Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 43

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 4)

Liu Yue was finally able to sleep together with her whole family for a night. Ling Yue was satisfied after last night, after all, so she was willing to sleep together tonight.

“Hehe.” Liu Yue, who was between Ling Yue and I, blinked her eyes at me, “Daddy, did Mommy do something wrong last night? Why won’t anybody tell me what you did last night no matter who I ask?”

I laughed. Ling Yue sternly looked at me. She didn’t plan to tell Liu Yue what happened. I looked at Liu Yue and caressed her tiny head. With a smile, I explained, “You will learn in the future. You’ll find out in the future. Daddy will tell you in the future. If Daddy tells you now, Mommy will get angry.”

Liu Yue rolled over to face the ceiling and unhappily griped, “Daddy, you always treat me as a kid. I’m already several months old!”

“You are a kid, though.”

I rubbed her head and hopelessly smiled. I couldn’t tell her that a child who was only several months old should still be lying down and unable to leap over to hug her father. Ling Yue caressed Liu Yue’s head: “Hurry up and sleep, Liu Yue. Daddy has to leave tomorrow.”

Liu Yue hugged my arm and sadly said, “Daddy is leaving again…? Daddy has just come back. Daddy, can you stay for a bit longer? You leave so quickly every time. I haven’t had the chance to play with you yet. I still have so many things I want to show you. I want to stay by your side forever. Mommy is always bossing me around.”

Ling Yue coldly looked at her daughter: “You’re a daughter of the Moon Fox Tribe, you know? How can you be like other kids? When you’re out there in the future, you’ll be representing the cultured and erudite Moon Fox Tribe and, even more so, your father’s reputation. If I don’t teach you well, you’ll be an embarrassment.”

“I can get a home tutor for Liu Yue from the Imperial Palace for her future education.”

I gave Liu Yue’s small head a rub. Honestly, I wasn’t too willing to let my daughter go to school. Having attended school myself, I knew how many guys start trying to woo girls at a young age. Furthermore, I knew that Liu Yue may still be a child, but she was my child with Ling Yue. Liu Yue would definitely grow up to be a beauty, so I’d have all sorts of little squirts trying to date my Liu Yue. I would never agree to that. Liu Yue must wait until she comes of age for marriage to… to… to tell them to piss off!! There’d never be a man who’d treat Liu Yue as well as I do. Who else out there would possibly be devoted and treat Liu Yue wholeheartedly? There was no way I’d ever trust a guy I’d never met with my Liu Yue!! I’d never allow it! I’d only be able to let go if Liu Yue truly liked him and was willing to leave me. Else, how were they supposed to prove they truly loved my daughter?!

Liu Yue touched my face. In a scared voice, she asked, “Daddy, what’s the matter? Your expression looks so weird…”

I hugged Liu Yue tightly: “Liu Yue, you won’t leave Daddy, will you?”

Liu Yue laughed; she then hugged me back just as tightly: “Of course not. I like Daddy the most. Daddy is so gentle and when I’m with Daddy, I don’t have to do so many annoying things. I don’t want to leave Daddy. I want to always be with Daddy. Always. I want to always be with Daddy!”

“Uhm, uhm!”

I cheerfully hugged Liu Yue, but then I noticed Ling Yue looking at me with a very strange gaze. She snorted: “You better not try anything with your own daughter, you sick beast. She’s your daughter, not your woman. Additionally, I intend to send her to school. I don’t want her to stay at home. She can’t always stay at home when she’s a member of the Moon Fox Tribe. I, too, went to school…”

“There were schools during your time?”

“… There is a school if I say there is! Whatever the case, there’s a school at the nearest city. I can’t let Liu Yue always live a sheltered life. Members of the Moon Fox Tribe must be able to bear hardship. The Moon Fox Tribe members aren’t ignorant, jaded nobles. She must surround herself with others; otherwise, people won’t treat our Moon Fox Tribe well.”

Liu Yue hesitated for a moment.  Going to school wasn’t horrible to Liu Yue. After all, Ling Yue was strict with her at home already.

Ling Yue looked at me with an absolutely firm expression. She didn’t appear as though she intended to accept my request. She grabbed my nuts underneath the blanket, leading me to suddenly realising why Ling Yue was so insistent on sending Liu Yue to school… Ling Yue loved Liu Yue very much, since she was her only daughter but was very strict with her. I planned to have my Daisy, Nona and Vera schooled in the palace, though. That was good enough.

I caressed Liu Yue’s head: “If you’re going to school, Liu Yue, you must remember to never comply with any boy’s request; refuse to go out with them and turn down all gifts they offer you. Most importantly, if a boy says he likes you, loves you and wants to be with you, tell Daddy. Daddy promises he won’t make it to class the next day.”

I was as serious as a judge. If they dared to seduce my daughter, surely it was worth the death penalty.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Hurry up and sleep. Don’t you have to return to the Imperial Palace tomorrow?”

Ling Yue was unable to put up with me, so she turned over to give me her back, and then ignored the two of us. That said, she continued resting her long tail on my back. I took in a deep breath and gazed at the ceiling: “Honestly, I don’t know what I should do when I get back. I’ve already obtained everything I want. I honestly don’t have anything to do now.”

Ling Yue swiftly rolled over and grumbled, “If there’s no work, stay here for a few more days, then. You can always be with those women around you, so it’s not preposterous for you to stay here with me for a week, is it? Look at Liu Yue. She looks forward to seeing you every day, yet you only stay for two days every time you visit.”

“Yeah, yeah, Daddy, stay with me for a few more days, okay? I want to be with you. Please.”

Liu Yue hugged me around my neck and acted coquettish. I pondered it for a moment. I seriously didn’t have any work. I could just leave it all to Freya. Vyvyan and Elizabeth didn’t need me on their end anymore. If there was something I had to do… I couldn’t think of anything… If I had to name something, it would be to visit Ying and Xia’s place. While I was at it, I could see if we could expand. We now controlled the entire continent. We should, therefore, expand further beyond.

Dragon Mom had me covered financially. She didn’t seem to need me to do anything except spend time by her side. In addition, I had only been out for a few days. I figured Lucia and Nier could understand. I just needed to write them a letter and have it delivered to the Imperial Palace.

“All right, then. Daddy will stay with you for a few days. Daddy will stay with you for one week, but that’s the absolute longest Daddy can stay, since your sisters are still waiting for Daddy.”

Ling Yue froze for a moment. She looked as though she recalled something. She questioned, “Should we let them meet? Those three are Liu Yue’s sisters, after all…”

“I think it’s better not to yet. Daisy and the other two aren’t even able to sit up yet, while Liu Yue here already knows how to ask to be spoilt. She wouldn’t believe us if we said they were her sisters.”

Ling Yue laughed. Then, she touched Liu Yue’s small head. Liu Yue was so excited that she was ready to leap up. With a smile, Ling Yue said, “She is a descendant of the Moon Fox Tribe, after all. Our children grow very quickly. When I see Liu Yue, I see our tribe’s future. I will make sure Liu Yue becomes a qualified member of our tribe. That way, we’ll be able to revive our tribe. I can’t allow our Moon Fox Tribe to disappear, and we can’t end our exceptional traditions. I must revive our tribe! I am the last member, after all.”

When she said that, Ling Yue looked at me with a weird gaze. I caressed Liu Yue’s tail at the same time. Liu Yue fell asleep on my chest after the delightful news I was staying. Liu Yue’s tail felt as good as her mother’s to touch. After a moment of hesitation, Ling Yue inquired, “What’s wrong? Did you think of something?”

“I remembered the dragon, which is Mommy Sylvanas… Ling Yue, do you think Mommy Sylvanas is truly the only dragon remaining? Dragons are immensely powerful creatures. Would they truly go extinct? See, your Moon Fox Tribe’s extermination was premeditated, yet they still failed to completely exterminate your tribe. So, has the dragon race truly gone extinct?”

Ling Yue deliberated it for a bit before responding, “Hard to say, since I’m the only survivor of the Moon Fox Tribe. It’s not as though Queen Sylvanas is the only survivor for no rhyme or reason. Furthermore, the dragon race’s civil war would be that much more intense precisely because of how powerful they are. It isn’t unconvincingly impossible Queen Sylvanas is the only dragon remaining.”

I nodded then shut my eyes: “I do have some things in mind. I want to help Mommy Sylvanas find somebody of the same race as herself. It would be best if we could find all of the remaining dragons.”

Ling Yue smiled: “Stop thinking about it. Sleep. You’ll find everything in your dreams. Dragons are a species that have vanished for centuries. You want to find a group of them? You’re only going to find  them in your dreams, so sleep.”


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