Son-con – Vol. 15 Ch. 22

“For the Alliance” is no Longer a Slogan (Part 2)

If my memory does me justice, I remember we were on a ten square metre bed at… I can’t remember accurately if it was at Troy City or Duargana, but whatever. In any case, at the time, there was a warm fire burning in the fireplace, the bed curtains overhead had an extravagant fire-red colour. Underneath the amorous silver moonlight, there was also the mesmerising reddish body that was comparable to Adam and Eve’s apple. I remember my Vyvyan’s long-blonde hair was wildly dancing on top of me. The guilt and shame was gradually destroyed with each successive thrust. I couldn’t hold back my moans. I couldn’t resist grabbing those slender hips and beginning to take the wheel.

I said it countless times before. It was easy for Vyvyan to make one fall. The bodies of elves were honestly too perfect. I also didn’t know when Vyvyan learnt so many seductive positions. Sometimes, I found myself bewildered as to what Inard was dissatisfied about.

“Your sister is so damn good, and yet you liked a human?!” I always asked.

Elizabeth was different to Vyvyan. We didn’t even have a bed. The smell of mud and the sand reminded me of my first time with Lucia. However, we had soft grass and dew when Lucia and I did it. Plus, we didn’t feel very cold. It was very cold at night in the North, though. There wasn’t a single thing inside the small house. There was no fireplace and not even a fire. All that was available was a relatively thick blanket. We had thrown it aside, however.

Elizabeth wasn’t as proactive. Judging from her activity, the Empress, who usually appeared overbearing and heroic, was actually a block of wood. Embarrassed, she covered her entire face with her hands. She lied there similarly to a frog lying on its back with her legs open. Mommy Elizabeth’s legs felt firmer and longer. She had some muscle on her legs, but nonetheless, her curves were by all means a handful.

Elizabeth allowed me to do anything I wanted whether it was groping her body to my pleasing or bending over. All she did was cover her face. Even her voice was shy and very quiet. Her shyness was totally unlike her usual self. The huge contrast aroused even more, and the sense of a successful conquest grew within me.

Elizabeth’s orgasm was more intense than any other. She tightly wrapped her legs around me and violently juddered before forcefully pulling me down onto her with her arms around my back. Her body shuddered as though she went mad. Her eyes even rolled back while she drooled uncontrollably. Then, she went limp with her eyes rolled back as if she was dead. If she wasn’t panting so heavily, she’d look no different to a corpse. Her breathing was so heavy that her chest rose and fell. I loved to tease her in that moment.

I think Mommy Elizabeth was the type who’d be shy, but would listen and get into any position. She was overbearing and cruel outside, but she so shy in the blankets that she didn’t even dare to open her eyes. The huge contrast was so cute; it just made me want to tightly embrace her and never let go.

Unfortunately, we had to stop when the sun came up. While it was very cold outside – particularly at dawn – the two of us locked each other tightly in our embraces to borrow each other’s warmth. Elizabeth lowered her head as much as she could; she was so shy that she didn’t dare to look up at me.

Seeing Elizabeth’s reaction, I thought, “It’s not your first time. You’ve even given birth, yet compared to Nier’s first time… Ah, forget it. Nier’s first time and her current attitude is the exact same. Even Lucia was very happy…”

The two of us didn’t say anything, leaving just Elizabeth’s nervous murmurs. I played with Elizabeth’s long hair in silence. The two of us warmed each other up with our bodies. When the first sunray shone onto Elizabeth’s long black hair, I slowly sat up and picked up my clothes from the side.

I knew I looked ugly at that moment. I couldn’t appear in front of outsiders in the cold, because all of my scales were wrinkled. Dragons wouldn’t have to worry, since they were just covered in scales. I, however, had pink flesh underneath. Thus, you could see the bumps and ditches in my flesh underneath my black scales when I was cold. I looked horrifying as those human models you’d find in the corner of a biology lab with their flesh exposed. Consequently, I didn’t intend to work in winter.

When winter came, I planned stay next to the fireplace. I’d entrust Freya with work when winter comes. I was really reluctant to see people with that appearance. In fact, I didn’t even want my children to see the look. However, Elizabeth probably wouldn’t mind.

I stood up and picked up my cloak on the ground. I then looked at Elizabeth, who was still curled up and had her face covered. I sighed, and then slowly undid my cloak I just wore on to cover her. I touched her hand and, in a soft voice, said, “Mom, I’m returning to the Imperial Palace first.”


Elizabeth tightly gripped my cloak I gave her, and then gently nodded. She seemed to be slightly ashamed about what we just did. I didn’t say anything. I just lowered my head to give her a kiss on her face. In a soft voice, I said, “Let’s meet later on, Mom. Leave everything to me in the future. I promise to make it possible for you to stay by my side.”

Elizabeth didn’t reply. Instead, she curled up even more. I laughed, and then folded her clothes before setting them aside. I pulled the blanket over her then the door open to leave.

The White Deer King was snoring on the ground outside. The sun had just come up. Though the sunrays were bright, they didn’t emit any warmth. I shivered, and then walked up to the White Deer King’s side. I stroked her gentle fur.

“I want to have warm fur, like this, too,” I remarked in my mind.

I didn’t have my cloak on me, so I could feel the brunt of the cold a lot more.

I woke the White Deer King up. She looked at me with a hint of grumpiness. Actually, she was very grumpy. She looked grumpy enough to spear me with its head, but I couldn’t blame her. I woke her up when she was sleeping last night and then again. She irritably shook her head. I carefully mounted her. I stroked her neck and smiled: “Sorry, sorry for troubling you. Go a little slower this time. I promise I’ll let you rest for a week after we get back, and I’ll prepare better forage for you. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I promise it’s just this once.”

The White Deer King vigorously turned her head to look at me. Her gaze contained a tinge of sadness. I was a little puzzled as to why she looked at me that way when I offered to give her a vacation. It was a little sad to see that reaction. Nonetheless, the White Deer King seemed to recognise that I was clueless, so she coldly snorted, and then turned around to begin to trot.

There was no problem on the way back, as she went at a normal speed and in the correct direction. The White Deer King usually left me terrified. I carefully watched her. I had no idea what she was thinking, but she didn’t seem angry.

“If only you could transform into a human,” I lamented. I touched her neck and, with a soft laugh, continued, “If you could turn into a human, we could converse, and I’d be able to understand what you’re thinking.”

The White Deer King turned her head around to snort. I caressed her neck. I had no idea if she liked having others touch her neck, but it was the only place I dared to touch.

I began to run through a list of things in my head: “Life should return to normal once I return to the palace. I have to sort out the problems that have accumulated and the things that Freya can’t. According to Freya, she had lots of jobs that she couldn’t handle… There’s also the matter with Nara. I only heard a little bit about it from Freya. I don’t know the precise details. We can definitely pay back the debt to Nara, though, because I brought back a cave of wealth along with Dragon Mom, so it’s nothing outrageous.

Mommy Elizabeth’s matter has been settled, and there’s nothing that requires my immediate attention. Life is going to become very boring. There aren’t any problems in the North. It’s not my place to be concerning myself with Hilles City’s affairs, so I just need to work in peace with my children and wives here in the North.

Oh, right, there’s still Dragon Mom. She’s my Mom at the end of the day, so I should pay attention to her. I’m not interested in Inard’s business in the slightest. I just need to understand my Dragon Mom better.”

Life sounded boring, but that was the life I was after before I was on the verge of death. There was nothing worth looking forward to, but my days would be filled with bliss. I was already happy and blissful to be able to live with my children and wives. I felt blessed to hear Liu Yue call me “Dad” in her sweet voice. It really was a blissful feeling to have such a pretty and cute daughter call me “Dad.” I was going to have four daughters calling me “Dad” as she did. I couldn’t even imagine how blissful I would feel when they did.


Elizabeth exited the small house, and then checked her body again out of concern. She ensured that there weren’t any “unique” traces left behind. She fixed her long black hair again so that her hair at least didn’t look messy. She touched her thigh. It had been a long time since she experienced that feeling. While it felt great, her legs were shaking due to what she did last night. She had to admit that Nier was better than her at the activity, since she was able to move about normally the next day.

“Nier sure is amazing,” thought Elizabeth.

Elizabeth mounted her steed, and then looked at the cloak in her hand. The cloak belonged to her son. It was a very ordinary cloak, but her son wore it. She slowly lifted it up to her nose and took in a deep breath. She revealed a blissful smile…


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