Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 40

Dragons’ Cry Genesis (Part 1)

Freya rode alongside me atop a horse. She looked at me with a proud smile: “It is finally a success, Onii-sama. I just never thought we would succeed so soon. I knew it. Those idiots contemplated it for so long, but in the end, it was settled in one night.”

I smiled and touched the White Deer King’s neck: “Freya, why do you make it sound as though I only managed to persuade my moms thanks to last night? I clearly relied on my own capabilities to convince the two rulers.”

A smile surfaced on Freya’s face, and then she laughed but didn’t say anything.  I knew she didn’t believe me. She thought that I subdued their hearts with last night. If I was in a modern day novel, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility, since all cold and indifferent female leads had to be conquered with the one-night stand route. However, I think my affection metre with Vyvyan and Elizabeth was maxed out right from the beginning.

“To be frank with you, Onii-sama, at the ball a few nights ago, somebody asked me about my household, in other words, the Vestalia Household.”

Freya came closer to me, but her horse fearfully glanced at the White Deer King. Nevertheless, the White Deer King seemed to be in a fantastic mood, so she didn’t mind the horse getting closer. From my side, Freya looked ahead and, in a gentle voice, elaborated, “I have not heard of that surname in a long time. There is rarely anybody who mentions that surname to me. Honestly, I think they were trying to use my household as a means of saying something to me.”

“So, what about you?”

I, myself, had honestly forgotten the household. Despite that, I quickly recalled it was Freya’s surname. I always addressed her by her first name, Freya, or Sister. Those around me referred to her as Princess Freya or simply, Freya. Nobody paid any attention to her surname. In fact, some thought her surname was Rosvenor. The reality was that Mommy Elizabeth didn’t allow anybody who wasn’t related to the royal family onto the family tree.

In truth, Freya wasn’t so grateful, and she didn’t have a desire to stay by my side or something when we first met. We merely had an agreement. She gave me everything she had, and I’d help her revive her household. Frankly, I forgot about the job… I honestly forgot about it… Freya never brought it up with me again nor did she ask me to do anything. As a matter of fact, she never bothered with her household. She never even mentioned her surname. I had so many things of my own to deal with that I forgot about it.

“It does not matter to me,” replied Freya. “I have almost entirely forgotten about it. Although I once wanted to revive my household, I now no longer care. I once found my purpose in life through the Vestalia Household, since I would not be able to define how I belong here without the household. Afterwards, though, I found a home by your side.”

Freya softly chuckled as she turned to look at me. She then went on, “I am happy as long as I am by your side. I feel the feeling of having a family when you are by my side. I can only experience the feeling of family by your side. My surname is in the past. I am now very happy just to hear ‘King Troy’s Freya’.”

I stretched my hand out. Freya realised my intention and smiled. She then reached out to tightly grab hold of my hand. Smiling, she added, “To me, I am happy as long as I have you by my side. As for households or whatnot, that is of no concern to me. I can experience what a family is for as long as I am by your side. You truly are a frightening man, huh? I thought I was a determined and resolute woman, yet I lost the determination to pursue even my last request.”

“You’re the same as Ling Yue.”

“Miss Ling Yue is still trying, whereas I have given up,” explained Freya. “With that said, I do not have any regrets. I think Miss Ling Yue must feel the same way. The two of us made different choices, but why did I not obtain the love that Miss Ling Yue obtained?”

Freya looked at me with her eyes narrowed and a mischievous smile. She looked as though she wanted to say something. I laughed: “You haven’t grown up yet. You’re the same as my daughters to me.”

“So, will you be doing that to your daughters in the future?”


“That would be what we did at Troy City, of course.” The mischievous smile on Freya’s face became more and more apparent: “I now somewhat understand why Miss Nier is so infatuated. After all, I never experienced something so nice before. It feels the same as being melted. No wonder why Miss Nier is in love with that.”

“How could I do that to my daughter?!”

Freya seemed to be able to find endless joy out of teasing me. She wiped her smile off, but she looked at me with joy. She grinned: “Your Majesty, do you intend to return just now? We are out at the moment. If you furtively go off to see Miss Ling Yue, I believe Queen Consorts Nier and Lucia will understand. I will not mention it, either.”

Luna, who was behind us the entire time, looked at us with a smile and asked, “Do I need to follow you, then?”

I thought about it and replied, “No. Luna, you and Freya return to the Imperial Palace first. I’ll stay at Ling Yue’s place for two days and be back. By the way, Freya, there will definitely be lots of incoming work during this next period of time. I’m entrusting it all to you.”

Freya dawdled before asking, “Are you not going to punish me?”

“Punish you? Forget it. I should be a fair and just King, but I’m also a qualified brother.” I turned around to look at Dragon Mom who was intently watching me with a smile the entire time. With a smile, I said, “Mom, you head on back first. Return to the Imperial palace in the North. I’ll be back soon. While you’re at it, please look after my wives.”

As soon as she heard me ask her to take care of my wives, Dragon Mom’s expression radiated. She was eager to prove herself to me. She puffed out her dangerous breasts. I noticed Freya’s envious, yet jealous, gaze on Dragon Mom’s jiggling breasts. Freya’s breasts were very similar to a child’s… She was still growing, though, so they’d continue to develop…

“Leave it to me. My son’s wives are my children, too, not to mention my cute granddaughters. I will definitely take good care of them!!” Dragon Mom was full of confidence.

I smiled then turned to Luna. Luna gave a small nod. Luna could keep Dragon Mom in control without Lucia. I smiled, and then steered the White Deer King in another direction.

I was actually excited and eager to see Ling Yue. Make that very excited. I really wanted to see my Liu Yue. Liu Yue was different to my other girls. She was already capable of more advanced comprehension. I really enjoyed being around Liu Yue. My heart literally melted with her calling me, “Daddy.”


Current time at Ling Yue’s estate.

“Mommy, I don’t want to have a bath…”

Ling Yue folded her arms as she looked at Liu Yue, who was at the edge of the bathtub and putting up a resistance. She authoritatively said, “You must have a bath! As a girl, you must pay attention to your body. If your body is dirty, would any guy like you?”

Ling Yue unhappily pouted, and then muttered under her breath, “But my tail gets so heavy when it’s wet, and it sticks to my body. It would be so nice to not have this tail. This tail is so annoying.”

“Don’t be silly. Our tail is our tribe’s pride! This is what you should be most proud of as a young girl of the Moon Fox Tribe! It’s also your most valuable asset. Your tail is the most precious gift you give your husband in the future.”

Liu Yue knew that she couldn’t dissuade her mom when she saw how stern her mom was. Plus, her mom was particularly serious when it came to her tail. Liu Yue, therefore, had to enter the bath and dip herself in the hot water.

“If I didn’t have a tail clinging to my body, a hot bath would probably feel very soothing,” thought Liu Yue.

Ling Yue sat down to one side and placed her hand on the edge of the bathtub. She watched her daughter play with her toys in the water. With a gentle smile on her face, she watched the steam whisk into the air. She wagged her long tail around gently. After a short moment, she suddenly remarked, “It’s not annoying.”

“What, Mom?”

Liu Yue was surprised. She had no clue what her mother was saying. Ling Yue chuckled: “I was saying that it’s not annoying to have your tail stuck to your body. I once bathed with your father, but we bathed in cold water instead of hot water. At the time, Mommy’s fur was wet and stuck to Mommy’s body, but Mommy wasn’t uncomfortable. In fact, it was somewhat warm, since your dad was on top.”

Liu Yue nodded. She seemed to understand, yet not. Ling Yue then giggled: “It’s a blissful experience to bathe with the person you love. It feels warm even if you bath in cold water. Just bear with it for now, Honey. You’ll eventually find your bliss in the future.”

“But I’m very happy when I’m with Daddy. Mommy, Mommy! Can I bathe with Daddy in the future?!”

“No!!” Ling Yue stood up and looked at sternly said, “He’s my husband, not yours. You can bathe with your husband. The privilege of bathing together with your father belongs to me!”

“So petty!”

“I can’t share when it comes to this! You’ll understand in the future! Oh? A guest? What?! His Majesty…? Oh… All right… All right… I’ll go get changed… You, Liu Yue, you wash up properly! No coming out!! Come back! Come back! You haven’t gotten dressed! Come back!”


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