Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 46

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 7)

“Daddy, Daddy, tell me a story!”

After her bath, Liu Yue’s scent exuded from her body. She swung her wet tail then threw herself at me to tightly hug me and act coquettish on the bed. Ling Yue came out from behind, wiping her red hair that water was dripping from. She came out dressed in just a thin bathrobe, thereby partially revealing her white skin that had a tinge of red underneath. The sight of her aroused me. If Liu Yue wasn’t there, I’d most likely be on top of my wife already.

Ling Yue sternly told her daughter, “Liu Yue, didn’t we agree you wouldn’t sleep together with Mommy today? You can sleep with Dad, but Dad is Mommy’s husband. We want to be together, too.”

Ling Yue seemed to be thinking what I was thinking. It was very cosy to have our family of three together, but it also meant there were many things that Ling Yue and I couldn’t do. Hence, Ling Yue intended to send Liu Yue out for the night.

Liu Yue turned around to look at her mom unhappily. She sulked, “Mommy, you truly are so petty! Why is Daddy your husband? I want Daddy to be my husband when I grow up. That way, Daddy can be with me and not need you anymore!”

I noticed the fur on Ling Yue’s tail stand up. She looked at Liu Yue with a ferocious look and stood akimbo. She seriously exclaimed, “Give it your best shot! Your Dad and I are truly in love! What makes you think a little fox, like you, could do us part?!”

I hugged Liu Yue with a smile. Liu Yue, feeling wronged, curled up and then looked into my eyes. She pitifully pleaded, “Can I really not stay with you, Daddy? Just one night… I promise to sleep on my own tomorrow…”

“It’s useless to plead your dad! Mommy knows you. If we let you have your way tonight, you’ll definitely pull the same stunt again tomorrow, so go back to your room tonight. Your Sister Evelyn and Sister Leah will keep you company. Are you still not content?!”

Liu Yue began to make a scene, crying out and covering my ears. She shouted, “Daddy, don’t listen to Mommy!! Don’t listen to Mommy! Please, Daddy… Please, just five minutes, okay? Just five minutes. I’ll leave once you finish the story. Please…”

Liu Yue looked at me with her puppy eyes. I smiled helplessly. I shook my head at Ling Yue. I couldn’t resist against Liu Yue. There’s no father that could resist his cute daughter looking at him with puppy eyes, pleading him to let her stay with him. I surrendered. I touched Liu Yue’s ears. With a smile, I replied, “Okay, okay, okay, Daddy will tell you a story. Daddy will read you a story.”

Ling Yue let out a heavy sigh. I tried to placate her with a smile, but I decided to wait for Liu Yue to sleep before sending her back to her room.

Liu Yue cheerfully rolled over to my side and vigorously wagged her tail to dry it. She then leapt at me and hugged my arm. I looked at the book she handed me. The book must’ve been a book from the North. It looked slightly old. Maybe it was a book Ling Yue left behind. The words were still clear, though. It was a story about dragons.

In elven stories, dragons were forever portrayed as evil beings that burn villages, kidnapped Princesses, and the Prince would slay the dragon in the end to rescue the Princess. The stories always followed that route. The fairy tale was totally wrong, as dragons didn’t kidnap female elves. Male dragons considered having a child with another race as a disgrace. They wouldn’t even spare a glance for other races, so they wouldn’t kidnap females. Dragons only kidnapped males. If they really had to follow that route, then it should’ve been about a Princess saving the kidnapped Prince. The Prince of elves did, in actual fact, get kidnapped, but there was no Princess who came to his rescue.

Dragons commonly battled elves. Dragons, humans and the people of the North didn’t reside together. Perhaps humans had seen dragons or heard of them before, but they had never battled them. There were stories about dragons in the human lands, too, but they were essentially all fiction produced by the author’s conjured up ideas. I had never seen actual detailed records related to dragons in humanity’s lands. I never found confirmed traces of dragons having been there, either.

As a result, humanity had tonnes of variations of stories about dragons. That was also the same reason as to why I didn’t believe in the existence of dragons. Humans considered dragons to be entities that only existed in fairy tales for children. Nobody truly believed in the existence of dragons once they grew up. However, when I saw Liu Yue lift the book up, I discovered a clue.

Normally speaking, it wasn’t surprising that the North had records pertaining to dragons, for the North was where elves were exiled to. While the elves didn’t embody pure bloodlines and had very poor mana, they did know about elves and dragons. Hence, it came as no surprise that there were stories of dragons there. With that said, the book was composed when Ling Yue was young. Put another way, it had only been over a decade ago. It wasn’t a very ancient book. It wasn’t the type of fairy tale with mini stories, but more similar to a long novel.

This novel told the story of how the main protagonist searched for traces of a dragon in the North, only for a dragon to kidnap him and take him to a valley, where he then lived with many other dragons. In the end, he even fell in love with the dragon and went as far as to help them defeat the invading elves.

Perhaps that was indeed a story for children, because one could tell that the populace of the North didn’t believe in dragons based on Ling Yue’s reaction. Actually, it would be more precise to say that elves didn’t believe in their existence. If Ling Yue and my other family members didn’t meet Dragon Mom, they’d assume the dragon race went extinct ages ago. Ling Yue knew a lot of stories about dragons. Still, she firmly believed they had gone extinct. She didn’t believe there were other dragons still in existence.

The story must’ve been thought up for kids, intended to be reading material. Indeed, I saw Liu Yue wag her tail excitedly. From the standpoint of children, who didn’t know much about the world, every step taken in the outside world was considered an adventure. They had a desire to investigate the world they had never seen before and see races they had never seen before. The powerful and mysterious dragon race was even better at fulfilling their imaginations. Stories of adventuring with dragons involved were popular with children. However, I didn’t consider it a fictional story.

If it was a fictional story, I’d have to say the author possessed some frightening imaginative skills. He fully described a dragon’s lifestyle which, based on how much I knew about Dragon Mom, was the exact same. He said dragons came from a faraway land. He said the dragon’s civilised city became a desolate desert. These dragons were, supposedly, the last surviving dragons that wanted to live there. He also mentioned a war between elves and dragons. As a matter of fact, he even described in great detail the process dragons followed to form caves. What he described was practically a rewrite of Dragon Mom’s cave. Even the gold coins he wrote of were the exact same as the gold coins I saw in Dragon Mom’s cave. I could go and take out a coin that was exactly as described in the story from the national treasury immediately.

It wasn’t a coincidence. I wasn’t convinced that somebody who hadn’t ever seen a dragon before could describe everything correctly solely through his imagination. It was too convenient to be coincidental. I was certain the author wasn’t just telling a story. In fact, the story might not be a novel. It could be an autobiography or travel record. In other words, it was a record of real experiences.

There were dragons in the North. The author stated lots of dragons resided at the valley he was taken to. Further, they were a horde of dragons, the last dragons and they were in the North. The issue was where exactly was the valley? He didn’t mention its location, because he was kidnapped and taken there. I could testify that he was unable to get a clear view of the path they took while flying in the air in a dragon’s claw due to panic.

There were lots of valleys in the North, so exactly which valley was he referring to, though?

Ling Yue quietly tapped me. I returned to reality to discover that Liu Yue had curled up next to me and was deep asleep while clinging to my arm. I shut the book and tried to move, but Liu Yue clung to me; I didn’t dare to forcefully yank her off.

Ling Yue let out a hopeless sigh then lied down next to us. She stroked Liu Yue’s head and, with a soft giggle, said, “This little fox got her way again. I really surrender to her.”

I nodded. I smiled and, in a soft voice, responded, “Sorry, Ling Yue. I’ll spend tomorrow with you. We’ll have to let Liu Yue have her way tonight.”

Ling Yue pointed to Liu Yue: “You’ve paid much less attention to me and your feelings have me have faded a lot after Liu Yue joined us. What a philanderer. You’re gentle and patient with Liu Yue, though. God, that makes me jealous. She’s just a little fox.”

Although she said that, she pinched Liu Yue’s ear with a gentle smile. I doubt Liu Yue often saw that gentle side of her mother when she was awake.

I leaned over and kissed Ling Yue on the face: “You’re my wife; Liu Yue is our daughter, isn’t she? She’s our daughter. She reflects you, so it’s natural for me to like her.”

“Hehe.” Ling Yue softly laughed and leaned over while trying to avoid crushing Liu Yue.

Liu Yue then happily shut her eyes. I watched my wife and daughter taking slow and soft breaths. It was a very blissful and cosy moment.

I pondered, “I should be sleeping right now. My heart is filled with boundless warmth and bliss. Their scent and warmth is right here with me. As a man, I have what I want right next to me, but why can’t I fall asleep?“


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