Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 39

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 19)

Next day. Conference hall.

All of the diplomats faced off against each other. They looked as if they ate flies; they were disgusted with each other, but they couldn’t voice their disdain. The discussions of the unification of the continent were originally estimated to take a year, but the truth was that it only took one night. The human diplomats planned to end their debate with the elves and Freya opposite them but froze upon seeing Elizabeth. They never imagined Elizabeth would say one thing to them. What she said was the command of a ruler.

Elizabeth commanded, “Accept all suggestions, agree to the terms and conditions this time, sign the agreement the next day and unify this entire continent.”

The diplomats instantly looked devastated when Elizabeth announced that. The terms and conditions could only be considered fair to them, not perfect. There was still a lot missing from humanity’s empire’s perspective. For instance, they wanted to occupy over half of the conference hall in the future. The currency system had to be primarily favourable to humanity, and humanity’s military would not except any changes nor was anybody permitted to lead them. Further, the militaries of the North and elves had to obey Empress Elizabeth.

Only Rosvenor Empire could come up with such overbearing terms and conditions. Freya refused all of them. Freya and the elves couldn’t accept those terms and conditions, especially the one pertaining to the military. Humanity’s military caused the elves excruciating suffering when they were in elven lands. Therefore, elves despised humanity’s military. One of the elves conditions for was that humanity’s army had to be restructured, and they had to allow an elven commander into the commander ranks.

As for Freya, she wanted humanity’s military to be commanded by the North’s King, Troy. Additionally, humanity’s military was to be reorganised. If the continent was to be a united kingdom, the military couldn’t continue keeping humanity’s military system exclusively. All three leaders were to command all weapons and forces. The military couldn’t consist of only Elizabeth’s followers. Freya’s concern was that humanity’s military was too single-minded. If everyone in the military was Elizabeth’s fanatical follower, it would mean that the strongest military wouldn’t obey the orders of Vyvyan or Troy. That would spell trouble for the unification of the three regions.

Humanity’s most formidable weapon was their military. Under normal circumstances, Elizabeth would never pass command to any other. If she was serious about a negotiation, she would never make a compromise there. Even if the negotiations went through, it’d become an alliance with ulterior motives brewing, anyway. If every race wanted to hold back for reserve’s sake, then that meant they didn’t trust each other. If you couldn’t trust each other, an alliance couldn’t exist. That was what humanity’s diplomats were thinking about.

If humanity’s conditions were refuted, they wouldn’t trust any other race, either. Humanity was very clear on their stance. Either humanity was the main driver of the alliance or it was, “take a hike, and you can all forget about this alliance.”

That was what the most normal outcome for humanity should’ve been and the most realistic proposal. Humanity was the strongest race on the continent. It, logically, was natural for them to be the leader of the alliance. That applied for Elizabeth, too. Under usual circumstances, she would think the exact same way. Elizabeth’s ambition was to conquer the entire continent; subsequently, she would name the same conditions. Elizabeth, nevertheless, explicitly expressed that she accepted all terms and conditions, which was the equivalent of the leader of the most powerful empire on the continent willingly surrendering her right to rule. As a matter of fact, it was a proclamation that she was willing to give everything she worked so hard for the last decade-plus to the two individuals before her. As humanity’s empire’s strongest weapon and what all of Rosvenor Empire revered, she gave everything to Vyvyan and Troy. Hilles City, The Phoenix’s Nest, may never again be able to chain down the phoenix soaring the sky.

As the conference hall for the united kingdom would be situated at Troy City, the three rulers would have to convene at Troy City every three months, with a major conference to be held every half a year. They’d discuss what needed to be done; in other words, the three monarchs would meet quarterly. Further, the monarchs could choose the location according to their preferences. Henceforward, Elizabeth’s commands from Troy City could reach Hilles City, because Hilles City would no longer be a capital. It would just be a mere city, full stop.

As for Elizabeth’s commands, they would hold weight for the elves and North, for the continent was united. The three regions didn’t have distinct boundaries. The three monarchs would rule together, managing the politics, laws, economies, military and so forth. While the three regions had certain autonomous authority, all had to obey Troy, whose commands held the most weight.

All regions would utilise the same currency system. Border taxes were not a thing. Goods could be circulated. The military would be united. Paths would be open. Everyone was allowed freedom of travel. All religions would be respected.  Having said that, there was one thing in particular that was of utmost importance, and that was humanity wasn’t permitted to trespass into the elven forests and damage the elven forests at their own will…

Parliament shall manage everything. The entire continent was, thereby, officially united. It wasn’t ruled by a single individual, but it was the first time all three powers could bring down all walls between them and rule the continent together.

Once the contract was signed, Troy only needed to be responsible for one thing, and that was to act as the supreme commander for the United Continent. In other words, the three nations’ militaries, including humanity and the elves’ militaries would be commanded by Troy, alone. Whether or not they go to war was decided at his discretion. Nevertheless, once a war broke out, the one fighting on the frontlines would be Troy Galadriel Rosvenor.

Neither elves nor humans could accept handing the reins of their militaries over. There, at least, needed to be somebody managing their militaries. To their surprise, however, Vyvyan and Elizabeth both stated that they accepted all of the conditions after just one night.

Elizabeth made it explicit. She wasn’t discussing it. She gave a command, meaning that the diplomats had to witness her, Troy and Vyvyan signing their names. Sometimes, things are very interesting. Something that couldn’t be solved in a year ended up being resolved in one night and one sentence. The bill passed seemingly effortlessly.

I looked at the documents before me. They were merely thin sheets of paper, but they radiated to me. The sheets were the future of the continent, and the future I desperately strived for. I didn’t want to run a military, and then win a battle or something so that I could be remembered or even reach the greatness of Elizabeth and Vyvyan. I just wanted to be able to be with my moms. I just wanted to enable them to stay by my side, and that was it.

Thinking back on it, it was really vexing. If my moms weren’t the Empress of humanity and the Queen of elves, I wouldn’t be where I was. All I wanted was to unite my family, yet it required me to unite the entire continent to achieve the goal. It was no easy task, but I accomplished it. I should’ve had everything I had..

“How interesting.” Eyes on the document in front of me, she softly laughed.

The corner of Elizabeth’s eye twitched. I was aware that she must’ve really wanted to look at me, but if she did, she wouldn’t be able to maintain her stern and dignified expression. Mommy Vyvyan, on the other hand, looked at me with a smile. Under her breath, she asked, “What’s the matter Son? What’s interesting?”

“Name.” I gave a simple answer before elaborating with a smile, “This is the most interesting agreement I’ve ever seen. Mom, look, your name is Vyvyan Galadriel; Mommy Elizabeth’s name is Elizabeth Rosvenor, while my name is Troy Galadriel Rosvenor. I’ve never seen such a strange agreement. The three people signing an agreement that shall affect the entire continent are a family.”

“You can say that; however, is our goal not to unite as a family?” Vyvyan held my hand underneath the table with a smile.

Mommy Elizabeth forced herself to keep facing ahead. I knew she wanted to interact affectionately with me, but she was humanity’s Empress. I smiled and then stood up. Vyvyan and Elizabeth stood up, as well. The three of us then held hands. Freya was the first to stand up and applaud.

The elves then rose to their feet.  Obviously, the elves ignored Elizabeth and focused their attention on me. I was their Prince. As such, the Prince of elves was worthy of their applause. The humans exchanged glances, but Elizabeth started to clap while looking at them with a very imposing gaze. They, therefore, all stood up to begin giving their applause. Freya narrowed her eyes as she looked at the humans next to her. Her eyes brimmed with joy and excitement, which was in plain sight. She looked up at me and shouted, “Long live the alliance!!”

“Long live the alliance!!”

The elven language echoed in the hall. Elizabeth looked down at the humans and belted, “Long live the alliance!! For the alliance!!”

“For the alliance!!”

I’d only ever seen that sort of scene in video games. The scene of soldiers raising their weapons and roaring, “For the alliance,” towards the sky was awesome. Although I chose to stick to a tribe back then, I felt that the roar for their alliance was awesome and awe-inspiring. I was proud established an alliance with my own hands. It was a real alliance.

“For the alliance!!”

I couldn’t resist the urge to extend forth my arms and shout out to the people below, “For the alliance! For the alliance!! For the alliance of humanity, elves and the North!! Long live the alliance!”

Henceforth, “For the alliance,” was no longer just a slogan. Henceforth, it would be the phrase countless soldiers on the frontlines roared. Of course, that included me.

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