Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 38

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 18)

My dragon blood didn’t enhance my senses by much. I did think my vision would improve considerably if I switched out my eyes for dragon eyes. I didn’t regret giving the eyes to Xia, nevertheless. Despite that, however, I still woke up late at night. I felt there was somebody next to me. It was unlike Mommy Vyvyan. Normally, it would be too late by the time I reacted to her, because she’d already have begun getting touchy with me. Actually, she’d have gone beyond getting touchy with her hands, because I’d be restrained and unable to resist. It would be more an Elizabeth thing to do to silently watch me the way I was being watched.

I sighed: “Mom, you’re the Elven Queen at the moment. We won’t be able to explain ourselves if somebody finds out.’

“Mommy is more worried about you not willing to speak to Mommy than being discovered.”

Vyvyan’s voice came from the dark. I smiled but didn’t sit up. Instead, I remained lying with my eyes shut: “Why would I not speak to you? You’re my mom. Plus, since the Earth Dragon, I mean, since I was born, you’ve always been looking after me, so I love you. I always have. I’ve never felt as though you’ve done anything wrong. You’re always my most beloved mom.”

“Most beloved… mom?”

Vyvyan bit down on her lip as though she was trying to confirm the authenticity of my statement. She could repeat it, but I had to confirm there was only Vyvyan present before I confirmed it for her. I didn’t think Elizabeth could slip past the Valkyries and my guards without being discovered. Only Vyvyan was capable of doing that. I looked in her direction and softly chuckled: “If I had to play favourites, I like you more on this side.

I noticed a silhouette rock in the darkness when I responded. Mommy Vyvyan appeared from the darkness. She was dressed in her dark red sleepwear. The thin and light material gently swayed as she moved. Her luscious thighs moved underneath her dark red sleepwear. They reflected the moonlight. There wasn’t any excess fat on her flat and smooth belly. It was akin to still lake water that reflected light at night. Only one of the buttons on the chest region was done up. Her long blonde hair was down. Her blues eyes appeared slightly cold under the moonlight. She furtively came over to my bed and climbed in…

My thoughts: “I can’t stop her! How can I defend every corner of this bed that’s a few square metres? Am I supposed to compliment Luna on her accurate prediction of tonight’s invasion? Wait, what I want to really know is how Luna knew somebody would invade my bed tonight.”

Vyvyan crawled up to me and, from behind, pulled me tightly into her embrace. I heard her deep breaths from behind. She softly giggled: “It’s so nice to be able to smell my son. So, so nice. Son, you’re honestly too gentle… You can forgive others no matter what they do. You never blame people for the things they do to you. Mommy is powerless to help you. Mommy has let you down twice consecutively, yet you never blamed Mommy. Son, you’re truly… too gentle…”

I allowed Mom to hug me to her heart’s content. With my back to her, I replied in a soft voice, “Mom, do you want to do something tonight? What did you want coming over at this time?”

“No. This is good enough. Just let Mommy hold you from behind the same way Mommy held you when you were young. Let Mommy reminisce the past for a bit.”

Mommy Vyvyan’s voice came from behind. A chill went down my spine. I was oddly tense.

In my mind: “This is not normal. This is definitely not normal. Mommy Vyvyan is going to hug me without doing anything? I don’t believe it! This is definitely not normal!”

Mommy Vyvyan sniffed me and then softly continued, “You’re Mommy’s everything. Mommy should give up everything for you. Recently, however, Mommy hasn’t felt that feeling of the past. In the past, Mommy could give you everything you wanted. Mommy was particularly happy to see you gladly smile. Back then, Mommy felt the bliss of a mother and a sense of achievement. Mommy hasn’t been able to give you anything recently, unfortunately. Perhaps what you want is different now. Mommy can’t give you what you want anymore, so Mommy is starting to question if Mommy is still considered a mom or not.”

Mom’s voice sounded poignant. I suddenly understood why all Mom wanted to do was hug me from behind. It was unlike Vyvyan, but it was comprehensible. She must’ve been reminiscing the past. She was probably trying to remember the time when she was an almighty mother. For Vyvyan, a mom wasn’t just a title. Maybe it was because she knew deep down that she wasn’t my biological mother, thus was very demanding of herself. She wanted to fulfil all of my wishes so that she could feel as though being called “mom” was justified.

I turned over to look at Mom’s face. I solemnly said, “Mom, that’s now how it is. A mother isn’t supposed to just always make sacrifices for her child. I’ve grown up, Mom. I’ve grown up. It’s now my turn to do my best for you. It’s now my turn to take care of you.”

A smile slowly surfaced on Vyvyan’s face. She touched my face and, in a quiet voice, said, “That must be it. That’s what everybody around me says. The elders also said that you’ve grown up and should manage a region on your own. They said you should occupy the North and focus on being a King. Nevertheless, Mommy forever sees your smile from when you were young no matter how Mommy looks at you. Mommy always wants to take care of you, because Mommy can never view you as an adult.”

“Well, there is something you can help me with.”

Mom’s eyes froze for a moment then she emotionally exclaimed, “What is it?! What is it?! Tell me, Son. As long as I can help you, just say the word!”

I nodded. I looked into her eyes and sincerely replied, “Stay by my side.”

Vyvyan’s gaze froze. She looked at me baffled. I continued solemnly, “That’s it, Mom. The one thing you can still do for me is to stay by my side. You can still help me obtain what I want, and that’s you. What I want is you.”

Mommy Vyvyan smiled, and then tightly hugged me. I did my best to curl myself up and bury my head in her chest as a child would. I didn’t do it for the soft mountains but to calm Mommy Vyvyan. From her chest, I quietly said, “It’s all right, Mom, it’s all right. Its’ fine, no matter how you see me. I’ll forever be your son. It’s just that I just want you now. As a mom, it’s only right for you to stay by your son’s side, right?”

“You’re right, my son. Mommy will forever see you as a child. Mommy will stay by your side. Mommy will ever leave you for as long as Mommy is still alive.”

“I thought you were here.”

Before I had time to be touched by the proclamation, a frigid voice came from the door. Vyvyan sat up and looked in the direction of the voice. With a grin, she remarked, “I knew you would come for sure.”

Elizabeth, who was at the door, sulked. Mommy Elizabeth wasn’t dressed in her sleepwear but a large shirt. It was a simple white robe that covered her legs. Unlike Mommy Vyvyan, her legs had some muscles that made one fantasise when they saw the darkness between her legs whenever she took a step. She nodded: “Son, your guards require more intense training. Nobody discovered me entering.”

I thought to myself, “I’m willing to bet you’re the only one who could enter, so I don’t think my guards need more intense training.”

Mommy Elizabeth shifted her attention Vyvyan. Then, without any hesitation, she ran up to my other side and forcefully dragged me out of Vyvyan’s embrace. She then looked at Vyvyan behind me and asked, “Son, be honest, what do you think of this unification?”

“The truth is, I want to unify us this time so that you two can be by my side. I don’t want any ruling rights.  It doesn’t matter to me who acts as the administrator for the continent. I just want to keep you by my side.”

Mommy Vyvyan tightly hugged me. I shut my eyes, planning to continue sleeping. From behind, Mommy Elizabeth gently rested her head on me before pressing me downwards so that I was lying face up. Elizabeth then grabbed my arm and clung firmly to me. She placed her hand gently on my chest.

On the other side, Vyvyan attached herself to me, as well. The two of them squashed me in the centre. They looked at me with gentle gazes. The scene of us three together instantly turned very tender as though the sky was filled with grains of gentleness.

Meanwhile, I was thinking, “Can you two be a little cautious? Your tag team boobies face wash is lethal. I suspect you two will slam me with it. If you unleash them on me, I’ll probably be squashed to death… I would seriously die from suffocation, wouldn’t I…? If Dragon Mom could smell me, I might not live to see another day…”


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