, but you’ve undone all my teachings in the last two days.”

While she said that, Ling Yue watched Liu Yue with a blissful smile. I pulled her into my embrace with a smile: “It can’t be helped. It’s not my problem. It’s just how Liu Yue is. If a child doesn’t even have this opportunity, she would be too pitiful. Oh, right, can Liu Yue transform into a fox at the moment? I’m talking about how you transform.”

“She hasn’t grown up yet,” replied Ling Yue, with a nod. “She can transform into a fox now, but she’s still very young. Plus, our size when transformed is correlated to our mana. Liu Yue has great mana thanks to you. In the past, Liu Yue would’ve been raised properly, and then sent into the volcano as a sacrifice where she would have to use her mana to warm up the land. To be honest, I considered mothers who could send their children into a volcano to be noble, but now, I feel strongly reluctant to, because it would shatter my heart. They didn’t have a choice, nevertheless. If they didn’t do that, there would be no life in these lands. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t hand Liu Yue over unless I was dead; else, I’ll never hand her over. I’ll definitely protect Liu Yue to my last breath.”

Ling Yue softly sighed, and then tightly clung to my arm. She carried on in a soft voice, “Fortunately, we have you. You changed the entire North. Not only did you protect me, but our daughter, too. Liu Yue is able to play here without woes or worries thanks to you. I once thought Marvel could protect me and save the entire North. Now, though, I’ve come to understand that the path I had walked up until then was far too short, and I had met far too few people.”

“If the North didn’t go through all that, you and I wouldn’t have met. If the anthropoids didn’t invade, I would never have come here. I’d probably be running between elves and humanity.”

A smile surfaced on Ling Yue’s face. In a quiet voice, she responded, “At the time I might have fled south for Liu Yue’s sake, then met you, then asked you to protect me and my child. Actually, I’d entrust Liu Yue with you before returning to the North to sacrifice myself. Thanks to you, fortunately, none of that had to happen. Thanks to you, Liu Yue can see all these flowers. It’s so great to be able to see these flowers. I never saw such beautiful flowers when I was young. All of this is just fantastic.”

“Yeah, everything is fantastic now.”

I looked over to Liu Yue with a smile. Liu Yue spotted Ling Yue sitting next to me, so she quickly ran over with her hands clasping something. She ran up to me with a smile and lifted her hands up. She exclaimed, “Mommy, Daddy, look, I caught a butterfly.”

She opened her hands, allowing an enchanting blue butterfly to fly up to the sky. She frantically reacted, exclaimed and then desperately tried to leap up and catch it again, but a fox couldn’t fly. I scrubbed Liu Yue’s head with a smile. I then made a wreath from flowers and wore it on her head. Liu Yue happily touched the flower wreath with a smile: “Thank you, Daddy. Is this a flower wreath?”

“It is. Liu Yue, you like flowers?”

“I do!”

Liu Yue looked at me with absolute joy. She then looked at the lawn behind her. Originally, the place was covered with snow, but there was a soft lawn with flowers akin to a sky of stars there. The land was no longer desolate, but there was still something missing.

I touched Liu Yue’s head : “Liu Yue, in the future, Daddy will definitely take you somewhere to see even more beautiful flowers. Daddy promises!”

Flowers should bloom for my daughter, whether it was the flowers at Troy City or the field of flowers in the elven lands. All of it is the entire world I wanted to leave behind for her…


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